Sunday, October 11, 2009

Clueless in San Francisco: "Don't look down, but your learning curve is flat."

This is what a learning curve is supposed to look like.

Found this anti-firearms rant at the "progressive" site, OpEdNews.

The author describes himself:

Dan Vojir is a San Francisco writer and raconteur. His latest attempt is "Sacred Cows Make the Best Hamburger - How to becaome a lion and devour the Christian Right."

The rant about FrontSite is unexceptional and really rather boring for an anti-gunner. This quote, however, tickled me:

I've been mugged 5 times in my 35 years in San Francisco, lived for five of those years in it's own small version of Hell's Kitchen, and have been shot at TWICE.

And I still don't want to have a gun.

What's wrong with me?

So I sent him an email, entitled: "Don't look down, but your learning curve is flat."

It said simply:

Well, like Mrs. Gump says here in Alabama, "Stupid is as stupid does."


PS: Will feature your quote on my blog. Ought to elicit some fairly uproarious and funny comment.


Anonymous said...

All he's ever going to be is an ATM machine for the criminal element.

Until he doesn't hand over the money fast enough, at which time he'll be shot dead without a second thought.

Anonymous said...

Dear Clueless;
My best guess (without knowing a whole lot more about your family background and child rearing), is that you are infected with a severe strain of liberalis liberalis. I recommend, if at all possible, moving OUT of San Francisco, even moving out of the state of Kalifornication. At the very least, read two Ayn Rand and make an appointment to see me again next week.

"Dr" B Woodman

Anonymous said...

San Francisco has one gun store for its nearly 800K residents:

Boggles the mind.

I've had several local (libtard, it's unavoidable) friends spontaneously share their concerns to do with a spike in property crime in the normally boring Sunset district of the city.

This is probably outsiders coming in to plunder the attractive combination of relative wealth and complete defenselessness.

Insofar as resilience to upheaval, there is some half-hearted earthquake preparedness in place. A loss of social order, though, and a lot of these starry-eyed collectivist libtards will be learning life's hard lessons tragically omitted from their upbringing.

I hope to be long gone by the time this boils over, but if that's not the case, and if my family permits, I may be compelled to pluck a few people out of the mess. Otherwise, let the mf burn! Nothing wrong with the creators of Pelosistan reaping the fruits of their labors.


Happy D said...

One tsunami will flush the crap out.

Sean said...

The same thing that was wrong with you the first time you were mugged and didn't buy and learn to safely operate a gun for self-defense. You're a coward, and a liar. You already know why you are a coward, but you are a liar for telling yourself that you don't need the most effective tool to defend yourself.

Anonymous said...

Valley Girl:
OMG,OMG, like, he's a dumb ass!

TJP said...

What's wrong with San Franciscan is that being a street vegetable is costly, what with losing the pocket cash and the emergency medical costs associated with two bullet wounds.

But it's fine by me if someone chooses that path. Since we all live in the place where liberty was born, however, I have to add that it's fine as long as:

* I don't have to pay the costs of someone else's high-risk behavior;

* I'm not forced to engage in that high-risk behavior myself.

If it's no big to deal for urbanites to be shot, then why do they continually demand that strangers be disarmed? And what use is it to disarm people who clearly are not committing violent crimes against innocent parties? All that tax money wasted on disarmament would be put to better use refilling the pockets of the average walking ATM machine.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with you? Why, nothing, nothing at all. Somebody has to play the victim. Somebody has to be ground into dust when things finally blow up. Not everyone can be a survivor; that's impossible. Keep playing your part; you are doing it so well.

Mark said...

Idiocy knows no boundaries and he just proved the failings in our education system.

Carl Bussjaeger said...

B Woodman, it sounds like Vojir likes being victimized, so the encountered would be a win-win situation. Except that I wish I could get my hands on that mugger.