Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two more Oath Keeper links from the convention.

Here is a youtube link to the video the RJ made (but Oath Keepers spiced up the title):

And check out this retired Special Forces Major who is now Oath Keeper's man in South Carolina, and on their board of directors (and check out the comments):


Anonymous said...

Retired special forces guy sounds a little befuddled:

Scottish independance? good luck to them;

75% of the economy is state sector, too big a bloc of votes for any democratic govt to tackle and too big a proportion to fund from taxation (at least without the taxes from the 90% of the UK population who live in England)

Scotland joined with England, not through conquest (as their national socialist controlled Scottish parliament would like you to think) but because Scotland was bankrupt.

Compared to the folks that live south of the border, the scots currently have around 25% smaller constituency population to elect members of London parliament, scots MPs are allowed to vote on matters affecting England only, but not the other way around, and govt spending is about 50% higher per head than south of the border. I know, I've lived and worked both sides of the border, before I quit that island.

Good luck to their independance, the 90% of the population will be glad to be rid of the disproportionate representation of almost entirely socialist members, like Gordon Clown, and having to fund scotland's national socialist experiments.

I'm sure that the IMF will be a lot less sympathetic to them than London was...

I hope the guy doesn't understand what he's talking about with Scotland, because if he does, it suggests he's either a national socialist or else a useful eeeedjit.

Brent Crude

Anonymous said...

retired Special Forces Major?

Well ...

Some interesting facts:

RDR Incorprated

# Privately held company, incorporated in 1986

# Cal Sasai, Founder and Chairman

# Headquartered in Centreville, Virginia with field sites in Florida, North Carolina and Hawaii

# Distinguished and competent staff, with over 200 cleared and seasoned members, including former military, intelligence and homeland security professionals

# Demonstrated skills and performance to support homeland and national security

# History of Serving the DoD, the intelligence community and the Department of State

#Experience in support and operations in over 150 countries and all regions of the world

Do you know who you are sleeping with? And who is passing what to whom?