Sunday, January 17, 2010

Subject: An Open Letter to Jody Keeku on the Occasion of her Conduct Review Board.

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Subject: An Open Letter to Jody Keeku on the Occasion of her Conduct Review Board.

Dear Agent Keeku,

It is reported that you are to face a Conduct Review Board for bringing public disgrace to the BATFE in the press, to wit, the blogosphere, to wit, my blog, the Sipsey Street Irregulars.

This is understandable. After all, you did frame an innocent man -- David Olofson -- tore him away from his family, and ultimately lodged him in federal prison, where he rots today. You refused to accept the first judgment of the technicians that his rifle was merely a malfunctioning semi-auto and insisted that they retest it until they came up with a verdict more to your liking. This despite the language below from an ATF internal document that was not disclosed by your agency at the trial -- a clear violation of the Brady rule:

AR15 Receivers With M16 Parts

-- The following is a synopsis of the situation involving the manufacturer (sic, MBV) and distribution of AR15 type receivers with M16 parts installed, background information on this issue, description of the manufactures (sic, MBV) and ATF's handling of each to date, ATF's current position, retained for proposed action, and proposed response for resolving the issue. . . (Page One)

-- The purchasers and possessors of AR15-type semiautomatic rifles containing M16 parts will be afforded the opportunity (to) replace and divest themselves of any offending M16 parts in order to revert the firearm to a Title I firearm. . . (Page Three)

MBV NOTE: For entire document see pages 1 through 5 here.

Now, this is not only your fault. ATF Counsel James P. Vann among others bears at least as much responsibility for the conduct of the Olofson railroad job in court. And yet we see that it is you, not one of the senior legal mandarins, who now faces discipline. (I am copying this email to "Little Jimmy" for that reason.)

So what are we to conclude? If the ATF comes down on you for doing what street agents are normally patted on the head and promoted for -- that is, making your case and securing a conviction -- then are they admitting that the case was bogus? If you are guilty of bringing discredit on the agency, then are they admitting that David Olofson is an innocent man? How can we conclude otherwise, since the sum and substance of my complaints are entirely about the Olofson case? Thus, either they circle the wagons around you (as they have since the beginning up until now), or they must immediately admit their errors as well as yours and seek David Olofson's immediate release.

And if they follow the pattern that upper management has always followed -- to throw street agents under the bus when cases go south to protect their own royal asses -- then aren't they absolving you of your previous loyalty to keep silent about their own transgressions?

Thus, if you would like to chat about what you know of misconduct and legal malfeasance in the Olofson case, I urge you to find a US Attorney or a Congressman to rat the bastards out. They certainly have shown their disloyalty to you. And remember, as you well know, in a federal conspiracy, advantage always goes to the first conspirator to rat out the others.

Awaiting the next shoe to drop with great anticipation, I remain, your most interested observer,

Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters

A note to all Irregulars: Please feel free to send copies of this to every gun blogger and discussion board that you know. You might also ask your Congressman to look into this matter. -- MBV


Unknown said...

Thank you for bringing this story to light, I am posting a link to it @, I doubt it will garner much attention there because my site is very young, but I am happy to do what I can. Long live the Republic.

chinasyndrome said...

Another fine example of goverment keepin us safe.If theres not an issue create one,Lyin skeezers!!

Historic Arms LLC said...


Since we know the ATF at least visits your site from time to time;

So that operational employees [read that folks like Max Kingery] can't claim you are making this up, post the entire memo. Perhaps a light bulb will turn on and they will see they were used....

Turn on the lights and let them see what their employers willfully withheld from them as well as Olofson.

Len Savage

Anonymous said...

The only word for this is "travesty" the American people are allowing this to occur!

Anonymous said...

None of these rats will the Final Conduct Review Board.

Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

Jody Keefu, meet Cory Voorhis?

Mike, I will indeed forward this open letter to some bloggers I know. Chief among them will be Ross Kaminsky at the "Rossputin" blog, who is doing yeoman's work reporting on the Voorhis case here in Colorado. Could be some very interesting similarities between the two cases. Heads likely about to roll at ICE. Lovin' it.

While Ross' focus is Colorado politics, he may be interested in publishing this.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd like to THANK Herr Obsturmfuehrer Keeku for her efforts. That might sound odd, but I believe it's sound.

See, it was this case more than any other which stripped the wool from my eyes and made me see the truth of our situation. Yes, I know what happened at Waco, but... They were wackos. Yes, I know what happened at Ruby Ridge, but... Randy DID saw off a shotgun (even if entrapped) and he DID continue the "stand-off"...

I figured that so long as I followed all the rules and kept my nose clean, I really had nothing to fear from them.

Olafson showed otherwise.

Make no mistake: This man is in prison because he was a "squeaky wheel." His habit of hosting "build parties" - though perfectly legal - combined with other acts viewed as his thumbing his nose at those who imagine themselves our masters, was too much for them to ignore. They found an opportunity for revenge - for "making an example" of him - and seized it.

We all know it was a railroad job - hell, even Keeku knows that... The clear message to the rest of us is "smart off too much and you're next."

This is why I thank Herr Keeku et al for what they did to Olafson - they stripped me and many others of our naivete. They showed us exactly what we have to lose - everything - if we ever cross them.

They taught me some other things as well -- things which prudence dictates I not spell out here... Suffice to say they taught me exactly how much I have to lose by expecting "the system" to do its job and save me.

Though I'd give almost anything to free this good man, I hope he knows that his sacrifice is not in vain - that it opened the eyes of innumerable Patriots like me.

God Save Our Republic! - he'll deal with these evil people in his time...

chris horton said...

Anon 12:54.
It's good to hear the "wool" has finally been removed from your eyes.

However,Randy Weaver and David Koresh and the Davidians were NOT Wackos.They made a stand.They stood up for there Rights. All that died at those places were MURDERED. Period.

Welcome aboard. And may we all have the fortitude to do what needs done in any and all circumstances of Tyrany.


Uncle Lar said...

I remember Waco and I remember Ruby Ridge. We were told by a media that most of us still trusted that Koresh was a fanatic and child molester. Randy Weaver was just a survivalist nut and small time criminal. So we were told. And in our innocence we believed, at least for a while.
The good news is that the media and the authorities can no longer expect us to drink their kool-aide unquestioningly. That bridge has been destroyed in total by their excesses and demonstrable lies. They still try, but the public no longer buys their lame prevarications, frustrating them no end.

Anonymous said...

Chris, It's called "rhetorical flourish"...

;o )


straightarrow said...

Uncle Lar, I didn't believe them then. But, so far as I could tell, I was the only one. My ass was offered to be whipped several times during that siege when I pointed out all the fallacies of the "official" stories. Nobody actually climbed on once they found I wasn't reluctant to participate.

But no, it didn't wash with me then. Nothing on the news made sense when held up to the light. But, as I say, as far as I could tell I was the only one who believed that way.

We, as a people, just wanted these people punished or killed because of very flimsy accusations that subsequently proved to be false. We, as a people, accepted what we were told even though a modicum of intellectual scrutiny would have led us down another path.

Hopefully, we, as a people, are never that ignorant or naive again.
But it isn't the way to bet.