Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brown won. Big deal. What has changed?

Twoper or Threeper? I can't tell from the fuzzy image. Flags waving at Brown victory celebration last night.

With all the admitted "tectonic shift" and "stunning upset" aspects of the Massachusetts Senate election outcome, I have this morning a sense of "so what?"

More than anyone, I hope to get out of the present crisis without conflict. Yet for all of the popular uprising of the Tea Parties and the widespread political rejection of Obama socialism and Federal power, we must ask, "what has changed?"

It is said that given the evident political price, Obama, like Clinton before him, will tack to the center.

Matthew Continetti, writing in the Weekly Standard says this of THAT presumption:

Obama does not want to be Clinton. He wants to be FDR. He wants to undo the "government doesn't work" mentality that has more or less dominated American politics since Reagan's election in 1980. He wants to build "a new foundation" for the United States that is more like the social democracies you find in Western Europe. He has said that he would rather be a one-term president of consequence than a two-term president who does little. And, unlike Clinton, he experiences constant pressure from a rabid left-wing on the Internet and cable news that brooks no compromise with the forces of "nihilism." What makes us think he'll move to the center, again?

This tracks with what David Axelrod and other White House aides were quoted as saying last night. Once again they are going to double down, even if the result (in conventional thinking and according to the old rules) is abject failure.

So, there is that. The Obama "Hope and Change" Long March proceeds, even if the folks following behind are disappearing into the weeds. Yet Obama will be president for three more years. That is a loooong time. Much more damage can be done by these collectivist mokes in the mean time.

Secondly, we must ask ourselves if the "rejuvenated" Republicans have spent enough time wandering in the wilderness of non-power to have learned their lesson. As Pat Buchanan has observed the two parties have been "two wings of the same bird of prey." Will the Tea Parties be gulled by mere words and posturing by the anti-republican "Republicans" who still run the party? Victories like Brown's are intoxicating. But whose "victories" are they, really?

We've been here before in 1994. What did gun owners get besides empty promises then? Does Brown's victory do anything to reign in the forward inertia of bureaucratic tyranny evident in the Austin gunshow outrage?

And over all of the many tiny tyrannies current and future that the Obamanoids are wreaking and will wreak, looms the spectre of economic collapse and social catastrophe.

Brown won. Big deal.

The dead elephant party beat the donkey party. So what? What has changed for the future of the Founders' Republic?

Ignore the hype and keep preparing.



B said...

"Brown won. Big Deal."

Here is the big deal -- we have all professed that 'it is not too late'. Heaven knows that I don't want this to drag into my sons' futures. None of us want that. What the outcome in Massachusetts represents is the best chance, maybe even the last best chance, for that to be true -- the electorate has spoken and leviathan has a chance to self-correct. If not, we tried and that was an important step. This is akin to the Olive branch sent to King George. Here is the opportunity for this to all come together peacefully. Or not; but at least we will have our answer and we the people sent our 'warning'.


Anonymous said...

Will the Tea Parties be gulled by mere words and posturing by the anti-republican "Republicans" who still run the party? Victories like Brown's are intoxicating. But whose "victories" are they, really?--MVB

The Tea Party is a grass roots movement dedicated to taking over the Republican party at the precinct level. If they are successful, conservatives will "run" the party.

However, the outcome of this effort is in no way certain.

Conclusion: "Ignore the hype and keep preparing."


Anonymous said...

Either way it is a telling thing to see someone win that did not have the endorsement of the gran pumba Obamination.

Brian K Miller said...

"Ignore the hype and keep preparing".

Excellent advice.

However, Scott Brown's victory represents the end of a dynastic reign that harkens back to the Roosevelts, esp. FDR.

An American president by himself can accomplish little, unless he declares martial law, disbands Congress, and suspends the Constitution. This victory respresents a shift in perspectives and priorties of the American voters, the people who are supposed to be in charge. If this marks the beginning of a trend that continues through the November elections, then Obama can scream and holler all he likes. He cannot push forward with his agenda without Congress.

Unless he declares martial law, in which case preparedness and vigilance will determine survival.

It's okay to celebrate with your guns close at hand. In times like these, there is no other way to celebrate anyway.

That's my take on it. Naturally your mileage may vary.

Michael Gilson said...

Not meaning to insult Senator Brown, but while about as conservative as you can get and still win a statewide election in Massachusetts that still leaves him left of center. And even if he was Samuel Adams reborn, his election merely gives the Republicans the chance to filibuster. Any bets on the leadership actually having the guts to filibuster? Or all 41 Republican senators resisting attempts to bribe them out of maintaining a filibuster?

triptyx said...

