Thursday, April 28, 2011

Massad Ayoob: A Warning.

Got militia?

"The general consensus of police, military, and national intelligence is that it’s only a matter of time before this nation experiences an incident reminiscent of Beslan or Mumbai: armed, trained, committed terrorists massacring the innocent with automatic weapons and explosives."


Anonymous said...

That's pretty sobering...

WarriorClass III said...

Automatic weapons? Must be that darn gun-show loop hole.

Oh yeah, you can't buy those at gun shows...

Damn loop holes.


Cederq said...

And... right after the first of these terrorist attacks, the gun grabbers will implement sweeping gun confiscating and outright illegal possession and use of any gun so that the men in blue and mum-be in chief can protect us...better.

Kevin III

JoeFromSidney said...

Something like Beslan is highly likely. Schools are victim disarmament zones. Something like Mumbai is less likely, especially in states that allow citizens to carry weapons in public. Start thinking about how you'd deal with someone armed with a fully automatic weapon when you have only a handgun.

Shy Wolf said...

Mas commented that 'the police haters really seemed to be out tonight'... my comment back...
"Mas, I’m sorry you think we’re cop haters when we make comments about how often the civilian populace has been beaten down, shot and railroaded or mal-accused by ‘wrong addresses’ and when decent civilians- especially legal CCW- are detained and treated like criminals for no reason other than ‘wrong place wrong time’ incidents.
It isn’t that we hate police- we hate bad police and even more, we hate bad police actions.
When car companies put commercials on Tv granduerizing (is that a word?) SWAT police to sell cars imported from Detroit… when real cops act like the ninnies on Tv police programs… when real cops shoot innocent women carrying children and are not prosecuted for it… when real cops shoot a housefull of innocent women and children and burn the evidence of their atrocity and are not prosecuted for it… it’s time to hate cops. Especially the bad cops as those in power who refuse to prosecute criminals who admit their crime, and give them positions of power in government because they’re friendly to the POS in the White House… when even the POS in the White House treats honest police officers like criminals and accuses them of showing poor judgment in doing their duty… when police chiefs show disdain and disregard for the Constitution… it’s beyond time to hate them.
One day soon, the police are going to discover they are being bitten by the hand that feeds them.
If this bothers you as a former police officer, I am sorry, but it’s the facts of life. You’ve always been one of my heroes in the gun world, and I am surprised you do not see how now common police actions are creating a maelstrom of problems for them. But those problems are of their own making so they have absolutely no reason to whine or bitch about it.
Shy III"
Here I'll add that when the police find they're in need of assistance, it won't come from my end because they'll probably be shooting at or trying to apprehend someone on my 'team' more than some muslim perp attempting a Mumbai incident.

Pat H. said...

If you're staying in hotels without your rifle and ammo with you there, you might consider changing your luggage considerations to include that.

A handgun is what you use to fight your way to your rifle. I've been traveling with mine for over two years now.

Chef said...

I'm so used to staying in condition yellow that I'm never really relaxed, even at home.
I guess it will pay off one of these days in the not-so-distant future.

Sean said...

Guess what I'm going to do when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Wow - just read the comments over there; Mas is getting an earful!

A majority fear the police more than terrorists - whodathunkit?!

One commenter even linked Sipsey - good for him.


TPaine said...

Mass ignorantly brought up Katrina, and was immediately reminded of who the people had to fear in its aftermath. And with the Supremes ruling that the police have no duty to protect us citizens, I'd say it is rapidly becoming (if not already here) time to save your own ass, because the police will either not be there, or WILL be there with the wrong attitude.

Sorry, but it has become "us v. them" and where do you think the blame lies?

Anonymous said...

Easy solution. I will pull the trigger and mister bad guy/s will die. I will then be shot dead by responding security forces who have been schooled to believe that anyone who isn't them, is the enemy.

Apologies and excuses for the "isolated incident" will be made and money will be payed out to my family, if they can't avoid it by demonizing me in some manner, assuming any mention of my participation is made public.

Is that about right?

Joel said...

Weren't most of those dead cops killed in traffic accidents? What'n'hell's that got to do with Mumbai?

