Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reaction to the Telegraph article in the blogospere.

Over at, one "peiper" posts the Telegraph story with these comments:

Here’s how one story on America is being reported here on this first day of the new year, 2010.

I suppose it could be true and would not surprise me if it is. My hope of course is that they won’t be too much more extreme then I am in which case we (USA) would be in serious doo-doo.

Hell lets face it, while many of us believe and I do, that extremism in defence of my country is a virtue, too much of it can also wreck a country. Look what the left has done to us so far, as an example.

America’s armed militia on the rise

Extremist “patriot” groups and other armed militias have undergone a dramatic resurgence in America, their numbers more than doubling in the past year amid growing Right-wing fears over expanding federal power and gun control (MBV: Bulk of story redacted.). . . Richard Poplawski, a Pittsburgh man who shot dead three police officers in April, complained to friends that the government was infringing gun rights.


Great excuse to shoot cops huh? That guy isn’t an kind of patriot. He’s just a rotten cold blooded killer. Wasting policemen does not advance any patriot cause.
It’s guys like that who should have their gun rights infringed. Trouble is, one never knows ahead of time. Not till it’s too late.

To which I left this comment:


There was much that did not make it into the article, whether by writer-bias, editor-bias, laziness or space considerations -- and I have experienced all of these in the past 15 years or so. I did the interview as a sop to the Telegraph for whom I have fond memories of that paper's Washington correspondent in the Clintonista period, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, who did a piece on the militia poster campaign to embarrass the FBI into finally arresting a member of the Aryan Republican Army bank robbery gang, Michael Brescia. He also made mention of our efforts to assist Glenn and Kathy Wilburn's private investigation of the OKC bombing in his book, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton. (AEP hated that title, which was chosen by the publisher. He preferred "Blackwater.")

Insofar as the quotes are concerned, they are accurate but stripped of context. Also, you cannot expect a 21st Century "mainstream journalist" to do a story on militias without reference to the conflation experts at the Southern Preposterous Lie Center. The Poplawski sentence thrown in at the end is a perfect example of this. Poplawski is a neoNazi terrorist, and whether or not he made reference to gun control laws is immaterial. He is not a constitutional militiaman any more than McVeigh, Richard Guthrie or Michael Brescia, all members of the Aryan Republican Army, were.

I suggest that folks whose knowledge is a bit scarce on the subject of militias consult To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant's Face: Libertarian Political Violence and the Origins of the Militia Movement by Professor Robert Churchill,University of Hartford (Connecticut), University of Michigan Press, 2009. As a careful historian, he very painstakingly differentiates between the constitutional militia movement (which the vast majority of folks belonged to then and belong to now) and folks he calls "the Millenarians" and the racists (who, thanks to the SPLC and the ADL, got most of the publicity). Richard Butler, then head of the Aryan Nations (now burning brightly in Hell), told journalist Jonathan Karl (Keep and Bear Arms, paperback, 1996) that constitutionalists like me were "White on the outside, black on the inside, with a Jewiswh brain." Churchill also correctly reports the cold war that some constitutional militias waged, not only with the Clintonistas, but with their neoNazi and "Christian" Identity familiars. (Also see Churchill regarding "Operation White Rose," page 206; also do a search on "The Alabama Declaration.")

The premise of the article, that militias are growing is absolutely true. What is different this time is that most organizations are small, quiet and could be best characterized as neighborhood defense units made up of friends, relatives and neighbors they can trust. They have learned the prime lesson of the 90s, which is thanks to the "Brown Scare" worked up by the SPLC and ADL with their "Narrative of 1995" (Again, see Churchill), not to have large, public units, hold press conferences and open yourself up to prime opportunities for federal "agents provocateur."

Those who deny that this is taking place are not paying attention.

Insofar as my warning about the bloody consequences of another Waco (and remember, folks, the leading lights of this regime are mostly old Clintonistas who, if they were not decision makers on the ATF raid decision and subsequent FBI barbeque, certainly were involved in the coverup -- see Eric Holder's persecution of Texas federal prosecutor Johnson), I refer you to my two open letters of the past year to Holder himself on the topic, "No More Free Wacos."

They had their first Waco without consequences to themselves. There will not be another. (Do a search on my name and "One Hundred Heads.")

Anyone is welcome to come to the Three Percenter website,, if they wish to know more.

Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters.
PO Box 926
Pinson, AL 35126


Anonymous said...

"Extremist 'patriot' groups and other armed militias have undergone a dramatic resurgence in America, their numbers more than doubling in the past year amid growing Right-wing fears over expanding federal power and gun control (MBV: Bulk of story redacted.). . . Richard Poplawski, a Pittsburgh man who shot dead three police officers in April, complained to friends that the government was infringing gun rights."



Police deaths drop to lowest levels in 50 years

"The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, a police advocacy group headquartered in Washington, D.C., said that 124 police officers were killed in the line of duty in the U.S. this year, compared to 133 in 2008. The number is the lowest since 108 officers died in the line of duty in 1959, according to the group."


"November is the only month so far in 2009 that hasn’t broken all previous [gun] sales records; expect holiday sales in December to put the firearms industry over the top once again."

So if the militia is buying these guns in record numbers, it is not with the intention of initiating violence.

Don't forget, EBRs (evil black rifles) were back ordered everywhere for a while, so I suspect a lot of the guns sold in 2009 were military-type semiautomatics.

There is no causal connection between an ascendant militia and dead cops.


Anonymous said...

This is why I keep reading your writing, Mr Vanderboegh.

I only wish that 20% of the blogosphere and print media would take the time to do their research, cite it, and provide well-written and reasoned output like this.

Thank you for all that you do.

Flavet said...

I wasn't able to find a way to write to the reporter regarding the Telegraph article or an address to write ti=o the publication. The immediate evidence of bias (the softest possible term) is the writer's unquestioning acceptance of SCLC's characterization of opposition groups in the United States. They are universally evil, hence those opposed to them are good. The winds they are a'blowin' and things will chagge.

Ahab said...

As one of the "Merry Band," I'm in no hurry to commence hostilities; however, in the case of the SPLC, I might make an exception. What truly slays me about this left-most of the lefties organizations is their total incomprehension of the difference between patriots and looney-tunes, or is it they think we're one and the same. I guess if your thinking is so weighted in Marxist theory it must be impossible to conceive of anything else. That's who the SPLC is peopled by, Marxists. Very sad group, and very dangerous. They have the ear of the feds.

Anonymous said...

Important to recognize that Pieper's post was anti SPLC and in favor of Threepers and other Constitutional types. His description of the Pittsburgh shiat-bird (the name of which type should never be spoken again) was also accurate.

Don't see enemies where in realities are friends...


jdpeiper said...

Thanks for the link and comment at BMEWS.

As an American living here in the UK (temp. I hope)I see and read so much PC Bull about the USA and our "unreasonable" love of guns, not to mention the EU's questioning of the death penalty in many American states, as tho it's their business, and if they could they would make it so, that often I really do wonder what the future will hold for my country.
I have witnessed the gradual loss of some sovereignty here, to Brussels. I am not a conspiracy type person but I must tell ya based on things here, the left at home I think would go the same way.
That is, cozy up to and appease the EU. Hell, I think they'd try to join it if they could.
jd peiper