Sunday, January 24, 2010

Praxis: Guerrilla Logistics -- "Organized Looting: The Basis of Partisan Warfare."

Russian partisans.


This article by Leo Heiman, a veteran of the Rossokovsy Brigade of Russian Partisans, from Military Review, February 1965 discusses some of the uncomfortable logistics issues guerrillas must face. Read it, consider which of its lessons apply to you and redouble your caching efforts.



Jerri Lynn Ward said...

I think that this is horrible. It is anti-Christian and transforms the "partisans" into a criminal gang. Justification requires utilitarian thinking regarding whose lives are more valuable.

I absolutely hated that movie Defiance, regarding the Bielski brothers, because they looted their Christian neighbors to survive, jeopardizing the neighbors' ability to survive. After seeing that, there was no way that I could concentrate on the rest of the story.

God's law rules over every aspect of His creation. No matter how great the cause, He judges the means.

Anonymous said...

Any ideas on how to cache in a urban/suburban environment?

Obviously, cache as much as is possible, but keep in mind that a lot of that will be lost/inaccessable.

I urge everyone to think long and hard about this article, as there are many aspects from both the partisans' and peasants's point of view that may have to be considered.

Anonymous said...

A very excellent article. Thank you for bringing it to us. It seems like war in Russia during WW11 wasn't a romantic affair.
My great, great grandfather was murdered by a yankee patrol while he plowed his field. That was in Virginia. The yankees took his horse and proceeded to his house where they took the food off the table and cleaned out the smoke house. My great grandfather told me this story.

Best that war doesn't come to this country. Best that we return to the Republic and the Constitution and that's not likely there being so many commie types about.

Won't be any horses left.
Mountain rifleman

Anonymous said...

Jerri Lynn Ward......FAIL

Anonymous said...

Jerri Lynn-

War is not about morality or ethics or religion, it is about survival. When force enters the picture, morality leaves. "War does not determine who is right. War determines who is left." -Michael Z Williamson

This applies to all affected by war, and especially all of those in a civil war. Stories from the Spanish Civil war will curl your hair......

It is worth noting that in this day and age, in the USA, there are very few peasants and very little local agriculture. Especially in the large cities on both coasts, most food gets shipped in from other places,notably the Midwest. That fact will create a different dynamic in the early stages of any new American Civil War, but just as it did during 1861-1865 control of the food supply will be crucial.

Anonymous said...

Jerri Lynn Ward: you have hit the nail on the head. The Confederacy was just another government, competing with the Union government for title to loot and regulate the white and black Southerners.

Anonymous said...

Thank God we have Obama, and he will surely take away your guns before you hurt yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ January 24, 2010 8:41 PM
actually said this:
"Thank God we have Obama, and he will surely take away your guns before you hurt yourselves."

Apparently it has no idea where it is, or what sort of men are here.

The minute Dear Reader attempts to take guns from any of us, he will have fired the first shot and started the third Revolution. All the blood that follows will be on his hands - his and the various jackboots stupid enough to stake their lives on his unconstitutional orders.

Some of us will roll over - I am probably one of them. I'm not going to start a firefight in my home and jeopardize the lives of my wife and kids.

I will however never surrender my caches, ever, under any circumstances. Dear Reader and company will never find them. There are no records - every item bought with cash.

I will thereafter dedicate and devote my life, my fortune and my sacred honor to the cause of Liberty, and the overthrow of a despotic government.

Further, I have many hundreds of thousands - probably millions - of Brothers in arms who will do likewise.

A large number of those Brothers are soldiers, police and others who have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution. Most of them know exactly what they swore, and stand ready to keep that oath.

This means your jack-booted friends will never know whether the man behind them is going to shoot at him or me. How many dead "raiders" will it take before they cant get up a raiding party any more?

You need to read this site, and understand that Mikes just one of millions of people who are ready to fight, and will not give. NOT ONE MORE INCH.

Mike's just the one with the biggest mouth. He figures his best service is to be the mouthy guy who gets all the attention - while the rest of us "gray men" stand ready to do whatever must be done.

We don't want this fight.

We don't want ANY fight.

We would prefer, by far, to die old and in our beds - preferably of sexual overexertion...

But we WILL fight, because we love our Republic, our Constitution and our Liberty more than life itself.

Because we would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.

Because we are CIITIZENS, not "subjects."

Because we will pass along freedom to our children, and their children, and their... And would rather die in the process than live under a tyrant's boot.

You know who MBV is, you have no clue who the rest of us are -- and if you did you'd probably mess your pants.

Admiral Yakamoto said - after attacking Pearl Harbor - "I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant."

He'd awoken nothing compared to the consequences of awakening this bunch. It's not a sleeping giant, but a big ol' gigantic hornets' nest. We have stingers, and they're deadly.

Read up, get a clue. You need a clue if you're to have any chance of helping us prevent another revolution. The lines have been drawn, and only a fool would try to cross them.

In closing, this is my prayer:
"Oh Lord, I would live my life in freedom, peace and happiness, enjoying the simple pleasures of hearth and home. I would die an old, old man in my own bed,
preferably of sexual overexertion.

But if that is not to be, Lord, if monsters such as this should find their way to my little corner of the world on my watch, then help me to sweep those bastards from the ramparts, because doing that is good, and right, and just.

And if in this I should fall, let me be found atop a pile of brass,
behind the wall I made of their corpses."

I am legion.

Are you SURE you want to open this can of whoopass?

WV:"Enrise." Too fitting...

Unknown said...

Sarcasm is lost on some people.

