Monday, October 26, 2009

Absolved Chapter List

This will help you understand the flow of the book. Obviously there are but a fraction of these chapters posted on the 'Net. As I go through the chapters in the semi-final edit process, I am re-posting those already done here at Sipsey Street. You will find some changes as you go through. Most are minor, some are technical.


Absolved Chapter List

Introduction: "The Useful Dire Warning."

Chapter 1: The Battle of Sipsey Street

Chapter 2: Flying Coffins

Chapter 3: Poor White Boys, The Depot and the Camp

Chapter 4: Poor White Boys, The Past as Future

Chapter 5: Dead Man's Holler

Chapter 6: Reverberations and Synergies

Chapter 7: Improvised Munitions, Inc.

Chapter 8: Interposition

Chapter 9: Deacon

Chapter 10: Predator

Chapter 11: Fathers and Sons

Chapter 12: The Minstrel Girls

Chapter 13: Smuggler

Chapter 14: Sons of Liberty

Chapter 15: Squad – BAR

Chapter 16: Squad – Rubicon

Chapter 17: Doctrine

Chapter 18: M14 - The Three Hundred Meter War

Chapter 19: The Quarry

Chapter 20: Little Friends

Chapter 21: Clean Sweep

Chapter 22: Governor

Chapter 23: Four Fingers of Death

Chapter 24: Green

Chapter 25: Haint

Chapter 26: Ticonderoga

Chapter 27: Sippenhaft

Chapter 28: Nemesis: The Six Apostles

Chapter 29: Nemesis: Barney Fife's Legacy

Chapter 30: Nullification

Chapter 31: Black and Tans

Chapter 32: Lexington

Chapter 33: Concord

Chapter 34: Nemesis: Gestapo

Chapter 35: Snatch

Chapter 36: Declaration


RickyC said...

I'm trying really hard NOT to read these so that when the book comes out I get the maximum impact. Then I read one and it makes it harder to wait. It's like knowing that there's cake in the pantry. I can hear it calling.

Stop with the teasers, already! :-)

Mk. 106 said...

Very nice writing sir. Hadn't read much of Absolved yet because I want to read it as a whole when it comes out. With what I see here I am very impressed.

Anonymous said...

I've finally read all of the online chapters, and now I want to buy the entire book! When will it be available?