Friday, April 15, 2011

A stop by the thrift store on the way home from my second doctor's visit of the day.

I had exactly $8.00 in my pocket after going broke on the co-pays. So naturally I found seven bucks and change worth of stuff to buy. Picked up

Early pattern M1956 pistol belt, Qty One.

M1956 Canvas M14 Magazine Pouch, Qty Two.

M1967, Canteen Cover, Nylon, OD, Qty One.

M1956 Pouch, Canvas, First Aid or Compass, Qty One.

Pouch, First Aid Kit, Carlisle Type, with professional sewn backing holding the World War II standard hook arrangement as above except made out of VN era nylon camo pattern cloth, no markings and an M1956 button-snap arrangement as in the standard M1956 First Aid Pouch above. First time I've ever seen one of those. Qty One.

Price for all of the above, assembled: $3.99.

Pouch, First Aid Kit, Individual,Qty One. Cost: $0.99.

Plus two stainless steel sports bottles for $0.39 each and one 1 liter thermos, stainless steel, qty one, for $1.49.

Of course now I'm broke. Broke, but happy. ;-)


drjim said...

Quite a deal!
All the "surplus" places around here sell mostly new stuff, and what they have as real surplus seems to be coming from Europe these days.

Anonymous said...

No such luck here in NW Oklahoma. Do you feel like making a few extra bucks?

Anonymous said...

Next time, I'll fly out and do a house call.

Spend what you saved on they copay on more gear and we'll split it down the middle. ;)

Well done, sir.

Scott J said...

I need some M14 mag pouches for my new MOLLE gear.

Any such critter exist at surplus pricing?

David III said...

Everything around my area (Colorado, Western Slope)Is outrageously expensive! These guys don't sell surplus. I may have to open a store!

Anonymous said...

Sweet deal! There's no source at all for battle gear near me (SW MT), surplus or otherwise, so ebay's been my freind since most of my stuff is elsewhere. I'm thinking along the same lines, DavidIII!


Anonymous said...

No such inexpensive stuff anywhere near me. Got a guy trying to sell LBVs for $150 - $250!! Buy stuff in the single digit dollar range? Not in Cali

Redcrown said...

Sweet Home Alabama!!

Anonymous said...

My dad (RIP) could sniff out a deal almost anywhere. He'd come home with deals like you did and I'd have to just shake my head.
Seven Bucks? How do you sleep nites? ;-)


Dennis308 said...

Nice deals, ya seam to find there Dutchman. Much better than down hear.

BUT what did the sawbones say, ya gonna be hanging around a while more.