Far as I could tell on my tv last night, they were twoper flags.

Sean said...

Nail on the head, boss. III.

cj428 said...

In order to vote are way out of this mess there needs to be A thrid party with enough presence in Congress, and the Senate To force the other parties to make consesions. Then that might be enough.

Anonymous said...

“Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank, a strong supporter of the health care legislation, said Brown’s victory means Congress will have to “start over on health care.” He said he will vote against any bill rushed to the floor before Brown can be sworn in.”

Also Senator Webb and another whose name escapes me.

W W Woodward said...

As long as the republicrats are running things it's gonna be business as usual. Those two parties have engineered the problems and promise every election to straighten out the government. They never acknowledge that they originated the problems.

The mess we're in will NOT be altered in any way because the politicians profit from the status quo.


Yenta of Sipsey Street. said...

You're right. Continue to prepare.

Maybe we can consider this as backing up OUR "Doomsday Clock" about 13 minutes.

Better than the alternate outcome.

Anonymous said...

"Brown won. Big Deal."

I have to agree with others who have posted, in that it is warning shot across the bow. If the collectivist scum can lose in MA, they can, and will lose anywhere.
I'd also agree that Brown is not a conservative on a few important social issues.
But as bad as this sounds, what we need Brown for now is chance at stopping the takeover of the 1/6th of the economy. (And it's already given a few Reps. and Senators pause (see Frank and Webb, for example).) My personal opinion is that, depending on the challenger(s), Brown won't keep his seat in 2012. In the grand scheme of things, he's there just hold us over until we can reduce the collectivist stronghold further in November.
Can we slay this leviathan in the long term and turn back the clock to when this was a free country? Personally, I don't think it's likely, as although this may give the D's pause, I don't think the R's have learned the lesson that they have been incompetent and only slightly less treasonous to the cause of liberty.
There are some (not implying any of them are here) that think we shouldn't bother participating in the electoral process as it's too far gone to be recoverable.
My response is one I gave to my sister not long ago when she expressed concern at my increased activism and concern about political matters. Frankly, I was pretty stunned that someone was trying to convince me to become less involved in the battle for freedom.
She was concerned about me not being "happy," as if that is the ultimate, at-any-cost goal. "Happiness" is a possible effect of liberty. Liberty is the goal. And who ever said I wasn't happy, anyhow? It can actually be fun watching the collectivist scum self destruct.
But the essence of my response was that if it does come to a shooting war -- and I believe it will, though I will do my part in making sure the first shots don't come from our side -- then I want to, in my own mind, to have the moral authority to pull that trigger. If I have bowed out of the political process, however corrupt I think it is, then I give up that moral authority, in my own mind. In other words, I participate more now because I must.

But the common conclusion here is correct: "Ignore the hype and keep preparing."

Anonymous said...

Mike, I agree with you 100 percent-nothing has really changed. Let's not forget that the sorry state this country is in didn't happen over night, and lots of our "progression" to a Socialist welfare state happened when the Republican wing of the Establishment party was in the majority. A former Governor of Alabama said there was about a dime's worth of difference in the two parties, and I think inflation has influenced that dime since his day, making it be a nickle's worth or less now.



PalmettoDrew said...

Like many of you, I watched the news this morning with an overwhelming sense of "meh." In the long run the election of Brown will be seen as little more than a speed bump in the long, winding road to America's decline.

Anonymous said...

Watch the Illinois senate primary. If the tea party is successful someone like Don Lowery will win. If it is Republicrat business as usual Mark Kirk (voted for cap and trade and endorsed by the political establishment) will win. This election will be more telling of a real change than Mass.

III said...

Let us continue the compelling force of Patriots on the march, never letting up, never stopping until the beast trying to devour our nation is destroyed. Let these Marxist bastards understand that we will pursue them until either they or their agenda is no more.

Let them heed the words of Kyle Reese in "The Terminator":

"Listen, and understand. That Terminator is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead."

Anonymous said...

I believe what gov. Wallace said was, "There may be a nickle's worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, but there isn't a dime's worth."

Anonymous said...

Chill out for a minute man! Enjoy the sweet taste of the Left getting its assed kicked in the bluest of blue states.

Anonymous said...

When the D's had majority in both houses of Congress (including a filibuster proof 60 in the Senate) and sit in the White House we have to take the good news wherever we can get it.

