Friday, January 15, 2010

A clarification on the situation in re Keeku and counting coup at the S.H.O.T. Show.

You know, if you just sit under a tree and wait, you're eventually going to hear another bird sing.

It is now reported that Jody Keeku is not under suspicion for "talking to the press," (i.e. me) but rather she is facing a conduct review board for "being mentioned in the press" and "bringing continued embarrassment to the agency."

Counting coup in the traditional manner.

Currently, most of certain portions of the agency are on the move, going to the S.H.O.T. show. This will not help the continuing hemorrhage of information out of the ATF because I have informants there as well. Indeed, CPT R.A. Bear, has been dispatched to continue the information war. I have given CPT Bear the assignment of counting coup upon certain nefarious characters of the agency there while they work the show and the ATF booth. I challenge the enforcement agents to spot him as he taps these folks on the shoulder, shakes their hands or otherwise silently counts coup.

"Come, Watson, the game is afoot!"

And the OODA just keeps going "loop-de-loop."



Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder if THEY ever stop to think? To wonder...?

"This smiling man, who is introducing himself and reaching to shake my hand... Who is he, really?

Is he what he seems - a nice, friendly guy? Or... Is he secretly one of THEM - those "oath keepers" - the people who take solemn promises seriously and value Liberty for all above power for themselves?

Is he going to suck up to me, or does he have other actions in mind? Even if he DOES suck up, is he just trying to ingratiate himself so he can gather information that may be of use to the "resistance" before he strikes?

Is he really trying to be friendly to me, or is he trying to get past my initial defenses, the better to be able to ... well... do what may need be done to restore Liberty to this land?

Who is he, really...??

Dear Reader once told the Banksters that he was the only thing between them and the pitchforks and torches...

Do you suppose these official criminals ever realize that the only thing between them and the torches and pitchforks is We The People's basic goodness, our law-abiding nature, and our somewhat naive belief that those elected and appointed to lead us share those traits?

Do you suppose they ever wonder?

Jane said...

Oooooooo How positively delicious!

Anonymous said...

So you have been demoted from journalist back to blogger...oh wait, that may be a promotion. Congratulations

Scott J said...

The idea of ATF having a booth at S.H.O.T. just doesn't compute for me.

Makes about as much sense as ACORN setting up a recruiting booth at a tea party event.

Anonymous said...

ATF has pretty much always been at SHOT, as it's a show intended for those in the gun business, and new dealers always have questions for the folks manning the booth. ATF also runs seminars there.

The FBI is also there, too, probably since they run the background check system.

ATF also had a booth at the Small Arms Review gunshop last last year in Phoenix, which makes sense since SAR is pretty much the biggest NFA show in the country other than Knob Creek.

I think it's a damned good idea that they make themselves available to the gun industry and shooters in general at shows. That may prevent ugliness later!

aughtsix said...

Anonymous at no. 1, above:

Beautiful piece of psyops. Really. I believe you have the gist of it.

Too bad their power lust and arrogance will prevent them from acting badly. With their mindset and values, it is inevitable.