Saturday, September 5, 2009

"We allowed ourselves to be shoved back, grumbling, EVEN AS WE HELD THE INSTRUMENTS OF OUR LIBERTY IN OUR OWN HANDS."

My thanks to Amish Tom (a low bow and broad flourish of the boonie hat) for bringing this post at FactsNotFantasy ("Gun Grabbers are On The Move Again") to my attention. In commenting upon it, I restated the principle of the Three Percent more succinctly than I have in the past, I think. (David Codrea keeps telling me how I do drone on.)


My comment:

There was a bumper sticker back in the 70s, "When guns are outlawed, I'll be an outlaw."

The law exists to provide a framework for ordered liberty. Rights are God-given and inalienable (see Declaration of Independence). The rule of law, as expressed by the Founders in the Constitution while sometimes ill-expressed and inefficient, is far preferable to the rule of man.

The Obamanoids (like Dubya and the Clintonistas before them) are far more interested in the rule of man than the rule of law, hence their tearing up of contract law in the auto "bailout" as well as their thirst for gun control.

Amish Tom's post above about the law is harshly stated but unfortunately correct, for as Hobbes observed "a contract without swords" is meaningless. Which is why the Founders inserted that pesky Second Amendment.

Now, the danger here, as it always has been in every trans-tyrannical period in human history, is waiting too long because you're used to doing things "legally" when the tyrant has seized control of the legal system and perverted it to his own ends.

Hitler was "legally" installed in power and quickly began using the Weimar Republic's legal system against it. Gun registration lists, for example, and police files on specific enemies. (Can you say "PATRIOT Act"?)

The anti-Nazi Germans, mesmerized by "the law" and waiting for orders that never came, were scooped up one by one without ANY resistance. Everyone was waiting for the next election, which never came, except on the Nazis' own terms.

(Class, repeat after me: "ACORN." "Amnesty for illegals." "Moving the Census authority into the White House." I think you get the picture.)

Thus we must not wait for the mis-named "Republican" party to get its act together. It never will. If they sold us out in good times, welshing on their promises after 1994, growing the power and scope of government, not only refusing to reign in the ATF and the FBI BUT GROWING THEIR POWER AND LENGTHENING THEIR LEASHES, what may we expect for them in bad times but ineffectual excuses?

The Tea Parties did not come from the GOP, as much as the Dems might wish to imagine it. People are flooding into the streets and the public meetings precisely because they have concluded that the "system," as they have understood it, no longer protects them. Thus, they will make their own arrangements.

Yet the other side cannot see beyond their own world view and assumes that everything is as before and thus, they can order us about and make it stick. This is because they believe in democracy (majority rule, which is three wolves and a sheep sitting down to vote on what to have for dinner) and not the ordered liberty of the Founders' Republic.

The health care debate, then, is like every other debate we have with them. It is not about access to health care, but about government control. But they think now, because of the election, they have the right to abrogate the Constitution (which is not even a concern for them, because as Amish Tom points out above, the only thing they respect is force) and tell the rest of us what to do.

In this situation, there is only one thing to do, one message to get across to the other side. It is not polite. It does not rest upon "legality." It is this, and we must tell this to our opponents as often and as loudly as we can:

"If you try to take our firearms we will kill you."

That IS what we are talking about, isn't it? That is certainly what the Founders said at Lexington and Concord, and later, with the Second Amendment.

We Three Percenters have tried to make that point, but not quite so brutally, with the Doctrine of the Three Percent:

"We will not disarm.

You cannot convince us.

You cannot intimidate us.

You can try to kill us, if you think you can.

But remember, we'll shoot back.

And we are not going away.

Your move."

We must get across to them that ONE TINY BIT MORE OF INFRINGEMENT, and we will NOT obey, hence, when they seek to enforce it and attack those of us who refuse, the bullets begin to fly.

If we can get them to understand that civil war is possible, that their own miserable hides are on the line if they start it, then perhaps they will back off. It is our only hope, the rule of law being knocked flat by travesties such as the Olofson case.

The Second Amendment, in and of itself, is no longer credible as a deterrent because we have not insisted upon its enforcement. The failure has been ours, not the Founders. Not even really the other side's, for the Founders foresaw their arrival as inevitable. They counted on us, the armed citizenry, and we have heretofore let them down. We allowed ourselves to be shoved back, grumbling, EVEN AS WE HELD THE INSTRUMENTS OF OUR LIBERTY IN OUR OWN HANDS. But, as our enemies understood, they meant nothing without the will to use them.