What can Brown do for you?

He may turn out to be nothing more than the point where the brakes were first applied. But that has to start somewhere. And of all places, it started in Massachusetts. For Ted Kennedy's former seat. I will choose to take some encouragement and heed Malthus; Ignore the hype and keep preparing.


Anonymous said...

I totally and respectfully disagree.

Saying that Brown's election didn't change anything is similar (Not exactly like, but similar) to saying that Lincoln's election in 1860 didn't mean or change anything.

Obama's filibuster-proof majority is broken, only one year into his reign.

Now, the leftists may decide to go ahead and ram their evil program through, but they can no longer legitimately claim to have a public mandate to do so.

The people have spoken in the bluest of liberal blue states.

And the people are saying, "Your leftist agenda sucks."

If the leftists continue with their agenda as is, it is nothing but naked aggression against the electorate, despite the electorate having plainly said, "Stop it."

Brown's election makes it impossible, totally and purely impossible for the Obamunists to claim a public mandate to do what they are doing.


Any hard-left thing they do now, they do in full contradiction to and against the will of the American people.

This "doesn't make any difference" line makes no sense at all.

Pat H said...

The only thing the election of Scott Brown has done for America is take the seat once "owned" by one of the Special K's, the worst Special K of them all.

Oh, yes, and brought his daughter to the attention of music lovers, she's a star basketball player too.

Scott Brown is a neocon in the mould of Joe Lieberman, which makes him worthless for freedom and self defense rights advocacy.

Bottom line? His election is virtually meaningless.

Anonymous said...

Barry's filibusterproof majority may be broken, so what??? It's just one false flag, "unprecedented" event from not mattering.

And also, so what that this guy has an "r" next to his name. He got elected in a liberal area. Watch for him to vote like he has a "d" next to his name.

This system is broken, I have no faith in it. Just waiting for the war to kick off.

Farm.Dad said...

It is a " Big Deal " that he won , it is not the " answer " He is a Statist from what i have seen on firearms , but he is a lessor Statist than she was . Like mentioned i worry about the " revenge " legislation/rule making . Folks not to be blunt , but .... Do you know where to get clean water if it quits coming out of the tap ? This could become an issue in the next few years .

Anonymous said...

While I will absolutely agree that nothing has "changed", the very positive result of this outcome is that it provides hope for many who have started to lose it.

Without hope, we get despair, depression and suicide. I have witnessed it in my own family in the last couple of months. For some, perhaps many, this bit of positive enforcement can make the difference between another day or eternal night.


Steve said...

What's a "twoper"?

Anonymous said...

Settling for the lesser of two evils and not standing our ground and saying no is what has gotten us here. Once we say "yeah it's not a constitutional republic, but it is close..." or " I can surive" we loose.

This "hope" is just a shot in the arm to make us feel like we are getting somewhere. Like this one guy is the answer and it's time to pack up and go home cause he has it all wrapped up. Umm... If it's not this RINO, pelosi and company will find another.

Hope is not what we need. We need results. And until I see them, I'm not getting overly excited about anything.

And yes I know all about how to get water if it stops flowing. Let the SHTF already.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard - before the win - Reid was still talking "reconciliation".

For those who may not know, this translates to "using an obscure procedural maneuver to pass bills without needing more than a 51-49 majority."

Or - in plain language - "Tyranny."

If they do that, it's my personal "line in the sand."

How quickly we forget...

The Demmunist minority obstructed everything Dubya ever tried to do. They wouldn't even let him seat garden-variety Judges at a time when the backlogs were resulting in dismissal of cases because it was impossible to provide trials.


Further, when Retardlicans threatened to end their filibuster by using *THEIR* 60-vote majority, The Enemy called it "the nuclear option" and - literally - called it "tyranny."

Repeat: When R's threatened to use their majority to end the filibuster for purpose of seating garden-variety judges so the Fed .gov could uphold its Constitutional duties, the D's called it "Tyranny."

But as soon as the shoe was on the other foot, they didn't hesitate to use THEIR majority to jam through the biggest power grab in history over the objections of a clear majority of their constituents.

No better example of why Ds are "The Evil Party" -- or "The Enemy."

R's are "The Stupid Party." They're like your half-wit cousin who generally means well but doesn't have sense enough to do the RIGHT thing.

Forced to choose, I'll take Stupid over Evil every time, but I'm DAMN TIRED of voting against candidates instead of FOR them.

Ever vigilant, locked and loaded...

Anonymous said...

