Thursday, October 8, 2009

Whiney bullshit about the Nyberg flags.

A comment on one the posts below:

Anonymous 2:00pm: "What can anyone tell me about the Nyberg Flag?"
It is a money making scheme and worse, they aren't made in the United States even though there are exceptional flag makers in this country.

I don't normally have a problem with making money but I do have a problem when people try and make money off the destruction of the United States.

I shall attempt to restrain myself in my reply:

Look, asshole, we made the decision about buying flags from the American distributor based on price and availablity for what amounted to operational considerations. They screwed up the colors on the first run. Having no alternative, we took them at HIS cost and sold them in DC at OUR cost. By the time you figure in the cost for poles and zip ties we LOST a bunch of money on flags alone in DC.

Threeper flags in DC, 12 September 2009.

The Threeper patches from RWE are made in the USA. We may end up getting the newer Nyberg Flag patches from Iraq, fer cryin' out loud.

If you're so frigging principled, what's the color of your money? We only do this to spread the word about the Three Percent and nobody, REPEAT, NOBODY is making much money on Threeper stuff and what they do is plugged right back into the movement.

There are three men and women out there who sent money to my PO box to pay for gas and expenses to go to DC. They did it knowing they wouldn't get a dime back for it, but because they felt it was right. They didn't ask for credit. They didn't insist on conditions. Two of the donors were anonymous. They just sent cash. We spent their money the best way we could and believe me, we were still way, way down in the hole after DC. But we did it because it was important that we be there.

And where were you, butthead?

At home sucking on your momma's titty, waiting for the opportunity to criticize people who actually DO something?

Screw you and the fake holier-than-thou horse you rode in on.

Mike Vanderbogh

PS: and here's how you order them:

Price is $10 USD, including return postage.

Cash or USPS money orders with the payee line left blank only; this is a low-drama enterprise.

Send your order to:

860 Johnson Ferry Road
Suite 140
Atlanta, GA 30342

Turnaround time will be as fast as they can make it, but no promises, other than you will get what you have paid to get. Email questions to

LATER: And we have this just in from Robert "Mad Bob" REDACTED, commander of the sneaky, skillful, notorious and audacious Dogtown Rangers militia:


Anonymous said...

That one is a troll, definitely.
I seen his random post on the previous page. Looks like a troll...Acts like a troll...Therefore, is a ________

The poster is probably some left wing dipsh*t hater who found out about Sipsey Street after reading one of Mike's spectacular responses to some recent editorials. PLEASE READ BELOW! IMPORTANT!

Look at how he posted his comment. He tried to spin a conspiracy theory, no doubt trying to make dedicated patriots worry that their comrades are trying to cheat them out of their money. Not to mention that he/she/it came out of apparently nowhere, waiting for someone to ask a question. And someone did ask a question about the Nyberg flag. So the troll obviously figured out that he was a newcomer who was just introduced to this site and the flag. Therefore, the troll then posted his comment, hoping that the new person would get confused, doubt everyone here, and perhaps tell others too.

Classic disinformation tactics. Trying to make us doubt ourselves and our comrades. I have seen this kind of behavior before, in business and academic settings too. And I have observed it in action and studied it long enough to post this with the confidence that my observations are 100 % true. The troll is trying to make us disorganize our own community. DON'T FALL FOR IT.

Mike III said...

LMAO! Excellent post, Mike. Glad to see that you held your temper. ;~)

Weaver said...

Let me start by saying I absolutely mean no disrespect Mike but I would have told the A hole exactly what I thought. I know you felt the need to hold back but I think in this case you could have told him what you really think and nobody would have minded.

Weaver III

Anonymous said...

Wow. Yeah, Qi Ji, what you said.

I've been reading some great essays here for a while now, and I did ask the same question on a couple of entries about the flag.

I am more interested where the flag comes from as far as usage; where was the concept originated? Who the heck is Nyberg? I think I understand the symbolisim behind it (I can count the stars and stripes, and up to three!)I just wondered about the banner's history. I would not ask something so crass as 'what do you pay for them for wholesale?' anymore than I would ask a rancher 'how many head you run?'.
I enjoy the writing here. I'm just an interested reader, who has begun to link your essays to other sites. If newbie questions are not wanted, I can fix that.


