Thursday, October 15, 2009

"A Goodness Thing": A Word about Three Percenter Merchandise

Above is a tee-shirt now being offered on Ebay.

The blurb describes it as:

Anti Obama Pro Gun Molon Labe AK-47 3 Percenter T-Shirt

Three percenter "Molon Labe!" T-Shirt featuring AK-47. (design approx. 5.5" x 10")

Printed on heavy Gildan, or Jerzees, tees (depending on color) with high quality platisol ink using the silk screen process. Your choice of dark khaki (near OD), light yellow, or white with black ink, or black, brown, or navy blue with white ink.

Available in S, M, L, and XL.

Design also availble with M14 / M1A or M16 / AR15.

$12.99 + $3 shipping

Now, I don't know who this guy is, and from a partisan scribbler's point of view, I don't care. I am irked by the description as "Anti-Obama" because the issues are far more important than his narrow ass. Still, this is evidence (if it were needed) that the 3% concept is going viral, and that's "a goodness thing," to paraphrase John Ringo.

RWE started this process because they felt that Threepers should have an patch to help identify friend from foe. This too was "a goodness thing." Then Gail Nyberg designed the Threeper battle flag and we put it up on Sipsey Street. This led to demands for a place to buy them. We also needed a way to get the Three Percent idea across at rallies, Tea Parties, etc., and then Pete stepped in with a solution that, while not perfect, was doable with the resources we had at the time -- I should emphasize that they were HIS resources.

Now we have demands for truck decals, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, etc, that frankly are beyond our poor power to produce. RWE is coming out with a made-in-USA battle flag patch (probably only in subdued woodland, since the desert III patches haven't done so well sales-wise and the current stock will not be replenished). Smaller than the III patch, it will probably be more popular. (I can't help but think at some point in the future that those original III patches will be a collectible.)

Anyway, whether its tee shirts, coffee cups, truck decals or bumper stickers, if you want some, have them made. I don't object to the idea getting spread around and you making a little ammo money in the process. That too is "a goodness thing."

Now if you see somebody misusing the III in service of racist or anti-Semitic causes, or misrepresenting what the Three Percent stand for, let me know and I will send somebody scary like Charlie Quintard or the very real Texas John to visit them. (Texas John, an ex-Ranger and Samurai sword maker, once walked up to a bad guy with an attitude who was threatening "a badness thing,", whispered in his ear and caused him to piss his pants and lose interest in confrontation. I don't have a clue what he said, but sincere delivery is everything. The man can be, when he needs to be, maximum scary. I'm proud to know the best of humanity. BTW, Texas John makes an appearance in the sequel to Absolved.)

In any case, if you have a Threeper marketing idea, go for it. Even if its with a magic marker on a federal building john wall. You will be helping deliver the message.



Carl said...

I agree with you that the shirt is not anti-Obama. He is merely the head resident Marxist in an illegal gathering of Marxists who have usurped the rights of the people. This is about more than just one person, it is a clash of ideologies and cultures. Liberty vs. tyranny.

III more than them said...

"BTW, Texas John makes an appearance in the sequel to Absolved.)"

Sequel??? I'm still waiting to get hold of the original! :P

Defiant said...

No 2XL and 3XL for us full figured guys???? :O)

Anonymous said...

I can't access e-Bay from work - but do you think someone might gently contact the seller to point out that the "three per center' label does not designate an 'anti-Obongo' mindset? It is perhaps the work of a well meaning but partially unenlightened person, who might respond well to fraternal correction.
- ParaPacem -

Defiant said...

I think I like this one better. Just have to get some 2XL.

Donald P McGaffey said...

We have friends we do not know. Addidas just added to their rising three bar triangle brand, our beloved │││, boldly displayed on the end of their sports duffel. It’s not III, but so close as to leave no doubt. Now if your beloved shares your beliefs as well as your life, she can get a range bag suitable for her collapsible, take down, or disassembled, equipment in pastel blue or pink. My wife was so delighted we got a pair. My hat’s off to the quiet believers in our constitution at Addidas.
~Donald P McGaffey
Five Mile Committee of Correspondence
Redford, Michigan

Art said...

Appreciate the "GO" encouragement.
Anticipate a flood of III merch EVERYWHERE. Store is open HERE ...

Anonymous said...

Ought to put a picture of a rifle on the tee shirt. Say a .22 rimfire or some such. Maybe a lever 30-30. Those machine pistols look like gestapo crap.

Anonymous said...


I sent a e-mail to Mike thanking him for the clarifications. The ones I am making, I am making by hand and will not be charging much for them. I just want the word to get out.

I can also make the bigger sizes for the "red meat eating american freedom fighters"

Timmy's got ya covered. ;)

Threeper in PHX.

Anonymous said...

The Yugo M70AB2 underfolder is a nice touch--a subtle reminder that the Serbian rules of engagement will be in effect for fedgov apparatchicks when the balloon goes up.


Dennis (762future) said...

I'm the guy that designed and sells the shirts.

I listed a couple of different versions each with the three rifle designs. As part of a completely unscientific experiment I am conducting about the ratios of various sorts of "freedomistas" looking for t-shirts on ebay.

I guess I should point out I'm a anarchist/autarchist/voluntaryist of the Rothbardian/ Hoppean sort. I included "Anti-Obama" in the title tag merely as a term that is common in related ebay item searches (e.g. pro gun shirt, molon labe shirt, anti obama shirt). The title is crafted to achieve many search hits on related terms, not define a philosophical statement that I assume people who know about will know about and those who have interest in can easily find out about online. If Bush was still in office the listings would say "Anti-Bush."

With that being said, back to the unscientific experiment.

With 6 hours to go on a 30 day listing (they will be relisted upon ending):

Molon Labe M1A Threeper shirt
181 views, 3 watchers, 1 sold

Molon Labe AR15 (actually an M4) Threeper shirt
454 views, 7 watchers, 5 sold

Molon Labe AK-47 Threeper shirt
118 views, 3 watchers, 0 sold

With 1 day and 21 hours to go on a 30 day listing:

Laissez Faire / Laisser Passer M1A Threeper Shirt
98 views, 2 watchers, 0 sold

Laissez Faire / Laisser Passer AK-47 Threeper Shirt
146 views, 1 watcher, 1 sold

Laissez Faire / Laisser Passer AR15 Threeper Shirt
208 views, 2 watchers, 0 sold

Compared to these auctions within the same time span:

Murray Rothbard An-Cap Shirt (2 days left on a 30 day listing)
30 views, 1 watcher, 0 sold

Obama "You Lie!" shirt (last month's figures)
250+ views, 10 sold

Sling Blade (the movie) Shirt (7 days left on a 30 day listing)
77 views, 2 watchers, 4 sold

There is a lot more interest in Threeper shirts than Murray Rothbard shirts on ebay. Of those that are interested in Threeper shirts most prefer "Molon Labe!" to "Laissez Faire" as a proclamation, and most prefer AR15s to the M1A (my choice) or AK (again within the narrow confines of ebayers looking for shirts).

Anonymous said...

Check out the Disclaimer the eBayer mentioned has added to his ads.

"DISCLAIMER: "Anti-Obama" is a common and generic search term, for the purposes of increasing this items visability on ebay. It is in no way meant to encapsulate the Three Percenter philosophy as a whole. For more info on Three Percenters please visit"