Monday, January 25, 2010

Sterling Nixon, please call CPT R.A. Bear.

He needs to ask you a few questions regarding your previous statement.

And the OODA just keeps going loop-de-loop.


Anonymous said...

Is that picture before or after his second mandated anger management classes?.....perhaps when he ran of stones to throw at signs on Needy Rd. during his mandated walks?....maybe it was when he was transferred forcibly from his FTB Chief position?

I wonder?

Pat H said...

Perhaps reading the following article(s) on James Bovard's blog would be in order. Written in 2007.

The BATFAE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Arson, & Explosives, pronounced Batt Fay) is a criminal enterprise and can be viewed in no other way.

Anonymous said...

Pat H: Good quote. It can be expanded however to: As the whole political system 'is a criminal enterprise', the government is therefore a Criminal State, 'and can be viewed in no other way'.


Defiant III said...

Using the USA PATRIOT Act legislation criteria, the BATFE is more than a criminal is a STATE SPONSORED DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.

Defiant III