Did you notice, right up front during the acceptance speech, the following hoopla, and the daughter's singing up on stage, that there were at least four III flags? Right up front, waving high.

Anonymous said...

[T]he very positive result of this outcome is that it provides hope for many who have started to lose it.--Renegade

Like faith or love, if you have real hope, you can never lose it. Having said that, even those who possess genuine hope can still get discouraged at the wickedness of the wicked.

Never surrender hope. If you can believe God's promises, the bad guys are destined to lose.


Anonymous said...

A little thing to hang hope on, but I used this as a gadfly when I wrote to Boxer and Feinstein (ptooey!) this morning.
I suggested that opening investigations into ATFU wrong doings may be a way for the Democratic party to reverse the losses of the Brown election and set them on the path of protecting the American people against despotism.

Anonymous said...

Politicians are to be "used", and that's it. Essentially, they're paid sphincter tasters. If he can be used to stop the health care bill, so be it. Then toss him aside. Anything that breaks up that status quo power structure in liberal states is useful.

As Tsun Zhu would say,"make your enemies do useless things." Let the power structure fight itself rather than fight us. Let them fight each other so they accomplish nothing.

Larry said...

"Ignore the hype and keep preparing."

Exactly. The fundamentals have not changed, either politically or economically. The country is bankrupt and the war in the streets will follow quickly behind the loss of government benefits or massive inflation, which ever comes first.

Has the Federal police force repented of their crimes? Has anyone in the Federal Government?

Keep training. Provide for yourselves and your future. The crash is still coming, and there is nothing at this point that can stop it.


Anonymous said...

This is just a delaying action on one or two issues. Voting alone will not restore the rule of Constitutional Law.

Concerned American said...

Re "twoper", see here:

II Meets III in DC

Anonymous said...

The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson — and I am not wholly excepting the Administration of W. W. The country is going through a repetition of Jackson's fight with the Bank of the United States — only on a far bigger and broader basis.

- Letter to Col. Edward Mandell House (21 November 1933); as quoted in F.D.R.: His Personal Letters, 1928-1945, edited by Elliott Roosevelt (New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1950), pg. 373.


Scott J said...

Mike, I left some similar "turd in the punch bowl" comments on a celebratory post on another blog last night.

My main concern is that the Obamanoids will be true to their patron saint Alinsky and double down.

Anonymous said...

Another choice tidbit via Wikipedia:

I don't mind telling you in confidence that I am keeping in fairly close touch with that admirable Italian gentleman.

- Comment on Benito Mussolini in 1933, as quoted in Three New Deals : Reflections on Roosevelt's America, Mussolini's Italy, and Hitler's Germany, 1933-1939 (2006) by Wolfgang Schivelbusch, p. 31

It's good to know Mussolini-style corporato-statist fascism has been in vogue since the beginning.


Anonymous said...

Harry Reid is now singing a new tune. I am so enjoying this. Thank you, Scott Brown.

Anonymous said...

"The Tea Party is a grass roots movement dedicated to taking over the Republican party at the precinct level. If they are successful, conservatives will "run" the party.

A third party will FAIL. There is NO WAY it can work, much as I'd like to see it. What has to work is a take over of the Repub party from within, and below. Primaries are the battle ground.

Gotta start somewhere.

Never give up.

Anonymous said...

And now even obama. LOL Don't say they aren't nervous. This red victory over the bluest state in the union has slapped the arrogance right off their evil little faces.

SamenoKami said...

Damn guys, what's the deal? The way you talk on this thread, I wouldn't have wanted any of you on a ship with me in a "Midway" style battle. You take the victories you get and build on them. On the path from commie-lib progressive Dem to constitutionalist you will possibly elect a Rino. I don't think it is possible to go straight to constitutionalist from commie-lib. A third party will lose big time and give the win to the commies. Let's re-take the Reps. from within. Maybe this will be an eye-opener for the RNC and they will come to understand that we don't want a Rino or worse just because they have an "R" beside their name on the ballot.

Concerned American said...


Please help your folks understand and make the distinction between "hope" and "false hope".

Confusing the latter with the former will make the subsequent crash even more painful.

Brown praised John McCain in his acceptance speech last night.

Doesn't that tell you what you need to know?

Moe Death said...

I seem to recall not too long ago when a woman who was supposedly very pro-gun won an election, and within two months, she'd already adopted a very anti-gun stance. Can't remember the name now, but the old saying always rings true: Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Think I'll wait a while before celebrating any politician's victory.

jon said...

it's just a "send a message" victory.

the "it's not too late" crowd are going to have to push even harder for liberty, and whether the representatives end up being democrats or republicans won't make any difference.

what makes a difference is having representatives that mind their own damn business.

