Thursday, April 28, 2011

JPFO asks the question: "Can we prevent a second civil war?"

Good question, and Threepers too!


Anonymous said...

I believe it can be prevented, but the window of time for doing so is rapidly closing. They left "Complete Financial Ruin" off the list of causes.

WarriorClass III said...

The answer is no. We are now past the point of no return, and I suspect rioting this summer when the government runs out of money at the end of QE2 and there are no lenders (except at a MUCH higher rate of interest). The Fed will then start QE3, but the pony's out of the barn. Expect the gov to go to desperation lengths to save itself (not you), including marshal law and confiscation of personal property.

"Got militia" will no longer be a cute take on the "Got milk" advertising campaign, but a biological necessity.

If you are not prepared now, you won't be. Times up.

God bless,


JoeFromSidney said...

Remember the book UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES? Instead of civil war as such, how about going after the head(s)rather than the fingers?

WarriorClass III said...

I didn't even mention the irreconcilable ideological split in this country that will add napalm to the economic tsunami coming our way. At least half the people in this country think they have the right to steal from the other half, and a government that steals from everyone. They tyrants in government think they have the right not only to steal, but control every aspect of your life. If that doesn't make us all slaves, what's the correct definition? Then they have all the followers who think they are benefiting from the theft, and have a green light from the "Justice Department" to go on a rampage of riot and mayhem, and a long line of "Justices" that have subverted the constitution from the beginning, leaving that document null and void, except in the hearts of a minority of patriots.

There is no political solution when one side is bent on complete tyranny under the color of law and "democracy" and the other side will not submit. The economics of our current situation will be the powder keg that sets it all off, but there is no reconciliation of irreconcilable differences.


Sean said...

Ilea iacta est. Working on life membership in JPFO. I ain't backin' up. And I mean just what I say.

Thomas/PatriotofPast said...

Very good point Joe... The real hard part is putting an ID on those "Heads".
A few stand out (Soros,Obama,CFR,United Nations,Congress)... THESE are the ones who want OUR GUNS!
These should be the FIRST ones shipped to Guantanamo.

Anonymous said...

The reason these people have power is because they control the consumption of information and content thereof.

The reason that despotic governments worldwide, are able to maintain their power, is that they are able to, control the consumption of information and the content thereof.

Seems to be a theme here.

Except that our media support the Marxists because they are Marxists themselves. Those who aren't good looking talent dummies or those who can't think their way out of the bathroom. The left are ready to use anyone and anything to get and keep power and the privileges that come with it, just like they did in the old Soviet Union. Same mind set same objectives.

But what would I know? I'm just a right winged crackpot.

Bad Cyborg said...

I believe that it is all over but the dieing.

Damn it!

aughtsix said...

I'm with Warrior Class, one hundred (heads) and III percent.

The split it irreconcilable, and I'm damned glad that it is. Otherwise, "they" win.

The good news is, there really are more of us than there are of them. There will be even more of us the worse things get and folks are forced awake. There will be less of them as well since most of their support comes from those who are least equipped to deal with any sort of crisis.

Bring it.

I am the humbler Fiddler, and
I beg you call the tune...
To open future's portal, and
Invoke the Tyrant's Doom.

Take upon you your Aspect,
Of Pure and Righteous Wrath,
Raise up your Armored Attribute of
The Warrior's One True Path.

Throw down the foes of Liberty
To sorrow as they must,
To reap a bitter harvest as their
Scheme lies in the dust.

Accept that, as your Fathers,
You'll not see the Promised Land,
But with them you'll share the Honor of
Humanity's Last Stand.


Unknown said...

Mark Matis said...

For Anonymous at 8:58 AM:

You say "The reason these people have power is because they control the consumption of information and content thereof."

I say they have power because their Enablers bow and scrape before them, and then do WHATEVER they are told. IN SPITE OF their oath of office. There is no shortage of information out there on the Internet. And plenty of people see and understand. But they ALSO see the Thugs with Guns. And understand what it means to take on a Mafia Enforcer.

The stench is overwhelming.

otterhauser said...

It will NOT BE a 2nd Civil War, for no one who would consider the confiscation of my firearms could possibly be thought of as my "brother." The second American Revolution will begin when the left sends federal agents to private homes for the "pick up" of guns. My guess is that 10-15 million American gun owners will shoot to kill in order to preserve their right to keep and bear arms.