But on a more serious note, I'd be interested to know how this article pertains to more temporary scenarios. What with the talk of 'internment camps,' metropolitan quarantines, etc, what would be the process of caching supplies in not just urban areas, but more populated, yet not rural, suburban areas?

Jerri Lynn Ward said...

Anon at 6:50,

If war is "not about morality or ethics," why did we imprison and execute Nazi war criminals? Why did we execute and imprison Japanese soldiers for waterboarding and using stress positions?

We were a "terror to evil doers" at Nuremberg and in the Far Eastern war crimes trials.

Anonymous said...

Well, our current society really doesn't consist of "peasants" with horses and potatos.

But we do have big factory farms ;]

David L said...

War sucks. And if the thin veneer of civilization is stripped from America society by any 'contingency', praise the lord but do not forget to pass the ammunition.

Anonymous said...

I'm also interested in urban caching. My particular location may provide a few advantages, but when TSHTF, what advantage is there?

Perhaps a topic for the leaderseed weekend, Mike?


Anonymous said...

I'm wife or kids at home to protect. I will not cache my firearms. I will shoot the first bastard that trys to take them. I hope it never happens, but I am willing to die a FREE man.So Jack Boot come and get it.

See Ya

Cracker Americanus said...

Jerry Lynn Ward,
We hanged the people at Nuremburg and the We hanged the people in Japan because we won. It does not have anything to do with morality. The truth is we murdered thousands of German soldiers in Eisenhowers death camps. We allowed the British to starve thousands of German civilians to death. We have turned a blind eye to the mass murdering communist.
You seem like a nice person.

Anonymous said...

Cracker:Pains me, but (of course) you're right.

The trials and hangings were all a necessary part of the whole charade - it left the rest of them thinking "Sure glad I ain't him" instead of continuing to fight an insurgency against us.

A look at more recent history might show that we still try the same thing, with much less results.

Many thousands of German soldiers died in our "death camps" for the same reason many died in the nazi camps: Starvation and epidemic disease (typhus, etc). Further, they died for the same reasons: the infrastructure had totally collapsed, making it impossible to deal with the numbers of people incarcerated. We couldn't just let them go, so we had no third choice - we were forced to stand and watch them die.

Further, what many don't know is that a fair number of the piles of bodies we've seen died ATFER we liberated the camps, and as a result of our attempts at kindness.

When starving people ate the high-fat/high-protein rations our soldiers gave them, it caused their body to go berzerk and they died.

They needed careful medical care, and careful resumption of diet to keep it from happening -- our guys didn't know any better, saw starving people and fed them.

They LITERALLY killed them with kindness.

Our "psy-ops" types took advantage of the piles of bodies to further denigrate the nazi evil. Knowing this is fact does not negate the evil of the nazi bastards, not at all IMHO - still, I think it's important to know the truth.

They killed theirs with intent, with evil - we killed ours with kindness.

Food for thought...

patrick henry said...

Urban Caching...

There are two options I know of that make sense:

(1) Find a friend also into preps. You store his cache, he stores yours. You may want to find multiple friends in different areas, but the premise stands...

(2) Find a "storage barn" place - you'll want to be sure you can get in if the power is out, even if that means jumping a fence. Here too, it makes sense to "share" with others, so that all your stuff isn't in one place.


Captain America said...

Is it me, or does it feel like things are really going south?

Conchscooter said...

no one is coming after our guns. The second Amendment is safe thanks to outspoken support for it. The 4th and 6th Amendments are out the wondow thanks to concerted efforts by Republicans and Democrats. If the recent Supreme Court decision making corporations people isn't keeping you awake at night you aren't paying attention.
All that "cold dead hand" rhetoric is designed to keep you looking the other way as you puff up your chest, Hollywood style.

Anonymous said...

CaptainAmerica said...
Is it me, or does it feel like things are really going south?

yep, it is you
things are very close to going south.....

Anonymous said...

"Further, I have many hundreds of thousands - probably millions - of Brothers in arms who will do likewise."

Dude--plenty of us Sisters raised a hand and took the same oath, and think about it-- how easy it will be to underestimate 'Grandma' if push comes to shove!

For Did It My Way; better to cache first and live for a later skirmish than to sacrifice yourself at a ratio of one to one.
Die smart, not hard.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read or hear about the gun show in Austin Texas being banned?
Looks the it's about to hit the fan.

Anonymous said...

There is no room nor place in this fight for Political Correctness. PC is part of what brought our great nation to the state it's in now. Brothers-in-Arms means all of us. Let's not allow this to become "Their Fight" inside our own livingrooms. Otherwise, THEY win before the fight has even begun. So, let's KNOCK IT OFF and get back to the job at hand of saving our country, shall we. D.L.W.

Concerned American said...

Understand, folks:

To the powers-that-be, folks who visit here are already criminals.

I say again: the powers-that-be of both political parties, as well as a majority of the voting public (dead or alive), already consider associations such as the Sipsey Street Irregulars to be a criminal gang.

As Tom Baugh notes here:

...By now, each of these people [in mass America] have made conscious decisions to eat you alive...

Only folks such as those who lived through the savagery in the former Yugoslavia or in Rwanda have any idea what is coming.

Hone the edge and harden the heart.

Anonymous said...

Jerri Lynn Ward - you saw the movie but clearly did not understand or have a preconceived bias (hatred) toward Jews. This movie never suggests that the Bielski brothers defended and or killed because of a christian ideology. Are you suggesting that Christians and Nazi's are one and the same? The Bielski's choose not to die like shheple and protected and killed because of the Hitler and the Nazis not because of their neighbors were Christians.

I understand it's been 2 years since your post, but I just saw the movie once again and it gets my blood boiling and I want to go out and kill Nazi's, but alas we don't have such filth where I live.