The time has come, my fellow armed citizens, to "stick our guns in the tyrant's face" and back him off a step or three. Nothing less will save us, or our children's and grandchildren's liberty, from the tyrant's boot and the long dark night of collectivism.

We MUST do this.



Join us.

Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters


Sean said...

Drone, no. Limp, yes. Gimp. Dislocated my hip last month, but I'm on the mend. Point me out a spot, or time, or reason, and I'm there. It's time Calvera learned the price of corn is going up.

ASimpleMan said...

"This replicates the 1938 German Weapons Act that restricted ownership of firearms to “persons whose trustworthyness is not in question and who can show a need for a (gun) permit.”

I would posit that the very existence of our corrupt and owned government proves the need for a permit...

MikeH. said...


I've got your "3"... shoulder to shoulder in to the fight.

tom said...

Looks like I should gear up for more hits from the various anti-liberty beltway bandits/ADL/SPLC/Acorn/Brady types on my web page again. Cheers and tip of the hat back at ya.


Old Pablo said...

Great post. I suggest a tiny bit of editing:

We will not disarm.
You cannot convince us.
You cannot intimidate us.
You can try to kill us, but we'll shoot back.
And we are not going away.

drjim said...

MikeH has your "3", and I'll be on your "six".
Not much of a hero, but I excel at bringing up the rear.

Yank said...

There it is..

there isnt anything left to say.


Larry said...

I'm in.


Happy D said...

Hey lets bulk up our numbers and capabilities. The fools have in the past worked toward laws that ban martial arts training, swords, knifes, and such. Let us all try to recruit the users of these items to the cause.
They will often understand that they are next anyway.
It just makes me feel warm inside, the thought of a Government Supremacist chopped in half by a Klingon Bat'leth, Kung Fu'ed to their final judgment, Ginsued by a Roman Falcata or given the Charlie Quintard special.
Vin Suprynowicz's novel Black Arrow goes into this a bit.
Remember it is the right to keep and bear arms not just guns.
I am in as well.

Mike H said...

This Mike H is with you too!

EnemyoftheState said...


Anonymous said...


I've given this much thought over a very long period. Perhaps it has to do with my being old and lame and knowing that my participation will be brief. I think the assumption that we Patriots will rally to a meeting engagement is not valid as regards the beginning of the fight.

No one will have any other person's six, because the Storm Troopers--perhaps simply local police--will come in small teams to houses of those such as we who've made it known we are well armed. They will have search warrants and will demand that we give up our firearms and will (plan to) come inside and search no matter how we respond.

Each of us so approached will be all alone and must decide right then without hesitation whether to fire The Shot Heard 'Round the World. Each of us who shoots will die very quickly and the SA troops might escape pretty much unscathed depending on the effectiveness of their body armor or our failure to go for the head.

It will be a brief, very lonely, interlude and will require immense courage on the part of the Patriot.

But as the song from the operetta "The Blue Moon" goes, "Start me with 10 who are stouthearted men and I'll soon give you 10,000 more." I guess I'm fraid, but I'm ready; 80+ years is probably sufficient for anyone.

Anonymous said...

I posted the following on KABA. I'm posting it here so that there can be no misunderstanding what I said.

A while back I wrote on sipsey street that we keep drawing a line and saying we won't be pushed back any further only to take steps backwards again when the Government pushes. I was immediately castigated by Mike and his "friends." Now he says something very much like what I said and his friends have his 3 and 6. I didn't see anyone yet that had his 9 but it is still early. The only thing different between what I said and what he said is that he again backed it up with the claim that they will not be pushed back further. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Tony Heaton
104 Ponderosa Drive
Jemez Springs, NM 87025

Dutchman6 said...

I have disappointed Tony Heaton. Whatever shall I do? Take him off the mailing list I guess. This argument is not worth having, Tony. Which is one reason I don't comment at KABA anymore. I'm too damn busy to care how I've disappointed you, or the antiSemites there, or the anarchists here. Make you a deal, don't read my stuff and you won't be disappointed. Go forth and conquer, my boy. I shan't deter you from your true faith.


Anonymous said...

Until we begin coming to each others aid we will be nothing!

MamaLiberty said...

Hope you gentlemen won't mind an old lady's 2 cents worth...

NOBODY knows what they will do - actually and honestly - until the time comes and the chips are down.

Just never discount the fact that survival is hardwired into human beings, and that at least some will fight and do whatever is necessary to live - even if they have not previously shown any real courage or ability. Sometimes the ultimate challenge is required to bring out the best in us.

But we won't all survive, regardless of what happens. And if we wait for "everyone" to "wake up" and take responsibility for themselves we'll wait forever.

Molon Labe...