Anonymous said...

Well,this just further proves my point that both the Dems and the Reps are opposite sides of a counterfeit coin..This "cat" Brown is just another Pro Choice liberal in Republican clothing.Just wait till he votes for Amnesty and then see how important and triumphant last nite turned out not to be..

hd78chopper said...

hey,B,very well said!!!!!!!!,hey where can i get the flag?

idahohunter said...

We have three boxes from which to make our feelings known to those in office, we have used the first two quite effectively. The ball is now in their court, will they listen? I believe some are begining to hear the sound of thunder. If they persist the others will hear a different sound. We have one more chance to use the ballot box. But my hand is firmly on the third box. Who says he has 3 more years?

DJMooreTX said...

It's a mistake to look at this election in terms of the policy change that Brown will bring to the Senate, for all the reasons given in the original post and the comments. In brief, the slide into socialism will only stutter a moment, then resume its acceleration.

What's important is what it says about the voters -- they've been pushed just about as far as they're willing to go.

I give not a bleeding diseased rat's ass for the politicians involved, but the people are beginning to wake up, and that's an absolutely necessary step. Whether we falter or not remains to be seen, but we've taken that first step.

B said "This is akin to the Olive branch sent to King George. Here is the opportunity for this to all come together peacefully. Or not; but at least we will have our answer and we the people sent our 'warning'."

B gets it.

You Three Percenters only keep the fire alive when it's banked, and bless you for that, from the bottom of my heart. But you cannot do this alone. The vote for Brown shows that the flames are beginning to catch among the people again.

AgPilot60 said...

Tuesday some Fox commentators were suggesting that a Brown win would be the best thing that could happen to the DhimmoKrats. Meaning it would slow them down, make them re-think a little, & therefore relieve much of the voter anger. I thought that was a possibility as voter memory is very short. We need all the voter anger possible for 2010.
I am older than MV, about the same health, & just as cranky. I don't have much to be pragmatic about anymore so participating in a II revolution would hold little fear. For the sake of my decendants I hope this doesn't come to the bullet box. In the same breath, for the sake of my decendants, the sooner we can stop this Marxist madness by what ever means, so much the better.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to enjoy the hype and keep preparing".
Nice flags!

Anonymous said...

Idaho: It's actually four boxes.


Otherwise, right on!


Happy D said...

It looks to me like a Threeper flag and two Twoper flags. Just a guess from some experience with blurred photos.

Now the Kenyan in Chief is more dangerous than ever. This is the scary part that may end at the midterms. Or just get scarier at the mid terms.
We need to double down on our preparations and capabilities.
Hope for the best but prepare for worse than you can imagine.

Now remember that these Socialist, Liberal, Progressive, Communitarian, whatever they call themselves this week clowns. Are adherents to the beliefs that have murdered more innocent bystanders than any other cause in history!
Watch Olberman some time and the disturbing thing is that he is sane but still believes what he says.

That is what makes Fanatics so dangerous.

They will kill, maim, or destroy anyone even their own to get to their promised land/utopia. No matter that it cannot exist in this or any other world.

Stand warned, Happy D III.

Anonymous said...

Are the threeper flags still available??

straightarrow said...

Let's liken this to WWII. Every historian I have ever read says the turning point of the war in the Pacific was the Battle of Midway. And every historian I have ever read on the subject was wrong.

Midway was the first decisive defeat of the Japanese in the Pacific War, but the turning point, to point at which they had advanced as far as they would go and would henceforth be contracting their lines of military power was the Battle of the Coral Sea. Though, that battle was a tactical draw, it was the farthest reach the Japanese ever attained, and to never again be revisited.

Scott Brown is our Battle of the Coral Sea. The turning point, the tactical draw which portends our ascendancy and our opponents descendancy, if, of course we maintain the pressure and follow it with many Midways.

He is not victory, he is the turning point, should we not become complacent.

cmblake6 said...

And I've said it elsewhere, though not in these exact terms, we may but take joy in this as that "warning shot". We may not sleep, but we may take a breath and rest with one eye open. Is my kit ready? Yes. Do I want to use it? Not if I can help it. I want this not-screaming-communist, elected in MASSACHUSETTS for the love of God, and the stutters and hesitation that I've heard all over the LSM, to be an indicator to the left that America is sick of their tripe and is finally pushing back. Stay ready, pray for peace, but be obvious that if it comes to war we're ready. MAD worked in the cold war. The left needs to be continually reminded that this meant something. And they'd better frelling listen.

hd78chopper said...

how shall we prepare,and who will lead the way?

aughtsix said...

