Thursday, October 1, 2009

American Police Force = U.S. Training Center = Blackwater = Xe.

Received this over the electronic transom today. Thought you'd like to know that the Hardin MT mystery tracks back to our old Blackwater buddies.

Afternoon Mike~

I thought I'd pass this along to you. From what I can tell, American Police Force is XE, the new name for Blackwater.

1st picture:

From Blackwater's USA's website with the U.S. Training Center logo at the top.

2nd picture:

A domain registry check confirms that the U.S. Training Center website is registered to XE Services. The fact that American Police Force attempted to hide the link by deleting the page on their website is further evidence that they are trying to conceal the fact that they are nothing more than a front group for Blackwater.

The U.S. Training Center is the training facility for Blackwater's front group, American Police Force. This means that the new training facility that American Police Force is trying to build in Hardin is another Blackwater training facility.

Pics attached.

Mike III


Chris K. said...

While I've posted elsewhere that the "Hardin Police Dept." logo makes a good bulls eye on the side of their Mercedes SUVs. I do feel I should mention lots of LE and .mil train at US Training center.

I'm not sure this is the slam dunk you think it is.

illspirit said...

Or it could be that APF simply copy pasted the info from the US Training Center/Blackwater site in order to lend credibility to their scam.

Carl Bussjaeger said...

Pending more info, I'm inclined to go with illspirit on this. We now know that "Captain Hilton" is a convicted felon with a long history of cons ( ).
Notice that Blackwater/Xe used Network Solutions as their registrar (common for businesses), while AFP used GoDaddy. And a lot of the AFP site images seem really familiar, like I've seen them elsewhere on the 'Net.

Mike III said...

I wasn't sure when I passed this along to Mike. Still not. But makes me wonder.

BourneShooter said...

Not sure where your drawing your conclusions from as I don't see it on the US Training website or the URL info.

Please explain further.

Oakenheart said...

Illspirit wins this thread :-)

JokersWild said...

But mercs are cool! They've got cool gear and they teach you to shoots real good too! Pay no never mind to the fact they've got no loyalty to anything other than currency, we all are like that! I mean I'm banking on making money on the 2nd Amendment while it's still viable. I'm not too concerned about doing anything other than talking about protecting it and paying my NRA dues so I can say that I'm contributing to the fight.

I feel like I need to take a bath after posting that sarcasm. But that's sadly the mindset that is on their side.

cj428 said...

As time goes by and more info comes out makes me wonder whats really going on. Turns out that the honco of A.P.F. in Harin cannot carry A fire arm because he is A convicted felon

Unknown said...

From the same company who eccepted money in exchange for helping to forcibly disarm U.S. citizens in La. after Katrina, now comes a private prison. Woohoo :-/ - why am I not excited about this?

Any group that will stoop to such deeds against - commit acts of terrorism against their own fellow citizens - all in the name of the all mighty dollar, gets no respect and no quarter from me. Gee didn't we go to war with and eventually get a foreign dictator executed over something similar?

There are many fine people working there, but if they are still there after Katrina, then they are not exactly prone to be "part of the solution" if you get my drift, either that or they are in denial.

There was also a lot of good done too by this individuals in the company during the aftermath of Katrina, and God bless the individuals responsible for their good deeds. But a line was crossed too, one that few seem to want to talk about, one that can and likely will lead to dark places later on.

But I urge people working there to decide what's more important: Some *money* or your *soul*.

Am I really way off base here? If so (if my facts are about Blackwater helping to forcibly disarm citizens in the house-to-house operations and in on-the-spot encounters with survivors - not just looters), then please educate me - I don't want to think this about fellow US citizens unduly.

Anonymous said...

Totally confused here, boss. I don't see the connection at all.

These "APF" loons say they want to build a US training center - 2 generic adjectives and a noun.

I don't see how this automatically ties to the proper noun "US Training Center (TM)" any more than their calling themselves by the proper noun "American Police Force (TM)" automatically makes them the US National Police.

Obviously I'm missing something, and judging by the previous comments I'm not alone...


III more than them said...

Well, the bottom of the U.S. Training website at includes the contact and location information of all BlackwaterUSA locations listed at Blackwater's own website at

If the site is "borrowing" info from Blackwater, or Xe, it is using quite a bit of it. But that's not the case. The linkage between both sites is too clear to ignore.

Any doubts to it should be put to rest with this bit of info. The BLAKWATER site REVERSE LINKS to the site with these links at the bottom of their page.

"E-Mail Directory
Training Center"

While some could say that ustraining pasted Blackwater info onto their site to lend credibility, I can't see Blackwater posting links on the Blackwater site to help them along....

BourneShooter said...

Blackwater/XE is the overall corporate name. US Training is the CONUS Training side of things. It has nothing to do with the APF circus out of CA.

TheBronze said...

US Training Center is Blackwater is Xe.

However there's no connection between the them and AFP.

When AFP talks about opening up a US Training Center, they're talking about opening a training center that's in the US, not that it's an affiliate of BW/Xe.

Not everything's a Blackwater conspiracy, people...