Sunday, October 18, 2009

Welcome to you bedwetting Little Green Footballs schmucks.

Yes, I hear you lurking in the tall grass, you collectivist weenies.

Don't forget to read my letters to Eric Holder. Here and here.

I may be a "right wing crazy" but

a. I'm still armed, and any mental illness just complicates your problem, and,

b. If I am, I'm so deep into my psychosis, you've got to respect that.

Enjoy the tinkle running down your leg as you read this blog. "I fart in your general direction. Your mother was hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."



Anonymous said...

That's boiling the bottoms of those pig dogs. Well said.

Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

Johnson and his sycophants: they're all as smart as they can be.


Brock Townsend said...

Speeding through the imbecilic comments, it becomes clearer that this nation is hopelessly divided as in '61, but as Walter Williams writes, let's hope we break the tie this time.

Diogenes said...

reading those comments I see the division. Some say 'they drank the kool-aid'

Its more that they are sipping at the honey being dribbeled out of the MSM's and believe it like the gospel.

Let the rift widen. When they are getting hungry they may wake up.

I doubt it though.

Scott H. said...

Some nice comics about Chucky Johnson and his crew:

Chuck Johnson, Race Detective!
"...Volume I in the ongoing adventures of Chuck Johnson, Race Detective, as he and his Blog Queen Sharmuta battle evil creationists, fascists, racists, and other vile blogosphere menaces"

Toastrider said...

Sad, really; it hurts to think that this is the same guy who helped bring down Dan Rather.

*sigh* I stopped going there after he insisted on a respectful thread for Ted Kennedy's death (my response: 'No.') and his appalling interpretation of the mess in Honduras (my remark: 'If the Honduran equivalent of the FBI had booted their president, rather than the military, would you call it a 'police coup'?')

His raging anti-religious posts didn't help either. Think James Randi, but with only half the brains.

sofa said...

CFnJ - Libtard

Anonymous said...


Kyle Bennett said...

Their gross misunderstanding of those they oppose will not serve them well when it matters. I'm torn between trying to educate them on the grounds that their ignorance will lead to things everyone will regret, and attempting to further their ignorance for tactical advantage on the grounds that it is too late to prevent things everyone will regret.

pdxr13 said...

LGF doesn't do anything for my understanding of the left beyond "spoiled brats".

I'm voting with material assets, and waiting for the results to become obvious. Paper and lies still spend a little.

The revolution will not be televised, at first.


Anonymous said...

"Sad, really; it hurts to think that this is the same guy who helped bring down Dan Rather."

It makes me wonder if he's ashamed of doing that now?

The amount of leftie whining there shocked me, especially since I haven't visited it in years, so I didn't see his gradual descent into madness.

Too bad. Was a good blog at one time.

Temnota said...

One fellow in those comments actually seemed to have a decent grasp of Asymmetric Warfare doctrine. Pity he was just using it to warn his fellow chickens that the sky is falling.

Anonymous said...

Too bad. The potential was there, but now gone. I'd never even heard of LGF until this year, but from what comments I've read, it used to be a good site. Now it seems to have decended into leftist madness. This is why "Three-pers" and "Oath Keepers" will only represent approximately 3% of the overall US population, instead of more.

B Woodman

idahobob said...

Just some more communistic drivel, with the basis of it all from those hand wringing, bed wetting,limp wristed, nancy boys over at the SPLC.

Are people ever going to wake up and realize that these people are just another communist front, dedicated to bring about The New World Order?


Anonymous said...

Charles Johnson (of LGF) was instrumental in exposing the "Rathergate" hoax, for which he deserves lavish praise.

Unfortunately, he seems to have strayed off the straight and narrow. This has been evident since before the recent national election.

I think the real CJ was transported by the lizard king to a foreign planet. I will miss him.


Anonymous said...

Mike & all:

Wow, it's been 5 years since I hit the LGF site, what a downhill slope they've been on ! Conservative / Right back then, but now the regieme mentality has them. [Just a guess here: I think the Bush Fiasco really messed up a lot of folks heads. By that I mean, especially for many who lacked a firm Truth foundation, the presenting of a Globalist Socialist tool, in quai 'Conservative Christian' clothing, mis-calibrated their worldview meter.] Guys like this will sink further into gov't dependency, sad to say.

