Friday, January 8, 2010

BATFE swaps out division personnel with unforeseen and unintended consequences.


Well, it seems the most recent rumors are true. It has been whispered in the ATF national headquarters toilets (by those detailed to discourage vandalism) that the new acting director is so pissed off at certain department's recent screw-ups that he's going to swap out personnel from different departments in big chunks. Here we see the results of swapping the Chief Counsel's Office with the Firearms Testing Branch.

"So, what do I do now? Pull the trigger?"

Sadly, enforcement agents in the background told him to fire the weapon, which he did. The recoil dismounted the pistol from the table, which dismounted the lawyer's head from his body, with results too gruesome to depict on this family-friendly blog.

It is rumored that the street agents cheered.

"Faith and Begorrah! At least we don't have to worry what HE had for breakfast!"

ATF Testing photo courtesy of CPT R.A. Bear, consummate undercover operative and S-2 of the Dogtown Rangers, Alabama's roughest, toughest constitutional militia.


Happy D said...

Mike you stop trying to pull my leg. If that was a real Chief Counsel's Office low life he would have been operating it from the other end.

Flavet said...

That revolver reminds me. I have an old, OLD M1911--older then I if you can believe--that I've never fired. I even have ammo, some 1943 G.I. Remington UMC FMJs. Anyone want to go to the range with me? I'll even let you be the first to try it.

Dutchman6 said...


I sent a copy of this post to "Waco Jim" Cavanaugh, "Little Jimmy" Vann of the GCO and "Mad Max" Kingery of FTB, with this comment:

BTW, I also sent a link to CleanUpATF. I love those guys.

Mike Vanderboegh

PS: If you've got any good militia jokes, send 'em my way. ATF jokes, too, for that matter. I still have a little time to put 'em in my novel. I'll give you full credit of course.;-)