Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My son has a question. Does anyone have experience with these?


My son Matt writes from Germany:

I know I should not bother you while you are doing your book but I wondered if you knew anything about these receivers.

I don't. How about y'all?



Anonymous said...

I have never used their products, but I have read this:


Anonymous said...

I've not used that specific receiver either, but my experience and research of the AR platform seems to indicate that there are only about two things that can be wrong with a stripped lower:

1. It can be made of crappy material
2. The machining can be done out-of-spec (wrong size or mis-aligned holes, etc)
3. It can be poorly finished

#1 should be OK in this case if the receivers are truly forged aluminum, as the site claims.

#2 makes an un-usable product, so the manufacturers either get this right most of the time, or quit selling lowers.

#3 can be easily remedied by the end user, and maybe you don't care anyway.

By far the most important parts to be discerning about are what goes in the lower: A good forged mil-spec receiver extension, a quality lower parts kit, and a quality upper.

Anonymous said...

If he HAS to have a Trident on his receiver, buy a quality receiver, and have it silk screened on.

They are on clearance for a reason.

Chris K. said...

Can't tell who is the actual manufacturer from the photo. There are only a few foundries that make a majority of them. The receiver on an AR-15 is likely the least critical part of the gun.

As long as the holes for the trigger pins and upper receiver are in spec and the magwell is full sized.

Those are really the only things that count. And like I said, most receivers are made by about 8-10 manufacturers so you can imagine most are in spec.

tom said...

Making one of these might be a more reliable choice :-)

Anonymous said...

No experience with these guys, but if there's doubt.. there are plenty of fish (thank goodness!) in this particular pond.

Anonymous said...

i got one of these last nov (08) its the m15 A2 model in a (pistol package)with a 7.5" stainless barrel quad fore end, shoots like a dream bad shoulder and all, a finely made product, mag well is slick and drop free, never had a jam in 5000 rounds and that was using it dirty to see the punishment it would take...if you want more info on it just ask!

rooster3430 at ya-hoo dot com

Anonymous said...

from reading the above forum, i would have to concur with it , go with an established company , pay the extra money , and not have to deal with questionable products. to confirm this , ask yourself what can go wrong , and then ask when can it go wrong , personally i bought a stag stripped lower , worls like a charm. a little looking usually tells if some company is good or not , price also may be an indicater of product quality, stripped lowers can be had , in different percentage of finish , once it reaches a certain percentage it gets serial numbered and has to go to a dealer , so since these have to be sent to an FFL they should be 100% finished, but .....who really kniows ?

Anonymous said...

The lower receiver for an ar-15 or ar-10. I've assembled two already. It's a lot of fun. And that piece right there in the picture is the hard part to buy now a days cause it has the serial number on it.

Skeezix Roscoe said...

Lowers are lowers. Shop by price.

DocShaw said...

As a former 45B I have to agree with Roscoe; lowers are lowers, assuming all the holes are in the right place and the extension thread is correct.

A lower is a box that holds actually important things, like the trigger and hammer group. Heck your magazine is more important for proper functioning than your lower.

Anonymous said...

Grab one while they're inexpensive. It's a good quality part and I haven't heard of any problems.

Anonymous said...

He may want to consider a CMMG Bargain Bin rifle for $600 if just requires a good basic AR:


Rockpicker said...

Please forgive this plug for a local company here in Montana.

Check out this service disabled Vietnam Veteran owned company in Kalispell. They also offer to put any logo you want on their receivers,for a price. I don't own one myself - yet..


Anonymous said...

Mike if your son wants a good quality lower receiver with custom etching or screen printing... Check out Anvil Arms.... He's good to go. Spikes Tactical is another.... Good customer service and products at reasonable prices.

Peter Four said...

Dump the Trident emblem and go with a reputable manufacturer.

If he has to have a Trident the Navy is looking for SEAL candidates and they issue you your choice of weapon most times, should you complete the training.

Plus, you will find that once you earn a Trident, you won't want it on your gear.