Friday, October 16, 2009

Folks, I'm not going to be in Atlanta at the CNN Demonstration. Sorry, but I'm crapping out on you.

My feet are finally getting back into better shape after DC and Rosey is giving me holy hell about violating my doctor's advice tomorrow. She doesn't do it often but when she does, she's hell on wheels. Call me what you will, but I'm telling you the flat truth. When momma's unhappy, ain't NOBODY happy. Sorry, guys and gals. Give 'em hell for me.


PS: Will somebody display a sign that says "Hey CNN -- Thanks for Lou Dobbs, but stuff the rest!"? Remember, it was only Lou Dobbs who cared about David Olofson.


drjim said...

Take care of yourself, Mike.
We need you!

Anonymous said...

Well, I've never met Rosey ( or any of your fine family for that matter) but I know that I would like her; if she can convince a stubborn, hard-headed guy like you, to do the right thing and safeguard his health, she must be pretty darn special. I know you are disappointed that you aren't going but they'll carry on somehow and who knows but what there may even be some Divine reason for you staying.
Take care and tell Rosey thanks for looking out for you.

-j -

Happy D said...

Good listen to Rosey take care of your health. And thank Rosey for us.

Anonymous said...

Rosey is very smart! Take care of the feet, Mike. The war lay ahead; this battle can be borne by others.


Anonymous said...

Your feet come first, always.

Anonymous said...

Well Mike -- you nailed it. Unhappy wives just ain't worth the misery. Best you keep your lovely lady happy (and your feet happy as well).

Rest easy so you can give 'em hell next time!

ScottJ said...

I'll be missing it for family obligations too, Mike.

As we discussed in person. Families and faith will be the glue that holds this society together when all else fails.

Thankfully the only health issues I have to deal with at this time are my sweet tooth and my own sloth.

Mike III said...

Take care of yourself, Mike, You do much for our cause.

Mike III

straightarrow said...

Already let CNN know about my respect for Lou Dobbs and told them in rather harsh terms what should be done with the others.

I'm glad you're not going. I have worried about your health for awhile. I would prefer you stay around awhile.