Monday, April 18, 2011

Dave Workman: "Mexican homicides tripled while ATF operation sent guns south." More bodies on the "Comandante de la Muerte" balance sheet. "Bloodbath"

"Comandante de la Muerte": William "Gunwalker Bill" Newell.

Dave Workman writes:

In the two years since Barack Obama took office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ramped up its Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious gun trafficking sting operations, drug war homicides in Mexico nearly tripled, according to an article published over the weekend by Global Research.

This revelation comes coincidentally to the publication of the transcript of an interview on Univision, made available today by independent blogger Mike Vanderboegh, one of two men responsible for uncovering the Project Gunrunner controversy.

Figures quoted by the Global Research article come from the Trans-Border Institute at the University of San Diego. They appear in a report titled Drug Violence in Mexico: Data and Analysis Through 2010, and show that the body count has risen sharply at the same time that the Obama State Department has allowed private arms sales to Mexico exceed those to Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel. My colleague, Kurt Hofmann takes a hard look at those arms sales here.

"Gunwalker Bill" Newell takes a shower.

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