Great blog btw, just discovered you of late, love the 3 per motiff....

"with a firm reliance on Divine Providence",

Samuel Adams - Republic of Texas

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, Charles didn't even discover the fraudulent nature of the "Killian" memo, the Freepers he so despises did and all Charles did was link to it.

And that's how he got his "fame", by linking to the actual hard work of others.

The Commander said...

The Bush fiasco may have soured some people on Repubs, alleged conservatives, and big gummint. The proper answer, however, is not to switch from someone urinating on the Constitution and ally with someone trying to set it on fire.

Anonymous said...

LGF has turned into an echo chamber. It's sad - contributors to the site did a lot of great work in the past, and IIRC, were instrumental in revealing MSM lies, most notably a ficticious story about Israel blowing up an Arab ambulance with precision munitions (the photos LGF published proved it to have been the victim of a fire axe and nothing else).

Anonymous said...

I made the mistake of actually trying to read the comments.


Did you know that oath-keepers were the ones who promised civil war if Dear Reader didn't leave the country by 10/15? According to the comments there it's absolutely true!

Did you know that your "I still get to vote" tag is a promise to assassinate anyone you don't like who wins a free and fair election? Sure - *I* can read the "when democracy becomes tyranny" bit, but apparently that's just some voice in my head - because according to them it's just a threat from you...

Snaggle summed it up - they ARE about as smart as they (possibly) can be... God help us...


Anonymous said...

"The Bush fiasco may have soured some people on Repubs, alleged conservatives, and big gummint. The proper answer, however, is not to switch from someone urinating on the Constitution and ally with someone trying to set it on fire."

I nominate Commander for Quote of the Decade.

A Texan said...

I used to read LGF quite regularly. A long time ago. Even have it bookmarked.

I just went over there, and couldn't believe it. Let's just say that I have removed that bookmark.

dakotas5 said...

Someone needs to tell him that the little green. flexoril that relaxed their brains aren't shaped like footballs. IIIper forever

Anonymous said...

Many of the comments on that site are really atrocious.

And leads me to wonder: "Just why are these folks intentionally ignoring the facts while the facts are right in front of them, and continue to smoke the collectivist opium".

The way they were talking about the Threepers was absolutely sickening. But I pity them at the same time, because they are so f*cking immersed in their canned entertainment and materialism that they have no idea what reality is. They are not even slightly prepared to handle a situation such as a blackout from a solar storm or civil disturbance. If they were to get lost in the wilderness on a hiking trip, they would not even have the basic skills to make a fire or catch fish. And worse of all, they refuse to learn these essential skills and continue to immerse themselves in worthless crap. Hollywood and MTV must be so proud of these fools.

Anonymous said...

LGF went to the dogs long ago. What am I missing about elderberries? I stay away from Koolaide, but a glass of good elderberry wine is rather nice now and then.

ParaPacem said...

The wod on the street is that Johnson's conversion came about when someone at the Daily Kos told him that if he really wanted a chance to meet Barney Frank 'up close and personal', he needed to ditch the right wing stuff,

Since then, he has been spotted shopping for pale lipsticks and Che t-shirts,

Anonymous said...


For this post they banned me.
Post follows.

Lets see,
First there are the Nuremburg trials that set the precedent that ‘just following orders’ is no defense of illegal action and soldiers are now taught that it is their responsibility to determine if orders are legal and to refuse to follow illegal orders.

Add in the military and law enforcement used to illegally disarm law abiding US citizens in New Orleans after Katrina (have you seen the film of the commander of the Oklahoma national guard unit questioning the legality of the orders?)

Toss in some historical uses of US soldiers for strike breaking and other internal political actions (don’t believe me, look it up).

And you act surprised when some of them start saying ‘homie don’t play that’??

This started *before* the Obama administration.

And, despite what people are saying, the oath keepers are talking about they WON’T do, not what they will do.

Get a grip folks.

MPA dragon said...

i too read a lot of the comments. I too am amazed at just how far apart worldviews can be... We are supposedly citizens of the same Nation. I understand that there will always be those who are under-informed, or mis-informed, or even liars who will deny what they are informed about, but:

Those people are deliberately burying their heads in the sand if they truly believe that hogwash they write. They deliberately read passages and then ignore the first half of a statement to change the meaning (context, look it up libtard!)

