Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Slobodan Milošević Strikes Back? Weird. The symbol of the "American Police Force" in Hardin, MT is the Serbian Coat of Arms.

Most of you are probably familiar with this brewing "American Police Force" scandal in Hardin, MT of all places. See W. N. Grigg, for one, if you haven't.

I've been out of the loop, but typeay writes today, pointing out that these schmucks, whoever they are, have adopted the Serbian Coat of arms as their symbol. What the f . . , uh, heck?!?

What is this? Slobodan Milošević strikes back?


Mike III said...

I have received several videos, emails and calls about this over the last several days.

I don't know what to make of it. Much of the info I am receiving repeats itself. They look like a joke outfit to me. I checked this morning and much of their website is down.

Trying to learn more.

Doc Enigma said...

An appropo quote from a movie if you were to parallel "Private Joker" with the County Sheriff and the citizenry with "Gunnery Sergeant Hartman".


Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

The dude calling himself 'Captain Michael' is actually 'Miodrag Dokovich', from Montenegro, and he claims to be a combat veteran.

Leftie blog but has some updates on this weird thing

A good thread with lots of links

cj428 said...

I think it was A test, to see how the people would react. With hind site , the incedent was blown way out of proportion by the internet. Maybe, They had other other plans, but the massive outcry, led by bloggers, put A stop to them. What they did learn was the internet must go!

Rockpicker said...

This Man will get you up to speed on this matter Mike, et al.

Michael Hollingsworth is available or can be contacted on this site.

A printed and audio version of an excellent interview with Michael by Alex Jones is available on info wars...for now..make copies ASAP..

ParaPacem said...

Mike - I think the tech term you are looking for is
"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?"
I think these guys are trying to compete with Xe / Blackwater, but haven't managed to hire a copy editor / proof reader yet. Why the Serb emblem I don't know...
then again, on the bright side, maybe they are an advance Serb force planning to take over the USA and throw out the limp wristed DC panty pooper gang.
They sure couldn't do any worse.

Jerri Lynn Ward said...

Maybe they are the militarized version of traveling vinyl siding salesmen.

Jerri Lynn Ward said...

Or...maybe Captain Michael is a 21st Century version of The Music Man, ( a scam on the local yokels. It sure sounds like a big scam to me.

straightarrow said...

Where is the Montana National Guard?

Varg said...

We called Two Rivers Authority yesterday to inquire about this APF business.

First, APF was only incorporated in February 2009. They are a subsidiary of a larger international security company (Blackwater?) that is unnamed and protected by the incorporation.

Next, TRA stated to us on the phone that the APF was not patrolling the streets, that the Mercedes shown in news footage was a "promotional effort" announcing APF's arrival.

TRA informed us that Hardin in fact paid for the construction of the prison, not the feds. They built the prison to create jobs for the area. If APF gets the contract for the prison, they will operate and maintain it, and even stock it with prisoners from other states, contractually bound to prohibit terrorists, and will pay Hardin $5 a day per prisoner.

Furthermore, they informed us that Hardin City does not have a police department. The County Sheriff used to provide police service to Hardin via a mutual agreement, but there has since been a falling out and Hardin IS now considering contracting APF to do the job.

Brock Townsend said...

Per my request.:)

(ironwill, A&M. BT)

ScottJ said...

That's great, Brock. I'm going to spread that around.

Anonymous said...

This reminds those of us in the younger generation of the fictional Umbrella Corporation located in Raccoon City. o_O

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Much of the mystery surrounding APF is explained here:

rexxhead said...

Brock, what load are you using for that?

^Hawk^ said...

Outstanding Brock!

Brock Townsend said...

"Brock, what load are you using for that?"

Well, that went over my head. I assume you aren't talking about ammo since I didn't mention any, so maybe you are talking about the helmet in some way? If so, then that was done when I requested on A&M (Alarm & Muster) if someone who had the know how would make one like the UN one. Actually, we should make a single picture with both helmets in it!:)

(ironwill, A&M. BT)

Brock Townsend said...
Montana AG launches probe of town's jail deal
Matthew Brown

Montana's attorney general has launched an investigation into a California company's plan to take over the city of Hardin's $27 million jail, following revelations that the company's lead figure is a convicted felon with a history of fraud.

Michael Hilton, who formed Santa Ana, Calif.-based American Police Force in March, came to Hardin last month promising to fill the city's never-used jail and build an adjacent military and law enforcement training center.

Hilton has a decades-long track record of fraudulent activities and spent several years in a California prison on grand theft charges. The native of Montenegro uses at least 17 aliases.

Attorney General Steve Bullock said Thursday he is asking Hardin officials for all documents related to their dealings with Hilton and American Police Force.

Anonymous said...