Friday, September 18, 2009

A Cautionary Note on ACORN's Public Defunding.

This is all very well, to be sure, and we know that more spectacular headlines are coming from the efforts of the dynamic duo of guerrilla film makers. But though ACORN may no longer DIRECTLY receive tax dollars and even if a politician or two who got too close to their corruption pit gets dragged down into the excrement, ACORN, under whatever name, WILL GO ON.

They only get something like 2% of their funding from the government anyway, and George Soros will certainly make up the difference.


Because ACORN is critical to the overall plan of stealing the 2010 and 2012 elections. It is of a piece with moving the Census into the White House, etc.

So dance and clap as you watch the headlines (and I will join you), especially those soon to come. But know that ACORN is not going away. Neither is the Obamanoids' lust for power. This is a but skirmish in a much larger war.



Anonymous said...

So where does the other 98% come from? Certainly not ALL from Sugar-Daddy George.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Consider this: Much was made about the US Census deleted ACORN. But - has the US Census left the White House? Thats the seat of ACORN's power. How would all the ACORNs be rooted out of the census?

Its all appeasement and bs.

Its all Obama.

Santander said...

Looking forward to the news to come.
It may be good news but I am not expecting it to be good enough.
I sent off a scathing mail to the @$$wipe that holds office as my "representative" in the house for voting against defunding of ACORN.

Chris said...

Trouble is; one vote was for an amendment to an education bill and the other vote was on a separate housing bill. Both these amendments can be easily stripped off in conference and Acorn still gets their money and we are screwed again. Politics, don't you love it?

Anonymous said...

ACORN has many tentacles and many funding streams; ACORN is in the residential building business, the mortgage business, in conjunction with its sister SEIU it is in the municipal employee union business. It builds housing with your tax dollars, then sell the houses to folks who get outright grants and minimal interest loans to make the down payments. I'd guess few of these operations actually use the ACORN name. It may be taking CDBG money and local tax dollars from your city/county for 'capacity building' (read as paying for more thieves on the payroll) to lobby for more money for low income multi family housing goes deep folks, and we've not seen the half of it. The dog & pony show with the faux hooker is cute, but means little in the long run. (and tell me how the hooker and the pimp did all that travelin' on $1300)...hope I'm wrong but ACORN's not the only odd thing here...

tjbbpgobIII said...

I believe the only funding congress voted to stop was acorns housing funds. Is this not the case?