Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time for a little clarity. See these guys? I ain't them.

This is the header of something called

I have nothing to do with them, don't know who they are, and have no input into what they put on their official-looking website. They've been around for a few months, and nothing much was happening over there so I ignored it. After a friend saw Kurt's comment on Sipsey St., he looked them up on Who Is Registry. This is what he found:

Domain ID:D156216428-LROR
Created On:23-May-2009 06:17:06 UTC
Last Updated On:23-Jul-2009 03:53:32 UTC
Expiration Date:23-May-2010 06:17:06 UTC
Sponsoring, Inc. (R91-LROR)
Registrant ID:CR3279001
Registrant Name:Brad Clifford
Registrant Street1:104 W. 2nd Ave
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Johnstown
Registrant State/Province:New York
Registrant Postal Code:12095
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.5182134821
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Admin ID:CR3279003
Admin Name:Brad Clifford
Admin Street1:104 W. 2nd Ave
Admin Street2:
Admin Street3:
Admin City:Johnstown
Admin State/Province:New York
Admin Postal Code:12095
Admin Country:US
Admin Phone:+1.5182134821
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:
Admin FAX Ext.:
Tech ID:CR3279002
Tech Name:Brad Clifford
Tech Street1:104 W. 2nd Ave
Tech Street2:
Tech Street3:
Tech City:Johnstown
Tech State/Province:New York
Tech Postal Code:12095
Tech Country:US
Tech Phone:+1.5182134821
Tech Phone Ext.:
Tech FAX:
Tech FAX Ext.:
Name Server:NS1653.HOSTGATOR.COM
Name Server:NS1654.HOSTGATOR.COM


Like I said, nothing much was happening until this month when their posts picked up and they made this anouncement:

Nominations for Administrative Council --
Nominations for members of the Administrative Council are now underway in our forums. Please visit the nominations thread and post your nominations. Nominations are open until Oct. 22nd. Voting will commence immediately thereafter.

Now, the Three Percenter movement that my friends and I kicked off some two years ago is just that, a movement. We have no organization, per se, no by-laws, no membership lists, no dues and no "Administrative Council."

The flip side of that is that we didn't officially copyright anything, and the Internet is a free place and Clifford can do whatever he likes.

But I do not know him nor do I have access to his site because I will not sign up and thereby lend him even the legitimacy of my name. As far as I recall, he did not seek permission, nor did he inform me. Of course, he needn't have. Like I said, the 'Net is a free place.

My friend expressed his concern thusly:

Perhaps a mention without a link so he doesn't benefit from a traffic boost--here's my concern: the guy gets himself established as a Threeper then does something stupid or racist--maybe even intentionally if he's not what he represents himself to be.

It's important that you come up with some kind of disclaimer, maybe even have it in your sidebar.

Pete's a lawyer. Maybe he can come up with an improvement to this disclaimer in shysterspeak:

Please note the term "Three Percenter" is not copyrighted. It has come to my attention that others not affiliated with Sipsey Street Irregulars are identifying themselves by this term. While we applaud the concept of the Three Percent as defined on this website, and encourage the idea to spread, endorsement of any third-party individual or entity identifying themselves as a "three percenter" is neither expressed nor implied.

My friend's concern is prudent.

Look, I do not know where this guy's heart lies, nor which master, if any, he serves.

He may be well-intentioned. He may be one of us. But you should know that I have nothing to do with his site. Caveat lector.

Let the reader beware.



Carl Bussjaeger said...

Here's another one. The blog about it is here:

...and the parked domain is here:

I tried to hint to her that 3% is sort of already identified with a movement, but she just said, "Actually I have a little something different in mind. I have seen and enjoyed his blog though."

Anonymous said...

The disclaimer is prudence indeed. And whenever you have the ime (chuckle) keep half an eye out on buddy Brad until he can prove his "bona fides".

B Woodman

Word Verification: "parfu" - normal situation, as in "parfu the course".

Toaster 802 said...

Sounds like ATF watch me bait.

..."You want me to sign what?!".

Unknown said...

From his "about" section:

" does not directly represent Three Percenters everywhere, we do however share in the Three Percenter spirit and ideology. We cherish and work to defend our 2nd Amendment rights along with all our rights and liberties."

The whole voting on this or that position is pretty silly, if you ask me. Also, it said that they're holding some sort of 2A march on 4/19. Yes, I understand the significance of the date, but regardless of what others say, I don't think its the best day to commemorate you Second Amendment rights.

ParaPacem said...

Dang it!!! And you promised ME the assistant to the Associate Director Honcho position.... besides, I was looking forward to getting the company car, even if it WAS a 67 Peugeot deisel.
Well.... one bad apple ruins it for everyone.

Seriously - I am glad this was brought to your / our attention and hope this guy is on the level - we don't need any agit-prop, mole or agents provocateur crapfest going on.
Plus, as Uncle Vito used to say - "We got some friends in your neighborhood, maybe you want they should stop by for a visit?"

parabarbarian said...

