Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Unable to trust anybody else with his own cover-up, Politico sez: "Eric Holder soldiers on." “I like this job,” he claims.

Well, you don't expect him to let anybody else handle his own cover-up, do you?

For two years, Attorney General Eric Holder has endured a hail of withering criticism from Congress, battled with White House aides and faced the humiliation of seeing the White House retreat from his very public decision to put the September 11 suspects on trial in federal court in Manhattan.

Yet, as other key figures in the administration and the Justice Department are bowing out, Holder is vowing to soldier on. . .

“I like this job,” the attorney general insisted. “This is my last swing through this great department. In a lot of ways, this is a bittersweet experience for me.”

Oh, you bet it is, Eric. You bet it is.

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