Monday, January 11, 2010

"How many shoes?"

Go to WRSA here. Read the links and Pete's comments. Then try to answer the questions Pete asks of you.



III more than them said...

Assuming these are the questions that need answering….

“Now what?
Food for thought and further research, wouldn't you say?”

The “now what” is this: Move ahead, expanding upon the relationships that got you to this point, and work to build a durable and skill-laden group, ever expanding, to fill the void of ideas and commitment left in the wake of the nasty business.

Reestablish order, hopefully on the principles of the Founders.

During that process, it must be rapidly and forcefully taught, told and re-told, that the liberties outlined in the original Document must be written in stone, reinforced with more stone, and protected clearly, voluminously and obviously with stones between the thighs – that all men are created equal, and have equal rights to (insert the list here). It must be established and taught, that men have the right to private property and the right to protect it and their lives without interference from the LIMITED government that they, themselves, empowered.

Such a corrected order must make it clear that the “public servants” serve at the will of the public, and not the other way around, that they must not ever read into the document anything that is not explicitly there.

The “further research” question? Sure, of course, and to include ways of making it impossible for future “leaders” to think of themselves as nothing more than servants.

Happy D said...

Need shoes? Make them!
And I remind you of the best advice I have read on this blog. "Screw the state we will fix it ourselves".

ladies shoes said...

annn... lot of shoes are here. its really very nice.