Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reuters: "Obama administration seeks more comments on rifle sale plan." Antis beating gun rights folks more than two to one. Pick up the slack!

You guys didn't do your job the first time.

The proposal will be published in the government's Federal Register on Friday seeking comments for 30 days, according to a copy obtained by Reuters on Thursday.

It was first published in December and had a 60-day comment period that garnered almost 13,000 responses. About 30 percent opposed the reporting requirement and 70 percent favored it, ATF said.

The second round of comment is typical for new regulations, according to ATF, and no substantive changes were made. After reviewing the new comments submitted, the proposal could be implemented or altered.

C'mon guys, pick up the slack. If the antis are beating us more than 2 to 1 something's bad wrong. Are you willing to concede that they are a more determined minority than we are?

LATER: From TPM Muckraker -- Amid Probe Of 'Project Gunrunner,' Obama Seeks Comments On ATF's Anti-Gun Trafficking Rule


WarriorClass III said...

This is the thing; the plan is not up for a majority vote since it is a violation of our natural and constitutional rights. Keep beating the political dead horse if you want, but it no longer matters - the poor thing is dead.

Long live the free market and private transactions - with or without .gov approval.


BrianF said...

Are we to believe those percentages are truthful?

Anonymous said...

2 to 1? The only way they are getting those numbers is by straight up lying to us or after getting our personal information to be put on a watchlist they are trashed.

I would think what the ATF is doind to all the letters against this are akin to this:

Cheap shot? Probably.

Sean said...

I don't believe this is one that matters, in the grand scheme of things. You yourself, Mike, said that we have our enemies assurances that they will not allow us to use the standard method of opposition to them. This is bureaucratic slack, and they hold all the cards. The culmative effect of all our efforts has not, and won't be decisive. Until we use something that both hurts them, and helps us.

Anonymous said...

The left is involved. Nothing they do is truthful. They lie, cheat, steal, intimidate, extort, injure and kill, on their way to power and it gets quite a bit worse after that. They never allow an open and fair fight because they always loose by doing so, and they have no intention of loosing this one, not after all the trouble they've gone through to get here.

This can only be decided one way because they have made certain that they are holding most of the face cards. It's now a matter of whether we will consent to their seizure of power. Most of America, don't know what is happening or what is being done to them and that is exactly the way the Marxists want it.

Lurker said...

Where do we go to comment? Reuters?

Anonymous said...

I was a threeper when it wasn't a word. As many here I have made phone calls written letters for years and where has it gotten us. WarriorClass is right the nag is dead. Our enemies know what they have planned for us in the end. Let it be so. Sooner the better.


Anonymous said...

Where do you even send these comments. Is there a website, an e-mail address, what?

SiGraybeard said...

Linked back from my place. I commented the first time on the stupidity of this rule, and will crank it up some more. Time to try and add my few readers.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to comment and to roust some others too. But I don't know where to go. Is there a link? A phone number? Please publish the information.