Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"What they eat for breakfast." -- Washington D.C.'s "Top Fifty Party Animals."

Michael Collins

Michael Collins: How long has that man been there?
IRA local man: As long as we have. Half an hour or so.
Michael Collins: How'd they know we were coming?
IRA local man: They know what we ate for breakfast.
Michael Collins: There's only one way to beat them, then.
IRA local man: How?
Michael Collins: Find out what they eat for breakfast.

Later --
"I want a file drawn up on every member of the British administration. Look through whatever you can find. Who's Who. Stubb's, Society columns. I want names, addresses, clubs, where they bank down to what they eat for breakfast. Keep it up to date. Add to it every week." -- Michael Collins, 1996.

Top 50 party animals (from Politico.com)


In the nation’s capital, social events are as mandatory as staff meetings. Whether you are a senior senator or a first-year staffer, a clever strategist or a budding journalist, the best way to move up is to make friends. “Creating and maintaining relationships are vital in a town where information is power,” says Republican operative and favorite party guest Ron Bonjean.

To facilitate this exchange, Washington has established a vibrant ecosystem of social events unlike any other city. Here at POLITICO, we’ve scoured the black-tie dinners, book parties and after-work happy hours to generate a list of the city’s Top 50 Party Animals.

But remember: A Washington party animal is not like any other. The very best don’t swing from the rafters or wake up on the roof. Instead, they hit a cocktail party after work, then make their way to a fundraiser and turn up later to toast a friend’s promotion. This list celebrates the partygoers that show up the most and throw the best events. Today, we list in alphabetical order 25 of the top 50 party animals in Washington.

You’ll find video interviews that make clear just how much personality these folks bring to the table. The web page for each party animal featured will be updated with video and links as CLICK roves the city for the best party news, gossip and good times.

Check back tomorrow for the remaining 25.

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Government is not the only organization with lists and file-folders.