From over at A.I.R, my comments and replies to another there:

LC Jon Imperial Hunter says:
January 21, 2010 at 12:22 am

LC Thresher said the following:

"On a sour note, the guys at Sipsey Street are being a bunch of whiney bitches because apparently Brown is just RINO anti-gun scum. You’d think they actually want a revolution and are just bored with this whole electoral process thing.

I guess they could only vote in good conscience for the love child of Jesus and John Moses Browning. Everyone else isn’t pro-Constitution enough."

(I reply)

A more careful reading of the comments (indeed the general tenor of the whole of Mike’s philosophy) at the thread you’re bitchin’ ’bout, and which I linked above, will reveal a rather more wide variety of opinion than you suggest.

But yeah… anyone still think the Mass Miracle will preclude fisticuffs? Fawh!

I will continue to breath while waiting to see.

Calling “the guys at Sipsey Street” a “bunch of whiney bitches” betrays a lack both of the understanding of who we are and of a sense of self preservation.

And this:” the love child of Jesus and John Moses Browning.” is blasphemous (and not all that clever) in at least three ways.

I am in no way diminishing last nights victory. It was a victory, and I like Scott Brown. He can talk the talk. Give him the chance to walk in The Way. I wish him all the courage and stamina in the world. He will need the very Blessings of The Almighty to withstand the Powers arrayed against him.

But not for one moment do I relent, nor think that the Enemy will do more than craft another web of lies and deceit. His pattern is that of turning each defeat into whatever gain he can manage.

LC Thresher says:
January 21, 2010 at 1:32 am

@ LC Jon Imperial Hunter: Then Jon, please remind some of the anonymous commenters at Sipsey Street (I’m a fan of the fiction and the political analysis, and I’m a III Percenter myself) that we do not yet have to resort to the Fourth and Final Box to defend our liberty. After lurking there for the last three months, I sense a large amount of bloody-mindedness amongst the readers. Emulate John Adams a little more and Sam Adams a little less.

It ain’t 1776 just yet. It’s more in the 1760s. 1773 at the very most.

LC Jon Imperial Hunter says:
January 21, 2010 at 10:23 pm

@ LC Thresher:

I’m glad your observant at The Street and consider yourself a III per. You should know that most everyone there, and certainly this is emphasized over and over by Mike V, hopes to avoid bloodshed and wishes to exhaust all peaceful means before resorting to the final option. If nothing else, we will then have complete and transparent proof of the Enemy’s intentions and guilt (as if we don’t already), and the moral authority to take life in self defense.

The “bloody mindedness” you find there is the result of pragmatism and despair- that it is and has been too late for a long time; the expression of utter resolve, to steel oneself for the almost unimaginable; and of one other thing- the absolute, grim determination to “Secure for Ourselves and Our Posterity” the natural rights to life and Liberty. Or die trying.

Thresher:"You’d think they actually want a revolution and are just bored with this whole electoral process thing."

Don’t you want a revolution by some means or other? And it’s a question of whether or not the electoral process still has any validity, not boredom.


Dutchman6 said...


Time will tell who is right or wrong about the significance of Brown's election. I lack the time, the energy and the inclination to argue the point. In any case, keep prepping.


aughtsix said...

Mike, I marvel at the energy and time you have to give to the cause, not to mention your formidable writing and didactic skill.

As always, please accept my thanks and admiration for your efforts on behalf of the Founder's Vision of human dignity and Liberty.

Keep yer finger in their eye! I'm doing all that my years and circumstances allow. Which, considering my years, is quite a dang bit!

Confusion to our enemies!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Folks, I am from Wrentham,Massachusetts: home of Scott Brown. His wife was a good friend of my Moms before she passed away. Scott Brown is a decent,caring,family man. Is this enough to survive the cesspool of Washington politics? I don't know the answer to that. I do know that I left Massachusetts in 1972 and looking at the politics in that state from a distance, it could be fodder for a good sitcom or a tragedy,depending on how hard you are getting screwed or if you are doing the screwing. We are in the midst of a great endeavor, in this democratic republic we call the United States. Key word: United. Stick together,draw strength and wisdom from each other,do not comprimise your morals or principles and we will succeed.Knuck.