Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Hill newspaper notices Issa's threat to Melson. So does the blog Main Justice.

The Hill: Issa threatens ATF with contempt charges for withholding documents

Main Justice also notices.

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Anonymous said...

Just received my copy of this month's NRA National Rifleman magazine.

Good news is that there is an editorial by LaPierre(sp?) and a three-pager by ILA-Cox on gunwalker.

Bad news is that my quick review revealed no attribution to you or David for your continued efforts at revealing the truth. (If it is there in the longer Cox piece, I'll apologize here and note that you should disregard the rest of this comment.)

I find it sad that any philosophical differences that may exist would keep them from acknowledging both of your tireless contributions. They have to know that this only hurts the NRA message. They can build you and David up lending credibility to your message (although not necessary) and celebrate diversity of opinion within the various gun rights movements without detracting from their position or message. But instead they choose to ignore your individual and collective efforts, and it does no one any favor. Petty.

Those of us potential dues paying members who know the truth will remember this for a lifetime. I am not a life member for the same considerations as demonstrated by this and will consider donating to 2AF or GOA instead when my membership expires.