The logo of a fist in a circle broken as if by an equiarmed cross looks familiar. Can any place it or am I being paranoid?

Anonymous said...

Put that disclaimer right below the Doctrine of the Three Percent.

You gotta protect yourself now; the Saul Alinsky types will go after you with a viciousness that will amaze people.

"RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions."

III more than them said...

A guy (or gal) can learn a lot about someone by who they associate with. Get a gander at the sites he links to on the right side of his page.

Sounds like, in my quick judgment, he's a bit paranoid, alarmist and reactionary. I'm guessing he's promoting this site in an effort to stabilize his self image.

Then again, I might be just playing the old, suspicious, paranoid reacto-alarmist my best friends sometimes acuse me of being. Hehe, oh well. I'll be staying away from that site. Smells like third day fish to me.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Oh, good. I thought I wasn't told about it because I smelled bad, or something.

I hadn't gotten around to looking very closely--now, I probably won't bother.

rexxhead said...

Oh, dear...

A visit from Uncle Vito's 'friends' has a statistically unignorable correlation with somebody getting their kneecaps nailed to the ceiling...

Anonymous said...

Bad Judgement or the ATF? The image with the fist has the broken circle graphic which is used by white supremacist groups . Its the outer ring of the pinwheel swastika. -- I think this site is a propaganda piece of the worse kind (think SPLC) or its the FED.GOV. running an entrapment game.

...just an opinion. But, I'm staying clear.

Anonymous said...

I joined their stuff to see what they had to say.

I looked at their bylaws and their "responsibilities" for officers and this pseudo structure they purport to build.

This is, IMHO, a bunch of bullshit, punked up on the Internet to divert those who want to know what the 3% are about into some messed up social club.

There are none of us who believe this crap. I have a couple of friends who will help; however, I think this little gig is ripe for messing with.

It should be fun.


ps: Any takers to join the fun?

Anonymous said...

and here is some more ...

Neo-Fascists use the celtic cross as their symbol. Look again at the fist/broken circle and you will see the celtic cross in it.

the clinched fist... what comes to mind? How about the black panthers,white power, earth first, French Revolution, central/south american socialist movements and communist movements around the globe

Maybe I'm reading to much into this... either I'm right about this guy or "Brad Clifford" really needs some help in the marketing department.

TJP said...

It looks to me like somebody from ARM is saying, "Hey we dig what you 3pers are saying." Apparently the goal here is to foster some cooperation between the disparate liberty groups.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but this site bugs my ass to tight sphincter status.

Scant info with a sign up here link.

The unsaid is that this topic is rather serious to many but this site offers no serious content.

I shall refrain from circle jerk commentary until further commentary is posted. Hint hint wink wink.


AlphaWolf said...

Greetings from Wyoming,
3rdb attempt to post , @#**$% comp settings,i visited said site , intriuging , others have noticed as i some of the symbolism, and the timing of the date of their 2nd amend march, i also visited the ARM site , hmmmm again , now each of us has within ourselves , what we sometimes call hunches , clairvoyance , or just plain old gut feelings i use the latter , and usually as we have all seen , the guts usually right in all our experiences , now on the surface , things appear innocent enough , and usually ild say , wait and watch ,but... there is always a but, my gut says , a polite thank you , but no thank you is in order, im smelling blockwarts,if im wrong , my apols ahead of time , but i dont think they are nessisary, mike , here is alittle gem i came up with and have been using on the statists, and it really makes something warm run down their leg , and it isnt a thrill, they can legislate whatever they want , it only shows their true intentions no matter what they say, compliance is never guarenteed amoung free peoples that disagree, and enforcement on those free peoples is impossable without blood shed , now that in mind , whom do THEY trust?


tjbbpgobIII said...

I just went over to sign up and went through all their rigamrole, followed their links back to the site and was still unable to look at anything. I think by doing this in the manner they have done it, they stole something good. The 3pers should not be organized in any manner as that could be labled a conspriacy of sorts. I think the original method is the best method, just broadsides like this one and everyone just making their own mind for the time being.

Aslo said...

FYI, The admin council has nothing to do with - only the ARM (American Resistance Movement). was chosen to network like minded patriots for the ARM - because of what the perceived definition of a 3%er.

Also, all the identifying information on the web basically shows that Three Percenters are a movement without any leadership structure and 3per can be used as a description.

Three will expire or be changed. I honestly didn't know about "Sipsey Street Irregulars" being the originator when I started it.. or that anyone would have such heart-ache over it.

Also, for your readers who are paranoid: That wasn't a cross in the original ARM logo, it was intended for it to be a cross hair of sorts.

A clenched fist represents many things, and I'm not going to go explaining them or what ARMs is. I'd suggest your readers look it up before making radical judgments. Poor PR, well maybe. Or maybe it was brilliant.

And no, I'm not some agent of the government.