Sunday, January 31, 2010

An excellent discussion of how what is happening to Europe will happen here.

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Unknown said...

Been thinking about islam the pseudo-religion. I can't help myself. I just can't. I hate them all. I just hope I don't get too old before the trigger pullin' starts.

Anonymous said...

I found this and the other articles particularly interesting and scary, especially the parts about how many minorities are being taught to hate white people and it will do us in later on.

Racism is a problem today because people refuse to let it go. The older generations (black, white and others) passed their hatred on to their children.

The author is very intelligent and draws from excellent historical examples to show us the corrupt nature of our government, educational system, and over all society.

Yet he still convinced me that there is hope. I especially like the story of the 1st Marines in Korea. I want one of THEM my by side when the bullets fly!

straightarrow said...

the 1st Marines in Korea during a fighting retreat from Chosin Reservoir, while underarmed, low on ammo, no heavy weapons, very little transportation, still in summer uniform (sidewalk shoes and ice cream britches) mauled 8 to 10 Chinese divisions to such an extent that they could not be reconstituted and never again went to battle. They were sent their by REMF's who had no idea of logistics and wouldn't pay heed to their commanders in the field. Yet, they performed far beyond anything anyone thought possible.

For a good read on this I recommend "Colder Than Hell" by Joseph R. Owen. He was there.

Copyright, 1996, Books A-Million or others will have it.

Ron Russell said...

It taught everywhere that the white man is the source of all the worlds problems. In our high schools and universities across the land. That's why many liberal hate the constitution---a document written by and for a bunch of old white men. Its about time to lock and load!

balufeb1 said...

Funny picture, I like this post. Thanks for share.

Tvarisch said...

Walter, don't be ignorant. Islam is the Old Testament religion of Abraham and Isaac as revived by the descendants of Ishmael, and so it is more "authentic" than Christianity, which is a mix of Greco-Roman paganism and Eastern mysticism, with a whitewash of Judaism to make it appear connected to the Abrahamic faith. I have known many Muslims that could put Christians to shame with their practice of love, peace, and charity toward ALL people, and their absolute devotion to serving God, while most Christians just keep watering down their faith to fit their lifestyle and suit their lusts. Refute this if you dare, but nobody will.
Anyway, Islam is not the problem. This is all our fault, and can't be laid at the feet of anyone else. The illustration is correct; when America topples from liberalism, the West will fall, and Islam will fill the cultural and moral void left behind. We should withdraw from Muslim countries, and take care of our own problems here at home instead of wasting our blood and treasure feeding, clothing, educating, and fighting the savages of the world, only to have them come here to marry our daughters and displace our sons.
Oh, and Taylor, I don't know what racism has to do with this, but you should know that racism isn't the problem, it's human nature, and if we're the only ones who aren't practicing it, then we are the only ones without walls around our castle.

Anonymous said...

At least this is an easily recognizable enemy, visible on sight. Not in every case but in enough.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone-ANYONE-thought about exporting the Bill of Rights like the Moslem fanatics do their religion, and the marxists have done to America?

Why can't we trip up the wave of Islamification-go to their women, find the ones who've had enough of wearing burkhas and getting stoned for... well anything... and start on them. Export the American Revolution to them with a sprinkling of Alinksy tactics and some solid guerilla tactics... teach them how to shoot. Have them start at home and refuse to have sex with their Islamofascist husbands, cook for their Al Qaeda cheering children unless they're treated equal.

Get that ball rolling you can disrupt their home turf enough they won't worry about us anymore.

Doc Enigma said...

Hmmm....a comparison of the 5 Books of Moses and the Qu'ran show them to be nothing similar....

Methinks there's a CAIR mole in the comments!

Anonymous said...

Some interesting thoughts and interviews on this fellow's site:


Happy D said...

This time perhaps we should not liberate the Western Europeans. They just keep doing the same thing again.

Happy D said...

Tvarisch Islam has waged a war of religious oppression against other faiths since the year 629 Battle of Khaybar. Don't believe me look it up for your self.

The first U.S. encounter with what I will call the slaver faction of Islam during the Barbary Wars was enlightening. The oppressor philosophy of these Islamic 'victims' was read into the Congressional record. Don't believe me look it up for your self.

So please spare me the poor Muslim victims line. It does not bear even a light examination of the historical record.

Christian Ethiopia was the first nation to shelter the early followers of Prophet Muhammad.
So skip the Christian oppression half truth. I know more of the story than that.
But if you do not believe me look it up for your self.

If the other religions treated Islam as it has treated the others.
The Sikhs, Catholics, Hindus, Orthodox Christians to name a few would have slaved, tortured, and exterminated Islam a century or more ago.

Do you Know what the Ayatollah Khomeini did to Atheists after he took over? Or the Communists? Okay maybe they have earned it but it was still wrong.

Why would you call yourself Tvarisch?
Do you think we are all unaware of where the term is derived from?

Tavarisch or tovarisch or tovarich.

Noun 1. tovarisch - a comrade (especially in Russian communism)

Known by the company you keep?