Sunday, September 6, 2009

Three Percenter report from the Voice of America Freedom Rally yesterday in West Chester, OH

Hey Mike,

I attended the Voice of America Freedom Rally yesterday in West Chester,
OH. I attached a few pics of me and my signs that I carried around.
There is also a picture of me with Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW radio, he
loved my Kenya sign.

My picture was taken hundreds of times, and I gave countless explanation
of what Molon Labe meant and what the III on my sign was for.
It was incredible to have people react so positively to the fact that
the III is out there watching. So many people replied, "I never knew I
was part of the III"

Hope those of you that are going to be able to attend the 9-12 event,
receive the warm reception I did.

The Butler County Sheriff estimated the crowd at 18,000 as announced
from the stage.



Anonymous said...

It appears that agent provocateur's have infiltrated the three percenters. First I saw 9/11 truthers calling themselves 3pers and now we have at least this one birther. I don't know how people can ignore the overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in HI. If the 3pers want to retain any credibility, they must rid themselves of the agent provocateur's. Look at how the truthers derailed the Ron Paul campaign. Imagine what truthers and birthers will do to the 3pers cause?

Concerned American said...


By doing what you say, the III can be just like the mainstream Republican party operatives.

That would be great.

Read The Other McCain's piece on the topic:

Do We Need A Purge?

{sarc off}

Great sign, great job.

Only one suugestion for those planning to recycle the idea:

Change "We Will Not Disarm" to "We Will NEVER Disarm"

typeay said...

Anonymous, it would probably horrify you to know how many honorably discharged, and active reserve veterans with baccularate (or master's) degrees have major problems with Obama's birth story. Not that it matters much at this point. And yes, I realize that this is not the forum to quibble about Barry's ancestory.
I will respectfully suggest that you should consider that many of the people that one day soon may be tasked with "watching your back" have vastly different opinions on this, as well as other politically contentious matters. At this rather curious time in American history we've ALL got our backs to wall.
We had a rather twisted version of this postulate in the Marine Corps - Q: "What do you say to the convicted Felon sharing your fighting hole? A: I'm empty, got any full magazines left?"

Anonymous said...

I don't mind that people question the citizenship of the President. What bothers me are those that can't research and find out the facts for themselves and those that when faced with the facts, still believe he was born in Kenya. Yes, this is not the place to discuss his citizen ship but it is the place to discuss the reasoning abilities of some that call themselves patriots. I look at truthers an birthers as propaganda, distraction from what is really going on in this country. Van Jones is also a distraction from the fact that we have allowed our Government to spend us into irrecoverable bankruptcy so that they, through their unlimited wealth, have taken complete control of the economy. We are also on the verge of allowing them to take complete control of our ability to acquire medical care when needed. We've allowed them to destroy our right for so long, I feel there is no way to restore the Republic.

parabarbarian said...

Is that hand sign a threeper sign?

Anonymous said...


When you figure out how to clone yourself, you will have someone that agrees with you completely on every subject.

I was not aware that being a 3per made me a member of a political party and all that implies.

If it were not the truthers or the birthers that you have a problem with it would be the gays, athiests, or the pot smokers (or some other "group.")

My list of 3per friends includes all of the above, and I am always on the look out for thought purists such as yourself.

Are you an agent provocateur?

^Hawk^ said...

Anonymous: Wow, I won't even bother saying anything to you except, you need another layer of tin foil in your hat.

Everyone else, thanks for the support! I'm 41 years old, and this was the first time I have ever attended a rally/protest. I can't wait for the next one, I really wish I could make the 9/12 event. I spoke to several Police Officers and Veterans and directed them to also.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:27:

I have no real problem with 3pers or any group that cat research and understand evidence. Mike V. considers himself a 3per and I think he is brave and courageous, one of the few patriots in this country that understand the founding principles of this nation. Like most anti-rights people, you eluded to things I never said. I never even mentioned a political party. I never said I wanted everyone to agree with me, that would make the country a boring place to live. I never disparaged gays, atheists, pot smokers, blacks, Hispanics or any other similar groups. Those groups are not members of the group by choice, they are members because that is who they are. To compare those groups to birthers and truthers is comparing apples to oranges. I did disparage truthers birthers because they have no facts to back up their claims. I disparage anti-gunners for the same reason.

Nanders said...

I like what I see except for the hand sign. Do an image search for the "shocker" and this hand sign is bound to pop up.

To anyone under 30 years old it is a sign made to describe a disgusting sex act (my opinion obviously)

If you want to use a hand sign to identify as a threeper, thats fine, but you absolutely must find a different sign, otherwise you will confuse most folks under 30 years old.

Anonymous said...

Hawk, why not present facts instead of starting with ad hominem attacks? I didn't attack you personally. What have I done to make you think I have a tin foil hat? Tin foil hats are usually brought up when talking about conspiracy theorists in regards to the JFK assassination, moon landing, Roswell and similar events where people ignore the facts. If I were of your ilk, I would have used that derogatory phrase to refer to the birthers and truthers. Since I can argue the facts, I don't use such ad hominem attacks. If you have some facts about Obama's citizenship that haven't been presented, I'd be happy to see them. You may be different, but most birthers I've talked to haven't done any research on their own and they have all repeated the same talking points, almost verbatim. A google search for the phrase "A village in Kenya is missing their idiot," returns 13,300 hits. I'm open to proof that Obama is not a U.S. Citizen, birthers aren't open to proof that he is.

^Hawk^ said...

The hand sign is the "Shocker" it's just something me and some of my paintball team usually flash when get our pictures taken. I did think it fit though.

Happy D said...

^Hawk^ Keep it up you are doing the good work.