Thursday, October 22, 2009

Southern Preposterous Lie Center discovers Oath Keepers in Iraq. Drone, conflate, drone, conflate, fund raise, drone, conflate, fund raise.


Cederq said...

And to think when I moved here I went there for an interview for a security position at SPLC. After the interview something felt "Hinky" I didn't pursue any more contact, glad I didn't.Sorry I left all my pertinant info... You think SPLC feels our troops are in a vacumn there in that stink hole of our planet? I was a grunt don't you think we ain't concerned what happened back in the world? I wished I didn't have to share air here in Montgomery with the likes...
Kevin III

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Have you seen this article? They even talk about Sipsey Street:

But on to their veiled threats against the current leadership. There is a photo posted here that shows a soldier in Iraq wearing what appear to be uniform patches saying "OATHKEEPER"
AND "THREE PERCENT" as though they were military issue. Of course, they are not. Read some of the comments and understand what some of these "Oathkeepers" are really about.

The person who sent the photo references the so-called "Sipsey Street Irregulars" which boasts to be "the gathering place for a merry band of Three Percenters" Apparently, "Three Percenters" are people who pledge to take up arms against any attempt at gun control.

Read about the Sipsey Street Irregulars here and learn what right wing paramilitary activity looks like when it in formative stages. One quote on the page says "All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war." - Billy Beck, August 2009.

Cool--free advertising!


Anonymous said...

The SPLC site is trying to claim that "Rhodes and Potok faced off" on “Hardball with Chris Matthews".


Potok didn't "face off" with anyone so much as try to deny and continue the incendiary & absurd accusations that Rhodes him on.

The thing SPLC & its kindred spirits like Matthews fail to realize (aside from plain reality), is that Oath Keepers want to prevent a dictatorship from ever happening in America by refusing to be the enforcement arm of whatever wannabe tyrant shows up.

While the left claims that it has "given up on violent means", they're only talking about the fact that their mouthpieces don't wave guns.

They just don't seem to get that dictators DON'T wave guns, they wave flags. Dictators RELY on guns that are held and used by the military &/or police forces who are tasked to enforce their decrees.

The Oath Keepers simply refuse to be those enforcers, which means that if politicians and/or groups want to take over the nation, then they will have to do it themselves, not by proxy through a bunch of armed "useful idiots".

THAT is what really makes people like Matthews & the splc furious.


Anonymous said...

Oath Keepers are not just in Mosul. Given the "high brass" environment, I cannot walk around the SCIF with III Percenter/Oath Keeper regalia and not raise an eye brow.

gun totin granny from alabammy said...

What fuktards. I wonder how many Americans are rushing to join THEIR rank? Hmmmm???? Oath Keepers and other FAITHFUL American patriotic groups quadrupling their membership by the day, I'd say that makes Oath Keepers dead CENTER, not left OR right. And that makes the LYING, EVIL and ANTI-American SPLC so far OFF center they ought to be investigating themselves!

So to the fuktards at SPLC: I challenge you to open your website to membership. I DARE YOU! But there's a stipulation for the sake of fairness. You DO know the meaning of the word "fairness", don't you? No monetary incentives, sex or drugs. No prizes like tickets to Mao's birthday bash at the White House in December or to see obama's wife use the hoola hoop. Like Oath Keepers, you can only recruit by word of mouth and the use of ..uh...inspirational speakers who represent your and...uh...principles, based authority of Constutional law and your ....choke...gag...patrio..... Aw hell! Maybe you just ought to forget about it and just stick to what you do best. Being the biggest fuktards out there.

Anonymous said...

Took 'em long enough, didn't it? You've had that photo up for how long? Over two weeks?

ANd of course, as you said, the usual rant, conflate, etc.
What was it Shakespere said, something about, "All sound and fury, signifying nothing."

B Woodman

jon said...

i prefer when you make these into hyperlinks, even if the text is just the URL itself.

that way, they get to see where all their traffic comes from. makes sure they know it. the internet equivalent of a nice, friendly, hard stare.

st0rm1n said...

Dear Mr. Potok,

You said and I quote: “I’m not accusing Stewart Rhodes or any member of his group of being Timothy McVeigh or a future Timothy McVeigh..."

Well Mr. Potok I am not accusing you or the SPLC of being a Bolshevik or a future Bolshevik but I have a rifle just in case.

Your friend,

Another one of the 3%

Charlie said...

I'm glad to see there's some good comments following that article defending Oath Keepers.

MikeH. said...

Under the current circumstances, I can't help but wonder if Joseph McCarthy had more on the ball than he was given credit for.

It sure seems that an awful lot of those people are scurrying out into the open, without fear, even in broad daylight. But, I suppose that should be expected under the Commie and Chief administration.

After we reclaim America, I think some serious house cleaning will be in order to send all of these far left wing sociopaths packing.

Oath Keeper