Monday, October 12, 2009

Another country heard from . . .

We have this comment upon the "Threeper in Iraq" photo:

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A Three Percent Oath Keeper in Iraq":

Awesome, can't wait until these patch wearers get tossed out of the military for defacing government property. Lets see how brave they are when they are out of a job."

Uh, huh. I would venture to say that they've already demonstrated that they are braver than a skulking troll who sneers at better men than him from the anonymity of the Internet and risks nothing by firing ineffectual insulting keyboard blanks.

You "can't wait?" You moron. Every instance of repression breeds more resistance. You really are stupid, aren't you?

Mike Vanderboegh
(my real name)


Anonymous said...

"defacing government property".
WTF! Dear "Anonymous", how brave of you to make comments about which you know nothing, without showing your "face."
As an Army retiree, looking at that picture, I see NO defacement of Big Gub'ment property. A couple of patches, made on the local economy, paid for by the soldier himself, velcro'd to the uniform, easily removed.
AT THE MOST, a warning growl from the soldier's NCO or officer to "get that G-D patch off by the next time I see you."

Who are you? Where DID you EVER come up with such an idea? And have you EVER served a single active-duty day beyond training in your life? Do you even KNOW anyone who's served in the military? Be interesting to find out, IF you ever get beyond the "anonymous" stage.

B Woodman
SSG (Ret) US Army

Charlie said...

"defacing" "government property?"

I'm less familiar with Army culture, but in the Air Force, wearing non-authorized "morale" patches are a fairly standard practice, albeit not officially sanctioned. And I'm not sure how anyone can consider wearing instantly-removable Velcro patches to be a form of defacement.

With a few exceptions, most military members purchase most of their own uniforms (some are issued for "free" when in basic or deploying, factoring in automatic deductions & uniform allowance, etc). So in all likelihood, the uniform pictured is private property.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, and well said dear sir.

First, any solider, sailor,marine, or airmen wearing one of these patches would not be tossed out.

If anything, they would just be asked to take it off. And, if caught again possible receive a company grade Article 15 against them.

Also, it is not a job, but a f'ing adventure.

I would like to know where this particular solider got those patched and tabs, wouldn't mind getting a few for myself and a few friends of mine.

Happy D said...

Your a braver man than I Mike.
I will use my real name when I am a little more secure. But I have to admit I like this Happy D persona. I really came to like it when I Googled it. I got bathroom fixtures and a worm farm.

Gun Monkey said...

Defacing government property?
Apparently some peoples brains cant grasp the concept of Velcro.

Chris K. said...

1. The uniforms are individual purchases, not government property.


Anonymous said...

I love it, friends have been sending me info as well!~

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the annoying little fact that uniforms aren't govt property. And its velcro... idiots

Phelps said...

Yeah, last time I checked, they have to buy their own uniforms thanks to assclowns like that.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

With all this talk of the technical aspect of "defacement" (which has been interesting, to this civilian), I'm surprised nobody has taken the other tack:

If the government is truly constituted to secure the liberties of the people--yes, I know that's a discussion unto itself--and if the soldier's basic job is to defend his country and its people in accordance with the charter document, then we should probably be asking the question why these patches are not standard-issue.

"Defacement" my arse. Someone is actually making an effort to legitimize government property.