Ken said...

Nyberg refers to the gentleman who was the original designer, does it not?

Mjolnir said...

Well guys, we have troll, it's bound to happen every so often.

Good response Mike!

@ anonymous, your input and questions are appreciated, but maybe you ought to have some sort of identity...even if it's an alias. I use one, but I work behind the to speak.

private contractor for the Gov. But my job helps the guys over there get the best tech they can. SO I'm kinda proud that even as a civilian now, I still contribute physically to the troops.

BTW, I gotr my Oathkeepers package today...good stuff.

Die with your boots on...


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Qi Ji seems to have this guy pegged! He's busted. Got the add., order is going out in tomorrows' mail. Would be nice to have'em in 12x18 yacht pennant size. I can fly it on my boat. (14' wood jon boat) Got a 12x18 Gadsen and need also a first Navy Jack. "Word Power" is still important. We must be ready for the devious comment lies that try to throw us off balance and spin into confusion. "Constant Vigilance!!"

"South River Defense Force"
A militia of one;
one man,
one fist,
one vote,
one pen,
for now.

Concerned American said...

Anon 6:11 --

Here's background on Three Percent:

What Is A Three Percenter?

Here's where III came forth:

Vanderboegh: V

JokersWild said...

If you want to see where people put money over principle then you're at the wrong place. If you're looking for the folks that's more interested in earning money than defending the 2nd Amendment or freedom just take a look at most folks talking shit about threepers.

Anonymous said...

Great reply to an a$$hat, Mike.

Nothing at all wrong with making a profit. Supply and demand ya know.

BTW, maybe this uneducated dork doesn't realize that if an enterprise doesn't make a profit (or for that matter an adequate one), it's called a LOSS and the enterprise won't be around long...


PS Mike, you won't miss much by skipping KC this fall. It's raining cats and dogs 'round these parts and will likely be a wet, messy, mudbog... We scrapped going due to the threat of flash floods, and you may recall the bridge over the creek has been completely covered before...

Anonymous said...

Good response, Mike. Will this troll also complain that many patriots have stocked up on Wolf ammo? Certainly not American made, but what American maker is producing 7.62x39 at a competitive price? Will he denigrate our founders for accepting help from foreigners? Should Lafayette and the others have been sent packing? Obviously his head is in a dark, warm, cramped space and he has suffered a cranio-rectal infarction.

ParaPacem said...

Attn: DeMovet / Anony -

Since everyone here was a newbie at some point, there are a lot of people who will be happy to answer any questions that they can. I hope that you did not read the comments and apply them to YOUR question, sicne the entire string was obviously directed at the troll who made the comments about someone making money off the 'destruction' of America.
It seems that none of us really recall the way that the Nybergs arrived at the design, but it IS a modern design, if that was what you were wondering - it was not an old classic, like the Gadsden flag.

Stay strong.

Defiant III said...

Mike, I bought several of these flags and PROUDLY display them. I got the extra's as gifts for friends who may not realize they are 3 Percenters just yet. These flags so eloquently represent the 3 Percenters as well as the 3rd Revolution I think may coming in the future.

I'll add my cyber applause to your reply. Go get'em neighbor!

P.S. Next time you go on the road please let me know so I can send some support in the mail. I can't think of a better cause to support.

Eagleclaw1 said...

I have ordered mine. I am sure it will be all it is suppose to be. And if something does go wrong, I will order again, it is only a few coin.

I have my Gadsden flag and it fly’s next to Stars & Stripes and beds down with her every night.

The liberals will soon get all we ‘Conservatives’ have promised.

Yea, come get ya some libs, or I am coming to you!


Happy D said...

Love the poster.

Anonymous said...

Ken, Mjolnir, Concerned American and ParaPacem,

Thanks for the information, that was exactly what I was wondering. Apparently, I missed a troll’s post somewhere, and thought Mr. Vanderbogh’s missile of invective was meant for me. I guess I need to adjust my colander ;-P

Fighting The Good Fight Everyday

Anonymous said...

more flags seen at CAN YOU HEAR US NOW RALLYS