Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elijah "Bloody Hands" Cummings does damage control in Gunwalker Scandal.

"Just a moment, Mr. Chairman, I need to go wash these bloody hands again."

Put bluntly, had Rep. Cummings and his Democrat colleagues done their jobs back when they wielded the power, “Project Gunwalker” may very well never have happened and its victims would still be alive today. -- David Codrea, 2 April 2011, "Cummings' objection to Issa ATF subpoena ignores own 'Gunwalker' culpability."

Old Elijah "Bloody Hands" Cummings is at it again.

"Our Committee has a responsibility to investigate allegations of waste, fraud and abuse. However, despite my repeated requests, Chairman Issa has refused to meet with the Department of Justice to ensure that his actions do not compromise ongoing investigations and prosecutions, including a trial of 20 individuals that is scheduled to begin in June."

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