My favorite comments are the ones that say miitia training (especially firearms training) is irrelevant because "there will never be a war." Wow, where were these erudite minds in 1860?

Anonymous said...

What are "little green footballs"? Boogers?

Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

Anonymous 10/19/09 11:18 AM:

Yes, I've heard Chucky Johnson is a wuss and accordingly bans critics at the drop of a hat. Nice little echo chamber he and his cowardly sycophants have over there.

^Hawk^ said...

I thought the comment from one of them concerning how he like the odds of them against the Threepers. LMAO!

One guy has owned a hunting rifle his whole life. Watch out guys!


Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

P.S. Anonymous 10/19/09 11:00AM -

Just saw Chuck's response to you (I'm guessing):

"You can promote the Oath Keepers at some other website, because you're not welcome at LGF."

Yes, well, Chucky, you can ban your critics from your blog, because you're a chickenshit.

Anonymous said...

The elderberries reference is straight out of Monty Python's Flying Circus "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Just finished kicking through the three-hundred plus piles of steaming gibberish in the comments at LGF.

I may have missed one, but as far as I could tell none of the commenters offered any criticism of any of the Oathkeepers "Ten Orders...". I guess consciously and publicly arguing _in favor_ of, for example, putting their fellow citizens in concentration camps would have been a bit much even for the benighted denizens of LGF.

I also noticed that most of the comments were unsubstantiated attacks on the motives, ethics, morals, and sanity of anyone poltically to the right of Che Guevara.

Finally, I didn't see much that I would even dignify with the term "argument." Comments that were not ad hominem attacks were mostly unsubstantiated assertions, non sequiturs, and lame attempts at humor.

This is not the first time I've seen this sort of thing. In fact I expected it. Recently I amazed an acquaintance who had a letter published in our local daily with my "eerily" accurate predictions about the content of the comments he'd receive, which mirrored those at LGF--ad hominem attacks, baseless assertions, non sequiturs, and sophomoric jokes.

So...the evidence is that many, if not most, of our philosophical and ideological opponents are intellectually impotent ignoramuses whose mental processes are as predictable as they are infantile. Their only real power is that of a mob.

I'm sure this can be used to our advantage in myriad ways.

monkeyfan said...

Qi Ji Guang: "Just why are these folks intentionally ignoring the facts while the facts are right in front of them, and continue to smoke the collectivist opium"

I call it Hopium...It's twice as effective as the other stuff at making the big bad real world drift away.

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

I got tired of the Bushies' "love it or leave it" talk of the last 8 years BUT... if Charles Johnson and his toadies at LGF, and the person who wrote the linked story can read the Oath Keepers' "Ten Orders We Will NOT Obey", think it's "alarming" and "creepy" that American military and LE personnel would balk at orders to blockade an American city, or force Americans into detention camps, then I think they SHOULD move to some foreign dictatorship like North Korea. We'd all be happier.

Anonymous said...

The first signs of trouble were in
July of 2005. He was not thrilled
having his threads entertain the
lfgers who met in Texas. He was
absolutley 'cool'. It grew from
there. A long time coming.
On a personal level Charles has never done anything but take a ride of others efforts. A resource hog.

Grumpyunk said...

Chuck has been swinging his BanHammer like Thor for quite awhile now. I got booted there just for asking a question.

Chuck has become Cpt Queeg. Crazy as a shithouse rat.

Alphawolf said...

Wow, 2 posts in 1 day from me.
All i have to say is what a merry band of qweef sniffers over there , and they are outraged that WE defaced THEIR flag, i take it they mean the retired betsy ross turned Nyberg flag, well now they know how the brits felt when we took the union jack and put it on stars and stripes,and if any of the qweef eaters , especially the head qweef reads this , im none politically affiliated , but i am both a 3%er and an oathkeeper. oh and head qweef? your yellow stripes showing.what a bunch of maroons , i sure am glad imn niot assosiated with their ilk, statist ashamed to admit it hiding under the gop wing

Anonymous said...

Yep, that was me.

