Monday, January 4, 2010

Gabriel Vanderboegh playing in Al Gore's global warming holocaust.

Gabriel practices his snow-tracking skills.


Just got these photos of my grandson Gabriel Vanderboegh from my dear daughter-in-law Nicole in Germany. With Matt about to deploy to Iraq for the third time, these are even more precious. Nicole writes:

Hello there,

We had so much snow yesterday and we went out with Gabriel to play. He had such a good time. Here are some pictures.

Love Nicole

Captions are by Opa Vanderboegh.

"Hey, Al Gore, I got your global warming hanging!" (MBV: Is that my son's GI behind shoveling snow? I believe it is. I spanked it often enough, I ought to recognize it.)

Wow, that was a lot of work watching Papa. I think I'll sit down.

OK, ma'am, that'll be five Euros.

Look! I'm French! Well, one quarter French, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Cute kid. Where'd you get him?

Anonymous said...

To continue. . .
Cute boy. Obviously he gets his looks from his mother's side. . . . .

Now quit yer lolly-gagging & get back to finishing "Absolved". (sound of a whip-crack)

B Woodman

chinasyndrome said...

Beautiful. Yes sir ,I sure wish that global warmin would come to Indy,10 degrees yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Oh NO! Now the propaganda mills will go into overdrive - a beautiful little boy giving Hitler-esque 'Seig! Heil!' gestures in the Aryan white snow!!! And he is related to the shadowy extremist of Sipsey Street!! What will they do to this child next, teach him to sing 'Tomorrow Belongs To Me"?
Which, actually, is a beautiful song.
He is a handsome lad - and please give your son, and his dear wife, our warmest wishes and assurances of prayer for safety and good health.
julian - the refugee from blogger

suek said...

Tell them they should make like good hausfraus and start sweeping the front walk as soon as it starts snowing, and continue each hour or so till it quits! Eliminates that snow shovel thing - and makes for a much smoother walkway instead of those treacherous icy steps (third photo)!

And those steps are long enough and wide enough that he shouldn't be the only one out there, I think!

Happy D said...

You lucky Opa.

Toastrider said...

As a friend of mine said:

"Thank God for global warming or this winter would be even worse!"