Monday, January 18, 2010

Two smoking guns: ATF Documents Link on the AR15/M16 policy at the time of the Olofson bust, and more NFRTR lies

Two smoking guns (the above illustration is by no means alleged to be ATF Agent Jody Keeku, although she certainly helped the process along).

Check these out:

Page 1 through 5 is the ATF policy on M16 parts in AR15s referenced in my open letter to ATF Agent Jody Keeku.

Page 6 through the end are ATF internal documents indicating that the NFRTR registry that the ATF ALWAYS testifies is 100% accurate is actually subject to change without notice.

The latter documents are Work Papers that were used as evidence in the Department of Justice Inspector General's "review" of the NFRTR, and to write that report.

The REALLY damning thing is that those Work Papers were subject of a Discovery motion in the Friesen case, and ATF didn't fork them over --- the AUSA said they weren't relevant. That would seem like some kind of a violation of the law. Nailing that down will mean tracking down a copy of the Discovery motion as well as the AUSA's denial, which should --- in theory --- be possible to do once Doug posts the documents for his trial.

In the meantime, the new documents only confirm what others have been contending for years. This time, the new documents literally are a smoking NFRTR gun. Says one ATF document expert:

Given the lengths ATF went to redact the "Firearms Work Note" document, and the documents ATF has now released that fill in the redacted blanks, it is difficult to avoid the impression that ATF has been involved in an obstruction of justice.


Anonymous said...

Alert...if this is confirmed...this is war.

BATF Notice Bans Private Gun Sales In Texas gun show!!!!

It has been reported to TSRA that the Austin Police Department in cooperation with at least one agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives is apparently trying to limit or eliminate gun shows in Austin.

Anonymous said...

Seems VERY odd that ATF would pick TX as the hill to pitch their tent upon - but then little they've ever done made any sense.

As to TFA, well... It's my understanding that Olafson's rifle was built by Olympic Arms - not on the list of the docs you posted. I'm not sure that's relevant - I think the Olafson case is sick enough as-is - I'm just saying...

It's also my understanding that Olafson asked for a specific letter that made the same statements about his rifle, The State refused, calling it "confidential tax information" of all things, which the judge allowed to stand.

Personally, I hope everyone involved has somebody who knows what they ate for breakfast...

Anonymous said...

PS: I also note in the "notice" from the prison-planet site that the doc says "asked..." Not that most folks wouldn't take that as "ordered", but....

aughtsix said...

I'm pretty sure that Jody Keeku (from what planet dos the name "keeku" emanate any way?)does NOT look like the comely cowgirl in the picture!

Levity aside, this stuff is getting pretty deep and interesting. Can't wait for the next installment in the scapegoating/comeupance/revenge of da Keeku.

The lack of personal integrity and sense of loyalty that all of these cockroaches personify will out them all sooner or later.

You're doing an inspiring job of salting the wounds and sowing the seeds of intrigue and paranoia. Never let up!

tom said...

Austin isn't exactly Texas even if that's where the seat of government it. Pretty hard left in Austin proper with rather militarized and agressive LEOs in APD.

Been about 15 years since the Austin paper stopped letting people advertise Evil Black Rifles in the classifieds under sporting goods. This only surprises me in that it didn't happen sooner.

cj428 said...

Yad think with all the class2 and class3 weapons in the hands of gangbangers they wouldn't have time for anything else. But gangbangers are running amuck doing drive-bys terrorizing innercity neighborhoods with little or no interference from the BATF.

Anonymous said...

I wish the bastards would concentrate on REAL crime. If they did that, we wouldn't have to do it for them.

Think of it - role reversal that promotes a transition to what's right! What a concept.