Love the way he promotes the free exchange of viewpoints.

-Solomon Short

Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

P.S. Anonymous 10/19/09 11:00AM -

Just saw Chuck's response to you (I'm guessing):

"You can promote the Oath Keepers at some other website, because you're not welcome at LGF."

Yes, well, Chucky, you can ban your critics from your blog, because you're a chickenshit.

October 19, 2009 2:30 PM

SteveA said...

Just read the comments over there. WOW, i didn't think you could get that many libtards together without the fumes reaching critical mass & exploding.

Ted said...

- re: #302 bgnad

You can promote the Oath Keepers at some other website, because you're not welcome at LGF.

Ahh, and the love of freedom of speech they have. So charming. You can always say whatever you want, so long as it's the party line. Free think Est VERBOTEN!!!! BRING OUT THE LASER!!!

The toilet sound was so loud when I started reading comments that I couldn't get past the first 2, so I skipped to the end.

None of them can tell from the gear that the Soldier is from one of the more Special groups of people, who are considered adult enough that if they want to wear that stuff over there, nobody is going to tell them different. Also, you'd have to have been there, but the bare minimum background is enough for me to be sure he really is over there.

Rock on, love the site.

Elliot said...

Not having read LGF for a few years, I was only familiar with the website for its involvement in the Dan Rather fiasco, as well as some articles on dangerous aspects of Islamic culture and some articles on immigration. (LGF is filed under "conservative" in my Google Reader.) Imagine my surprise to see the comments on this article. I thought the author of LGF had been abducted and the comment section had been taken over by Daily Kossians.

I did a bit of reading and cured myself of the ignorance about Johnson's political positions. (The guy was actually smart enough to see though the AGW fraud, before he became an avid proponent of it, for example.)

As I read their comments, I was quite irritated at how they distorted and downright lied about the Oath Keepers, et al.. I kept scanning down, expecting to find sane, honest people arriving to set things straight. But of course, LGF has become a highly-controlled forum for sycophants, so truth and rationality are filtered out. (It reminded me of the sad episodes of Kim DuToit behaving so childishly in response to people who reacted in disgust at his advocacy of slavery, i.e., conscription.)

Well, it's their property and their right to turn their places into mockeries.

As for the remark about pissing on the constitution, I'd just direct readers to one of Billy Beck's favorite quotes: "Thus perish all compromise with tyranny!" (William Lloyd Garrison, setting fire to the constitution on Framingham Green, Massachusetts, July 4, 1854)

I can definitely recognize that most Oath Keepers and others who engage in political demonstrations like tea parties seem to have far more respect for individual rights than the typical collectivists in either of the Coke or Pepsi parties. But I wish they could see that the constitution (which provided for the owning of human beings for goodness sake) is not a valid foundation for freedom. Just as the citizens of Winston County had the right to secede from the CSA, so do individual human beings have the right to deny others the authority to rule over them, regardless of how well-crafted the excuses are.

The Commander said...

Wow - someone liked my comment! Gratifying. However, let me just respond to Elliott by emphasizing that the US Constitution is the high mark of all political philosophy, and although necessarily containing some compromise and accommodation, nonetheless constitutes (get it?) a master plan for freedom, enlightenment, ordered liberty, and was designed by geniuses.

As far as permitting the owning of persons, let me suggest to you that this document, through the 3/5 clause, convinced recalcitrant southerners that they "got what they wanted" while at the same time reducing their strength in Congress, thus enabling the end of slavery within 100 years - a scourge that had been present in human history for 4,000 years.

Genius. Incontrovertibly.

BlackFlag14 said...

I used to read LGF, but stopped about three years ago. I was a neocon although I thought I was being a good patriot by unconditionally supporting Israel and Bush's war on Iraq, but I have opened my eyes since then and realized a few things, some from my own experiences, and some from reading Pat Buchanan, such as the facts that the neocons exist only to perpetuate Israel and the American war industry, but are generally no less liberal than the liberals on social and fiscal matters.
I've noticed a lot lately that a lot of so-called Conservatives have been turning against real Conservatives, because we pose a threat to all forms of anti-freedom liberalism, and people like Charles Johnson are forced to expose themselves for the warmongering imperialist progressives that they are.