Saturday, January 9, 2010

"And now, for something completely different . . ."

Looking for a factoid for Absolved and found this. It was such a hoot, I had to share it.

From the Official North Korean News Agency . . .

anuary 8. 2010 Juch 99

Refurnished Restaurants in Changgwang Street

Pyongyang, January 8 (KCNA) -- The restaurants in Changgwang Street in the heart of Pyongyang have been refurnished splendidly to grade up with the Songun era.

They, standing in rows on both sides of the street, have been recoated with encaustic tiles, while keeping their original architectural style. Their front yards and sideways have also been paved with square colored blocks, adding beauty to the street.

The Sagyejol (four seasons) Restaurant has been facelifted in such a way as making customers enjoy dishes in different seasonal mood in each room. Also taking on a new look is the Unjong Teahouse serving various kinds of soft drinks including famous Kangryong green tea and black tea.

Wonderful is the central hall of the Porter House with a pipe connected directly with a black beer producer.

The walls and columns of other restaurants serving soft bean curd, entrails and tangogi food, noodle and pancakes have been wainscoted with tiles, metal and stone decorations and other quality coasting materials suitable to shapes of the buildings.

Kitchens are now equipped with modern cooking facilities to prepare various dishes as quickly as possible.

In the evening light devices controlled by computers emit colorful and bright light automatically and electric decorative lights installed in the exterior of the restaurants produce a harmonious light effect, providing a fascinating night view to the street.

The refreshed look of Changgwang Street lined up with restaurants, associated with deep concern of the Workers' Party of Korea for the development of national dishes for the people, is one of what Pyongyang is boasting.

"Whenevel Team Amelica visit Pyongyang, they arways eat entlails in Changgwang Stleet."


Old Pablo said...

The King's English, it must be.

kylben said...

Pablo, more like the Kim's Engrish.

It's fascinating to read these releases from the bowels of hell. A couple of months ago, they were boasting of having invented carbonated drinks. It was a breakthrough for Juche science.

Of course, these restaurants are going to be limited to serving the entrails of political prisoners with a side of tree bark now that Kim has cracked down on the smuggling of food from China.

He banned large suitcases as part of the plan. The TSA has asked Kim to share his insights.

rexxhead said...

I'm always charmed by my Socialist acquaintances who bark about how good everything will be when we're all under the socialist yoke.

I just point them at socialist paradises like NK and Cuba...

Fat Baldy Caver said...

Add another one to the list:

Luanda is some stinking trash heap of a slum, and the rest of the country is a mine field.

Sean said...

Can't understand why he's so "wonewy".