Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here's one link. Can someone isolate the "thrill-leg" bitch-slap and post it on You-Tube?



Tangalor said...

aww! well, posted on my Blog, anyways.


Dr.D said...

sorry Mike if the pertinent video is there it's deep in to the site, I couldn't find it.


thedweeze said...

I recorded the 7PM broadcast, and it didn't come out too well. I'm gonna turn some stuff on the computer off, and I'll try again at midnight.

drjim said...

Mr. Rhodes is to be commended for keeping his cool under Matthew's continuous twisting of facts, and attempting to put words in his mouth.

Kyle Bennett said...

YouTube, cued to the money shot:


Frederick H Watkins said...

I couldn't listen to the whole thing. I got tired and just a little angry at Mr. Matthews incessant attempts to make the Oath Keepers into something it isn't while ignoring Stewart's attempts to explain the organisation.

Unknownsailor said...

Using Firefox and the download helper plug in, I am downloading the video from MSNBC as I type. File name is "n_hardball_1para_091020.flv"

Anonymous said...

I DVR'd the segment. I'll have to go back & see how well it recorded, then try to figure out how to download to my computer (if it's possible to do so).

It was painful and bloody to watch. I wanted to constantly reach through the TV screen to bitch-slap Matthews to get him to shut up long enough to let Stewart explain Oath-Keepers, without Matthews trying to constantly interrupt, twist, and put words into Stewart's mouth.

Stewart did hold his own, as best as he was able, under those very difficult circumstances.

Especially so after he was being double tag-teamed by Matthews and Potok.

And yes, that money shot quote is well-worth repeating. Loved it!

B Woodman

Uncle Lar said...

This was painful to watch. Matthews constant attempt to talk over the points his "guest" was trying to make and his use of spurious terms like "black helicopter" made it blatantly obvious that he was not going to allow Stewart anything remotely close to a fair chance to speak.
Thanks for reminding me why I never listen to this garbage. Guess I just don't suffer fools gladly.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Mike (or anyone else who wants to offer input), let me know if the start and end times I chose here look good to you.

Hey, by the way, why am I always the last one to find out about stuff like a Threeper website?

Nobody tells me nuthin'.

Anonymous said...

Truly, Mr. Rhodes could have disarmed them both so easily just by laughing at the absurdity of their questions and accusations. Works every single time!

Anonymous said...

I wish that Stewart would have answered the question of "why are you targeting law enforcement and military people" with, "because, you stupid fuck, they are the ones who have taken the oath."

I also wish I would have heard him ask Matthews how much time HE devotes to fixating on Americans like Stewart. We all know what he thinks about when he goes to bed - that thrill running up his leg.

I wish that one day someone would knock him out cold in the middle of one of his belligerent rants.

TJP said...

Rhodes is a very, very patient man. Matthews spent the entire time attempting to put words into his mouth.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Matthews spent the entire time attempting to put words into his mouth.

Matthews is one guy I wouldn't let put anything in my mouth ;-).

monkeyfan said...

Here's my version of the bitch-slap heard round the world...With some "enhancements".