Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The question has been asked: "What is the difference between a Threeper and an Oath Keeper?"

The picture below from Mosul has prompted some questions. I will try my best to answer.

While Oath Keepers and Three Percenters are separate groups, it is not hard to find people who consider themselves both an Oath Keeper and a Three Percenter.

However, Oath Keepers is an organization, with a defined membership and by-laws. I first met Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers at the ceremony in Lexington on 19 April. As the guy who first enunciated the modern concept of "the three percent," let me explain:

The Three Percent is, well, more of an attitude, a shared belief. We don't keep membership rolls or take dues. If we're an organization, as some have alleged, we're the most disorganized organization I have ever seen. The Three Percent is more of a philosophy than an organization, and there certainly isn't any conflict between what we believe and what Oath Keepers stand for. That's why you're going to find overlap between the two groups. We're really the same group of folks, coming at the problem of maintaining the ordered liberty embodied in the Founder's constitutional Republic from slightly different angles and starting points, but with the same goal. That's why we were proud to have Oath Keepers' six at the 12 September March on Washington. And that's why you'll find folks all over the country (and, now in Iraq and Afghanistan) wearing the patches of both groups.



Anonymous said...

'Nuff said.

B Woodman
(et al)

Toaster 802 said...

I took my Oath in 1985, and re-upped by posting to this spring.

I earned my Rifleman patch at an Appleseed shooting clinic this fall.

I was raised by my family in a way that nowadays I can be called a Threeper.

All this adds up to...Don't tread on ME! (Or my Republic and It's citizens.)

^Hawk^ said...

Proud to be both!


Anonymous said...

What can anyone tell me about the Nyberg Flag?

Anonymous said...

What occurred to me while marching with the Oath Keepers on 9/12 is that they are the Organized Militia while Threepers are the Unorganized Militia.


CorbinKale said...

I figure it this way- I am a Threeper so I can be prepared for all of the misery I see headed towards us like a train. I am an Oath Keeper, advocating the narrow, focused message of awakening oath takers to their duty, in accordance with their Oaths, in the hopes that my preparations as a Threeper will be unnecessary.

Both approaches to our future are complimentary, and together are force multipliers. Each group makes the other one stronger, simply by existing, even if there is no official alliance.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:00pm: What can anyone tell me about the Nyberg Flag?

It is a money making scheme and worse, they aren't made in the United States even though there are exceptional flag makers in this country.

I don't normally have a problem with making money but I do have a problem when people try and make money off the destruction of the United States.

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure which military branch you were brought up in but in MY Marine Corps, we followed orders when given and questioned them when the job was done. Many times we are asked to follow orders that seem frivilous or with no end in sight but it is not our job to question those orders less we intend to disrupt a proper chain of command. The results you seek are commendable but I question the process you use to get there. Refusing to follow orders, right or wrong in OUR eyes, makes us no better than the enemy we attempt to subdue. Taliban, Al-Quaida, Iranian, Muslim, or American. Make your stand let history repeat itself. I believe in your theory, just not the way you're attempting to get there.

Good luck
Tom Gorgone

USMC VET said...

The Threeper is the answer to the oath breaker...


Anonymous said...