Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jayna Davis is full of shit -- and so's her "Iraqi connection" to the OKC Bombing.

Please, please, please stop sending me links to this horseshit.

I don't have have time to dig out the archives on Jayna Davis and her whacky reporting based on an obsession with itinerant Iraqi house painters which led to her destroying her television gig in OKC into ashes following a lawsuit for libel and defamation.

I know J.D. Cash, who covered both trials and did extensive gumshoe work on the case following every clue, including going to England and Ireland to follow up on an illusory IRA connection, would begin to curse whenever Davis' name came up. It always began with "That lying . . ." and would end some time later with ". . . whore."

Were J.D. still alive he would have a much more informed and profanely eloquent critique of Davis' latest, which she once again hangs her Iraqi conspiracy hat (over the years, her evil bad guys have morphed from Saddam Hussein to unspecified "jihadis")on this recent factoid:

Last week the vault of top-secret bombing evidence cracked open. The Department of Justice, responding to Freedom of Information Act requests, released a declassified report detailing the May 26, 2005 interrogation of Terry Nichols. According to the record, Nichols broke his decade-long silence, acknowledging his hands-on role in constructing the massive truck bomb that demolished the Oklahoma City Murrah Building. While this revelation was all but academic, what Nichols said next threatens to rewrite history.

During the interview, the convicted bomber unleashed a startling admission: John Doe 2 exists. The FBI report states, "Nichols advised that John Doe 2's name had not been mentioned during the (FBI) investigation, and therefore, he feared for his life and his family's well-being should it become public."

One seemingly innocuous statement in this recently declassified FBI memo effectively shatters the government myth that two angry white males singlehandedly pulled off the crime of the 20th century. To begin, Nichols clearly implied that he knew the identity of John Doe 2 when asserting that his co-conspirator's name "had not been mentioned" during the prodigious FBI investigation. Keep in mind, the bomber had direct access to sealed court files and classified discovery materials that federal prosecutors were legally required to disclose to his defense lawyers during the state and federal trials. As a result, Nichols was informed about every suspect that surfaced on law enforcement's radar screen.

Bullshit. The FBI excluded Elohim City and the Aryan Republican Army as suspects from the very beginning. Oh, I have no doubt that Nichols was fearing for his and his family's safety because of John Doe #2. That's because, when the FBI took down the rest of the Aryan Republican Army bank robbery gang, they denied any connection to the OKC bombing and, with their snitch Andreas Carl Strassmeier safely back in Germany, they gave Strassmeier's roommate at Elohim City, Michael Brescia, a sweetheart deal from which, at the time of the FBI 302, Brescia was already back out on the street. Brescia had carried bombs into at least two banks, an offense which should have been a mandatory life sentence on each count. Brescia ended up with a five year sentence, and was out in a little over four. He walks the streets today, given a free pass on his participation in the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Since it was a militia poster campaign (see above) that finally embarrassed the FBI into arresting Brescia (and yes, I wrote and signed the poster), Brescia took it personally. A Philadelphia reporter told me at the time that Brescia had promised a jail-house snitch that if he got bail he was going to come to Alabama and slit the throats of my young daughters while I was forced to watch, then kill me. J.D. Cash had an audiotape of White Aryan Resistance leader Dennis Mahon expressing his own fears about Brescia being a killer. He was scared to death of him. So if Brescia was indeed John Doe #2, I can see Nichols being afraid.

But to make the leap to Iraqis? Where's the evidence of the link? We know that McVeigh had contacts with Strassmeier and Elohim City. Where is the evidence of the Iraqis? J.D. had a phrase for that, but I would have to redact it.

Even young Abel Ashes wonders, in this review of Davis' book.

There is no doubt that others were involved in the Oklahoma City bombing in addition to Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, and the Fortiers. Was Iraq involved? Maybe. Was Ramzi Yousef involved? Maybe. Was there a wider conspiracy involving Elohim City and related racist "revolutionaries" associated with "The Order"? It seems almost certain.

A BATF informant Carol Howe gave advanced warning and subsequent testimony to this effect. Dennis Mahon, who was recently arrested for letter bombing an African American allegedly admitted involvement in the bombing during a taped conversation with journalist JD Cash. Let's also not forget the ever elusive Andreas "Andy The German" Strassmeir, whose interview with Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in "The Secret Life of Bill Clinton" is absolutely essential reading for anyone wanting to get at the truth about the so-called "others unknown".

I would be careful trusting any one source above all others. If Jayna Davis had connected her alleged Iraq government conspiracy to the obvious wider white supremacist conspiracy I might find her book more believable. However, since she chose to whitewash connections to Elohim City, The Covenant Sword and Arm of The Lord, "The Order", Andreas Strassmeir, Carol Mahon, Dennis Mahon, Michael Brescia (John Doe #2?), Peter Langan and others, I question her motives.

"The Third Terrorist" reads like a continuation of Laurie Mylroie's "The War Against America" which favored blaming Iraq based upon a flimsy conspiracy theory.

J.D.'s manuscript is still being worked on by others. Perhaps when it finally makes it to the light of day, it will put paid to the red herring Iraqis.

In the mean time, please don't forward me any more of Davis' dreck. Thanks.


Dedicated_Dad said...


EVERYBODY knows McVeigh was a lone-nut.

After all, isn't that what the congressional-committee decided?

Sure he was! Just like Oswald, and just like those crazy cultists set their own "compound" on fire in TX...

I bet that weaver-chick shot herself, too!

Anonymous said...

Mike: I read Davis' book. I will not defend her, because obviously there are two sides to every story. Does Mr. Cash's investigation take into account the theory that OKC might have been Bill & Hillary's Reichstag Fire? Given the fact he got beat up bad in the November, 1994 elections, and given the fact that a number of "Friends of Bill" met untimely ends, Does this tragedy have any of the Clintons' fingerprints on it?

DC Wright said...

It would not really come as a surprise to me that there was involvement by BOTH Iraqi and the White Supremacist movement types; after all, are they not natural allies in their insane hatred of Israel and anyone associated with her?

In any event, I'd LOVE to see the whole Klowntoon coverup come undone and ALL the facts see the light of day!

Is there any serious reason to NOT believe it an ATF/FBI sting gone awry???

Domestic Militia/Terrorist groups, my ass!

Dedicated_Dad said...

MEthinks our esteemed host may recognize this.

VERY interesting reading...


Gaviota said...

I hate waiting. I wish there was a nice short time limit on conspiracies after which the conspirators would be divinely inspired to spill their guts.

Word verification: "pania," the Greek word for sails, Πανιά. For a second, though, I thought the word was "pana," πάνα, or diaper, which would have been stunningly appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Jayna Davis is also a delusional woman who emotionally abused and tortured her nieces and nephews ages nine to thirteen and should be behind bars.