Friday, April 22, 2011

Lou Dobbs: "Did an ATF Program Allow Guns to be Smuggled Into Mexico?" Wayne LaPierre, late to the baptism, finally gets Gunwalker religion.

"Did an ATF Program Allow Guns to be Smuggled Into Mexico?"

This is pretty funny for us old Gunwalker scandal hands. Here LaPierre is making great hay of Gunwalker and chastising the media for non-coverage when NRA itself ignored it -- did not even report it to their members until 11 February, and did not take an advocacy position calling for hearings until 9 March. LaPierre & Cox are still avoiding actual, useful involvement in this scandal by failing to put politicians on notice -- particularly NRA-endorsed Democrats -- that their actions or lack thereof will be scored to affect their ratings. As near as I can determine, NRA has never acknowledged even David Codrea's contribution in breaking this story. The NRA TV show, Cam & Co., will have peripheral reporters on to discuss it but never him, and now I hear they won't even allow the SOF award to be presented at the annual meeting, but rather it must happen in another venue nearby.

Then Wayne says somebody should ask Pres. Obama about it when he had the perfect opportunity to confront the administration in the most public, media-covered way possible and refused to go the Oval Office meeting.

But, hey, at least he's out there now. It is better than another NRA Theater encore presentation of "The French Mistake." Thank the Lord for small favors.


Unknown said...

Mike-- You may find this useful. On April 14, the Wall Street Journal sold almost a page and a half of Legal Notices space to BATFE so they could list a few thousand guns they'd seized across the country (time frame not disclosed). I happened upon it by accident but I'll hang onto this copy in case it becomes hard to find. Now, assuming that very little the government does is by accident, and knowing that WSJ legal notice ad space must be more expensive than, say, similar space in the Little Rock Shopper, or the Poukeepsie Tattler, I suspect this was intended to create an impression on a specific readership. Furthermore, it might be useful, for someone with better eyes and a longer attention span than mine, to review state-by-state the seizures listed in this document.

Carl Bussjaeger said...

"NRA [...] did not take an advocacy position calling for hearings until 9 March."

As I recall, the NRA did take a position back in February: They called for increased funding and authority for the ATF, since they [sarc] obviously lacked the manpower to track all those guns they deliberately allowed to be strawman-purchased [/sarc].

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they usually find some obscure legal-notices only weekly- paper published in South Miami in which to put those notices.