Saturday, January 2, 2010

And they wonder why people call them "RINOs"?

We have this just in from the Associated Press:

Senator: better days ahead despite war, recession

The Associated Press

Saturday, Jan. 2, 2010 | 3:10 a.m.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said Saturday the United States ultimately will overcome the daunting problems of war, recession and double-digit unemployment.

Challenges will be met, better days are ahead and the nation's leaders will unite for the common good despite sometimes sharp political disagreements that are the hallmark of a vibrant democracy, the senator from Kentucky said in the GOP's weekly radio address.

"The new year always brings with it renewed hope and a spirit of optimism _ qualities that have exemplified our nation and its people from the very start," McConnell said.

He drew a historical parallel, citing the colonial army of 230 years ago winning a great military victory amid the exhaustion of a war in which the colonists were facing impossible odds against the British.

"Powerful forces may be aligned against us ... but when the challenges are greatest, Americans always join ranks," the senator said.

What's he been smokin'? "Join ranks?" "Unite for the common good?" With domestic enemies of the Constitution who mock him for being a useful idiot behind his back? You want to "join ranks," Mitch? Take a hint from George Washington:

Washington crosses the Delaware to "unite for the common good" with Hessians at the end of American bayonets, "joining ranks" with the mercenaries of King George the Third and defeating their sorry, drunken asses on Christmas Day.


chris edwards said...

Exactly, as a foreigner who ran away from exactly the same shit that ruined my old country (I was born English and escaped to Canada) I have met with derision from all sorts when I called the dems and their figurehead "america haters and racists" but then few outside the USA understand the working of the constitution.

Anonymous said...

Just another rino/repuke sell-out hoping his new masters will allow him to keep his place at the hog/whore trough.

Anonymous said...

Note that we never hear about the various Mexican identity militias, Black identity militias, or the Muslim identity militias.

But then, none of these groups could care less about the constitution and the return of the republic.

But then again, neither does the government.

cj428 said...

You have given us much to think about with your last two post. The friction between the goverment and some of its emploies grows on A daily basis. WE all know where this is going to end. It's simply A matter of when and where it starts.

Anonymous said...

I think the Head-RINO-in-charge may be on to something:

"Powerful forces may be aligned against us ... but when the challenges are greatest, Americans always join ranks," the senator said.

although us should be replaced with you.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I like the demotivational poster version.

nolan said...

I saw a few minutes of his pathetic attempt at leadership. There were no stirring words, no calls to action, no hint of rallying for a cause, other than playing nice w/ people who are deliberately destroying this Republic.
I don't think elections will do it!

Happy D said...

Why is it that the noble Rhino is endangered but the useless RINO we can't get rid of?

Ahab said...

Mitch McConnell is, or should be, first in line of the Republican office holders that are replaced the next time they're up for re-election. McConnell's tactics for defeating the ObummerCare bill were so lame I am amazed he had the gall to stand up and say what he did. He should be hanging his head in shame instead of lecturing the rest of us on coming together to stand up for the Republic. When he had the opportunity bring that bill down in defeat, he says we should all get along. Oh, and he isn't actually a RINO, he's a Moderate Republican, which is almost as bad. A true RINO is someone like Olympia Snowe/Susan Collins/John McCain.

Toastrider said...

Frankly, the GOP's track record over the last ten-fifteen years has been abysmal.

They have basically let the Democrats call the tune, choosing to react instead of act. I doubt I need to tell any of you why this is poor strategy.