Monday, October 12, 2009

Another province of another country heard from: "Clueless in San Francisco" uses his penetrating analytical skills on me.

"I know you are, but what am I? Infinity."

A response from "Clueless in San Francisco" below.

Date Sent: 10/12/2009

Subject: Stupid?


In another comment you wrote:

"Yeah, you won the election. The GOP and the NRA are pitiful shells of what they once were. But they protected you more than us. You've got us surrounded, you poor bastards. Now you're about to find out what the dog knew when he caught the car and got a good bite of the spinning tire."

You're very threatening. You harbor a lot of hatred.

Hate is man's most stupid emotion: it doesn't accomplish anything (unless you count pain, death, murder, etc. as accomplishments)and it's counter to survival.

Me, dumb? Possibly. You, dumber? Probably.

I also noted that you've only commented at length on the subject of guns, but you haven't written an article yet. Why not? Write something that doesn't read like a polemic AGAINST something. Go on. Try it.

This is what passes for penetrating collectivist analysis. Looking in the mirror and seeing your enemy. Bark, bark. Bark, bark.

He still doesn't understand how hysterically, unintentionally funny his "What's wrong with me?" comment was. Clueless in San Francisco indeed.

Back to business for me.



Anonymous said...

And here I thought that "Clueless" might actually be calling out for a little help. But it appears that it's merely self-pitying whining of a ComLib leftist.
If that's the case, he can stay in San Fran with his liberalis liberalis infection. Keep it contained, don't spread it to a healthy population.
It seems that the best way to get rid of this very severe strain of infection would be to burn it out. But we'll have to wait for the collapse of social order for that to happen. Any time now. . . . .

"Dr" B Woodman

Anonymous said...

"Hate doesn't accomplish anything". Would you like to discuss that with the Carthaginians?

Carl Bussjaeger said...

Vojir: "What's wrong with me?"

Dumber than a box of rocks?

Maybe he'll get lucky and run into the mugger who beat my brother to death in the People's Pacifistic Paradise of San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

Carl B,
Maybe he'll get lucky?
Or maybe WE'LL get lucky, and he'll be put out of our misery.

B Woodman

Kristophr said...

The rabbit people never get it.

They will bitch and whine about how unfair we are being when we deal with them after we have dealt with the thugs they hired to do what they were to cowardly to do themselves.

All they have to do to avoid all this is to take even the tiniest step away from the brink ( our rights ).

But they won't. They think they are ending violence, somehow.