Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Can you hear us now?" The demonstration at CNN HQ in Atlanta on Saturday.


I will be rendezvousing with the Alarm and Muster people in front of the CNN building at 1130 hours. There will be Threeper flags available there as well and all Threepers and Oathkeepers are invited to join me there.

From a member of Alarm and Muster comes this briefing:

It is a very grass-roots kind of thing from what I can tell with a handful of different orgs getting involved. "Official" start time is noon and the protest march will walk on the sidewalk from the CNN center to the Atlanta Journal and Constitution building. "Official" end time is 2 PM.

The North Georgia 9-12 group is taking the lead and will gather their members at 10:30 AM in a parking lot nearby. I spoke with the head of the N. GA 9-12 and let her know that I planned on being in front of the CNN center at 11:30 AM, and she said that her group would be gathering within sight of where I was, and it would be no problem linking up our groups before the official start time of noon.

Operation Can You Hear Us Now and N. GA 9-12 has put out a list of excerpts from city ordinances pertaining to signs, sticks, flags, etc:

Following is a list of things to remember (excerpts from ordinances) while demonstrating on City of Atlanta public sidewalks:

Signs, posters or plaques must be constructed of cloth, vinyl, paper or flexible cardboard no greater than 1/4 inch in thickness.

Sign supports must not be pointed at either end.

No metal or other hard material unless a flagpole with a flag.

No plastic unless supporting a sign or banner. Hollow plastic cannot exceed 3/4 inch thickness, 1/8 wall thickness, and may not be filled with any liquid.

No solicitation whatsoever: no for sale, contributions, or commercial advertising allowed.

Signs are not permitted within government or private buildings.

Firearms, explosives, clubs, missile, or any other weapons of any kind are prohibited.

Open flames are prohibited.

***Please don’t litter. ***

Failure to abide by these rules could result in fines, arrest, or both.

Also keep in mind that GA law prohibits carrying of firearms at political rallies as per the "public gathering" law. Hopefully the PG law will be removed this upcoming state legislative session with HB 615, but that's another story.

From 9-12'ers page about the upcoming event:

Other Groups Joining the Protest Include:

13th Colony Patriots


Alarm & Muster

First Coast Tea Party

Flip This House 2010



Rainy Day Patriots


Sons of Liberty

Southern Crescent Tea Party Patriots

Tea Party Nation

I would like to invite as many of our folks to join us as possible. This will be a difficult demonstration for the 9-12 to coordinate as they lack a permit and it will be sidewalks only. This opens the march up to harrassment and agents provocateur, so capable, well-disciplined folks to help coordinate will be useful.

If there is anyone from Birmingham who is going, please contact me by e-mail --



Anonymous said...

Good luck. Watch your health. Take a folding chair?

Keep us informed of how it went.

B Woodman

USMC VET said...

I wish I could march with you down there...

Perhaps next time...


Mjolnir said...

wish I could join you all, but I am in AZ and's a bit of a hike! Good luck! and give 'em hell!

^Hawk^ said...

No missiles? WTF?

Seriously though, give 'em hell!


Unknown said...

Thanks for putting this out and especially for mentioning A&M, Mike. It looks like quite a few "likeminded" folks from GA will be showing up. Everyone I know in A&M who's familiar with the term, (III%) considers themselves to be a Three Percenter. The refusal to allow the infringement of our 2A rights is basically the core principle of the organization. I look forward to meeting you there.

Alarm and Muster

Maurice said...

I am SO glad to see CNN being protested against: The politicians are completely oblivious, do not care if they sell America out, and they were able to ignore 2 million folks in DC on 9/12 because the media did such a good job covering it up.

We need MORE protests and more meaningful protests against the Mainstream Lying Media (who have gotten to be like TASS or Pravda, back in the old USSR; CNN is EXACTLY as bad as they were).

Owl Jones said...

Hello. My name is Jeff Jones and I am with

Just wanted to thank you all for joining us, and also ( since I didn't see it mentioned in the blog post)to make sure that your members know that this is a "media bias" protest. Of course, you guys can protest whatever you like on your own, but we want to make sure that the media sees it for what it is, and doesn't report it as "the militia come to town."

I leave it up to your good judgement as to your intentions and actions and I look forward to seeing you there. I believe we have now secured a parking lot across from CNN and will have a few speakers, etc.

I'll be the short, fat guy with the beard. I'm also a member of A&M, and

Mattexian said...

Anybody call FoxNews to let them film it? I think it'd be funny that Fox covers a protest at CNN, when CNN is too busy fact-checking a SNL skit.

Owl Jones said...

YES! We've been sending out postcards to all the media outlets. The person organizing this event is in marketing and has done this and other things I believe. There should be plenty of reporting on the event. ( what kind, is - as always - anyone's guess.)