Friday, October 9, 2009

Well, it seems there's at least one righteous man still living in Detroit.

Just got this in the e-mail. Ya gotta love it. It doesn't take much to show your colors.


I told you my feelings about the Flag of These United States of America, as a veteran; however, thought you would like this. It was seen waving on a government official's desk in Detroit.


wvmilitia said...

I read a bulletin on myspace tonite that had a pic of an active duty army soldier serving in Mosoul Iraq that sported an "Oath Keepers" tag AND a "Three Percenter" tag on his shoulder just above an american flag patch in the SAME design as the pic on the coffee cup!! WHERE CAN I GET THE FLAG PATCH AND SHOULDER TAG??

Anonymous said...

NO! It can't be! Somebody working in Big Gub'ment supportive of The Three Percent? Tell me I've died & gone to heaven! (end snark)

Congratulations, brother! Just keep the flag flying & show your true colors. (And maybe pass on an inside tip now & then).

TO: wvmilitia;
Sorry. Those patches and tags you saw on the soldier in Iraq were probably made locally. You'll have to scout out your own neighborhood (or internet) to get them made. But if you find a good source, accessable to everyone here on Sipsey Street, be sure to let us know. Remember, we're a notoriously cheap bunch.

B Woodman

RWE-III said...

"III" Battle Flag patches are in design/production and will be offered very, very soon. By Thanksgiving if we can help it!

Hang in there!

wvmilitia said...

That is Great news !! Thanks for responding!! Will you post a notice when they are avail? and will the patch have the "hook" part of hook and loop on the back side so that I can affix it to the fuzzy part on my tac vest?