Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flying the battle flag.

This just in from Neal R. --

I took the image of your flag and had this made. The guy who made it was wondering what it meant as he had seen it on images from tea parties.

Hope you don't mind the fact that I took the liberty of using it for my truck. I also ordered 2 of the originals.


I certainly don't mind. I think it is GREAT.



MarineForLiberty said...

Any thoughts on creating III swag and selling it on cafepress or zazzle? I know a bunch of folks who could put stickers like this one to good use!

Crustyrusty said...


What kind of business would make this? I see a lot of "in memory of" stickers around here on the backs of cars but I have no clue who makes them....


hoosierblue said...

Neal R.
Do you or could you get more to sell?

Anonymous said...


I am actually working on setting screens here in AZ. I didn't want to bogart your work without your permission. A lot of folks are really interested in them out here and would help get the word out.

I can make these in 1 color process really cheap.

I plan on sending you a test run of how the shirts would look.

Threeper doctrine on the back, III circled by the original thirteen stars on the front.

Don't use cafepress or zazzle...I can make them look better and do it for half of the cost.

I will post more info with Mike's approval.

I sincerely thank you for your time and dedication on such a great site, I read it daily.


Threeper in PHX.

Anonymous said...

Cafepress and/or Zazzle make the per unit price pretty high.

MFL, if you do the recon with those outfits and report back here on this thread, we can see about the next steps.

You willing?

alphawolf said...

personally , i used photoshop , and took a gasden flag, and put the nyberg blue field with stars and the 3 per emblem up in the upper left corner , reminicent of the old union jack, i use that as a photo for a chat server i belong to, as well as the oath keepers orders we will not follow , and a revised oath, similar to the one i took when i entered the military, any one that wants can use the gasden/nyberg 3 percenter flag idea as long as those that came up with the nyberg dont mind , i think the combination of the gasdens dont tead on me , and the nyberg is a powerful statement

Anonymous said...

We can do them in vinyl for pretty cheap, if there is an interest. Any size up to 3 feet wide. Prices depending on size.


Tangalor said...

For my birthday I made 3 small ones on an 11X3 bumper sticker (zazzle).. that way I can sport it on my car, and give two away (I want no profit from this).

Concerned American said...

Anonymous said...

Does RangerMade.US carry these? I know they have the uniform patches...