And I loved the way he got smacked down for the "cop-hater" crack. Guess we know where he stands on that issue. Heh - also bet it's a while before he brings up Katrina on his blog again.

Anonymous said...

Also in response to Ayoob's statement;

If one harkens back to the early days of the Obongo regime, you might remember that both Sec. of State Clinton and A.G. Holder, both extreme hoplophobe’s, (Hoplophobia from the Greek hoplon, meaning armor, is defined as the "fear of firearms" and as the "fear of armed citizens".) complained long and bitterly about the violence and deaths that occur along the border. And that 90% of the guns that were being used by the cartels came from the gun shops along the border and the “gun show loophole”, hoping that maybe some of the gravitas of Mr. Clinton had been absorbed by the missus and that her word would be enough to re-instate the assault weapons ban. Holder is extremely anti-gun in his own right. It appears now, according to one of the commenter’s that the State dept. has recently come clean on the actual figures and the true source of the bulk of the weapons. Is this the Hildebeast trying to distance herself from the impending train wreck?

This goes all the way to the top. The ATF is not smart enough to carry this off by them selves. What even made them think that they could possibly track these guns once they got south of the border where they don’t have jurisdiction? Especially when they have kept the Mexican govt. in the dark as regards to Gunrunner/Fast and Furious.

This is clearly an attempt to abrogate the Second Amendment, and what better way to do that than provide the proof of the statements by Hil and Holder? Even if you have to use a govt. agency to supply the weapons to do it.


gotta laugh at the word verification...bilicesm....Billy says 'em.

Dan Galena said...

I have little use for an asshole with a badge. Today they are wearing para-military uniforms and sporting full-auto weapons. For WHAT ? They ignore the constitutions of their respective states and the USA.

To hell with cops. I have zero respect for them. They're no less than leeches on the buttocks of the American taxpayer, abusing their authority on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

They used to be Public Servants. Now, they are are for sale to any corrupt political hack who can squeeze more benefits and goodies for them out of the public. And, when the public says "NO" at the ballot box, then they go on ticket writing binges. I have seen it happen here in the Peoples' Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon. If any Katrina-type event hits Portland, alot of the boys and girls in blue will evaporate like ice on a hot stove. If they want the public's respect, stop standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the SIEU thugs in Wisconsin. Recorgnize that their profession is a calling and a committment. It was when I put in my 30 years. The police have to choose whom they will serve, otherwise alot of them will be abandoned by the public.

aughtsix said...

My remarks to Massad over yonder:

Mas Says:
April 28th, 2011 at 9:08 pm

My goodness, the cop-haters seem to be out in force this week…

Jon R. Says:
April 28th, 2011 at 11:33 pm

What do you expect?

Justifiable fear is bound to induce hatred.

Mas, I have always respected you as a firearms expert and teacher, but that is the lamest thing you have ever written.

It is non responsive in the extreme. Are you seriously going to try to dismiss the real and documented concerns of the commenters above (and hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens) regarding police behavior with such a flippant and dismissive remark?

When you and your “brothers in blue” begin to honor your Oath of Office and start Protecting and Defending the Constitutions of your Nation and your States, and when you cease being the enforcers for power hungry tyrants in pin striped suits and black robes, you might once again claim the mantle of “Peace Officer” and lose the fear and loathing associated with that muscle of tyranny called “law” enforcement.

But we aren’t holding our breath.

Try to remember that you are civilians and Citizens first and that the Rights you trample are your own. This is your country and that is your Constitution as well. What kind of country do you want to leave to your children and grandchildren? (close quote)

When Mas Ayoob can make such a remark, we are well and truly warned. These tyranny enforcer people are arrogant, sold out and propagandized beyond redemption.


Anonymous said...

May your enemies be on full auto. Generally attributed to Jeff Cooper.

“Start thinking about how you'd deal with someone armed with a fully automatic weapon when you have only a handgun.”

Single well aimed shots from available cover.
Happy D

JFP said...

Massad Ayoob responds...

Can't say I'm surprised. I doubt he'll ever take off the rose colored glasses.