Thursday, April 28, 2011

Out of power but still here.

Yesterday my fellow citizens, friends and neighbors received a deadly blow that we do not yet know the extent of. Pray for them. A lot of Threepers I know are now volunteering in the search and rescue and clean-up. As for my neighborhood there was minimal damage but the power has been out for some time now and likely will be out for at least another day as the power comany reverse-triages and works on the hardest hit areas first. No impatience here, but it restricts me to posting from the library (Trussville was miraculously spared), so it will likely be light posting for a while.

As for Pittsburgh, this puts a kink in what I had planned. I cannot drive myself without using my damaged right leg to use the accelerator and my left (sans boot) to do the braking. This is clumsy and dangerous. The pool of available chauffers just dried up. Also, there's no way I can leave Rosey as long as the power is out, nor am I happy about leaving the neighborhood when while local juvies walk the streets at dark looking for targets of opportunity. Flying is out and the train is too slow and expensive. I may yet figure out a way to get there but for now my original plans for Thursday and Friday are out the window.

Will let you know tomorrow what alternate plan I can come up with. In the mean time, please be patient and don't get your hopes up.

And don't forget those prayers.



Whizbanger said...

Our prayers are with you. We who live out west in "Tornado Alley" know full well what you face. It is the ugly reality of tornados plus eastern population density. Nobody much cares if a tornado drops down in western Kansas and chases a few cows and blows down a barn or two, but hit a population center, like Greensburg KS, or anywhere east of the Mississippi, BIG DIFFERENCE!
Many prayers, all around and for ALL!

doubletrouble said...

Happy to see you are still with us, & not too badly damaged.
Prayers for all on the way.

Anonymous said...

First thing this a.m. I checked the weather maps to see if anything had been reported in Pinson and there had not {sigh of relief}.

Take care, Dutchman. If you cannot make the trip, you cannot. It may not be a courage (or strength in my version) issue but a serenity issue.

Bad Cyborg X

Radar said...

Mike the prayers have been sent out. Don't fret the trip,If the Lord want's you there he will make a way, He may keep you home for good reasons.(Your safety)

Unknown said...

Our prayers are with you. Arkansas has suffered but not near the destruction elsewhere. We give thanks for your safety.

JoeFromSidney said...

Here's an opportunity for Threepers to present a good face to the public. Don't just help out individually. Get organized and let people know who you are.

Toastrider said...

My little corner of Alabama got spared (weirdly, the storms cut north and south just before they would've driven over us).

But holy shit, did the state take a pounding. Tuscaloosa looks like Dresden, circa 1944.