Monday, January 25, 2010

A new Irregular checks in, comments on the Intel posts and gives us a gunshow report.

This just in from an old Oath Keeper and new Irregular. (WARNING: The LTC seems to have an exaggerated sense of my abilities. I do not share his opinions regarding my military prowess. I am, first and foremost, just a scribbler. Still, the compliment was nice, even if undeserved.)


He writes, in part:

Just finished reading your intel posts. Now I am retired military (05/LtCol, Army then AF) and our military would be much better off if it had full generals, people like you. You have the advanced degree of life, brilliance and common sense; not to mention excellent tactical skills. (YOU are not an official 5 star) I hope this happens when "official need arises for militias." The satanic brain trust currently running the DoD uses a selection process of traits and education which is upside down. Consistent with the upside down world we live in now; good is called evil and evil good.

Your note about screening those both in the unit and those who wish to join, is critical. IMHO, everybody should be screened and every unit has an intel guy who monitors things. Now I'm not suggesting they need to take the Stalin approach, but prudence dictates watching against any Judas/traitor in the group. Disposition I will not comment on except to say that sometimes it's best to leave them once ID'ed and use them for disinformation. That is an entire topic.

OPSEC cannot be stressed enough and little is spoke of on this topic. . .

Lastly some observations from a gun show I attended today. My daughter called and asked me to go, much to my surprise. Now normally I go to support these things among other reasons. But recently the nazi'sin Albany NY where it is held, decided to post state police in the parking garage and request ID from everybody who parks for the show. It's wrong and pisses me off so I generally don't go. With my oldest daughter (17) asking me to go (she wanted to and not just for me), I went and simply found close parking on the street which was just as close as the garage. Anyway we arrived around 1130 and stayed till 2 or so, with it closing at 3 today (Sunday). The observations worth noting were several as follows:

-many people there, the place filled even though Sunday afternoon and it ending soon.

- great availability and people were buying

-prices were OK to good on things.

-most notable was the presence of Oath Keeper table, a freedom group associated with Tea party whose flag is like the 3pers, except they had only II or 2 bars in the center. I did ask him if he was aware of Threepers, which he was not. Unless you object, I got his e-mail and will show him.

Also was a table for the Appleseed project and I think one other table of like minded.

- Equally interesting I guess was the Albany PD table (single table unlike the above mentioned with 2,3,or 4 tables for their place) handing out free gun locks.....

Now the tables except the gun lock were busy with people and had great info with several people manning them. Good guys. I asked the gun lock guy who never had anybody the entire time I was there . . . He had several boxes of those stupid, cheap things there and never saw a one taken.

Having attended most years now for over a decade, I was shocked at the number of people... many, many... it was really nice to see.

In closing, I'm sorry to have written so much and to take the time. I am a physician (USAF Flight Surgeon) who still maintains my license and DEA, if I can help you or answer questions or give opinions, feel free to ask. . . .

Thank you, may God Bless and Protect you...

NO retreat, NO surrender.



jon said...

handing out free gunlocks? those little cable ones, worth about eight bucks?

just start picking them up one by one. how many gunlocks is too many for one person? "well, i have a lot of guns, officer." pick up one more gunlock. "i mean, a lot." pick up one more gunlock. "i'm just saying, nobody else seems to want any."

i get the same impression from the state cops in MA: nazi. they even dress like them. you ever wonder why town cops seem like such good folk, in general, and the staties are at best useless and at worst a PITA?

well i figure anybody who would willingly pay for them, deserves them. some poor young fella who wants to be a "good citizen" doesn't deserve to get shot up in his own home because he trusted them. i mean, they're free. so why wouldn't he do that?

now: am i talking about the gun locks, or am i talking about government police?

it's your tax dollars, either way. someone else has decided for you what "safety" and "security" mean, either way.

what's the difference?

Anonymous said...

Remember not every product has to be used for the advertised purpose. Since they are free they can also be considered disposable. Think outside the box and pick up a few of those free locks to keep on hand. You never know when they could be useful.

These locks prevent (or slow down) access to firearms but they can also be used to prevent access in other ways. Slap one of those on a motorcycle wheel, lock a pair of door handles together, add a second lock to a gate, etc. Don't presume I am talking about your own property here.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the the Nazis used the Massachusetts State Police uniform as the model for the Nazi uniforms. The claim (not mine) is that Massachusetts had them first.

Anonymous said...

I use a cheap Cable style gun lock to keep a .50 cal ammo can locked.

loop it thru the handle then the Latch.

Skip said...

Are they as strong as flexicuffs?
Hey, free is free.

Anonymous said...

"Don't presume I am talking about your own property here."

LOL!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Man, that gives me all kinds of ideas. :>

Happy D said...

Welcome aboard.

I love free gun locks.
Just think of all the Gov property that can be locked up with them at a critical moment.
ATF lowlife cant get into the office to report to the Furer.
Don't forget to superglue the key hole.