Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An appreciation of "The Four Fingers of Death."

The Trainer sends this:

This was sent to me by one of my guys....thought you'd want to see it.

"You've got to get that Mike Vanderboegh to come out with Absolved! I don't know if this chapter is going to be in it or if it was just something he wrote, but I just read the "Four Fingers of Death" chapter and almost laughed till I cried! I am a big fan of this guy! He brought back alot of memories! Anyways just thought I would send this your way. We should order a pallet full of charms to leave as a calling card when the SHTF! It would be a great psyop! Anyways looking forward to the next training."

All I can say is your waiting time is drawing to a end. Too slow, I know, but it is.



drjim said...

Patiently waiting, Mike!

Crucis said...

My service time pre-dates MREs. But a c-rat meal of spiced beef put me in the base hospital once.

Eric said...

Can't wait to see what I look like on the cover!!

Happy D said...

Oh the pain of waiting is almost to much to bear! ;)

Anonymous said...

You're a worse tease than a high know. Marketing Genius!
Wayne B

Anonymous said...

Too funny, Mike.
I wasn't in the infantry, but supported them in various Signal capacities throughout my Army career. So I've eaten my fair share of MRE's. We/I called 'em MRK's, or "Meals, Ready to Kill."

B Woodman
SSG (Ret) US Army

Plastic Paddy said...

In the Voice of Father Jack (of Father ted fame):


Orygunner said...

I wasn't going to say anything, but since someone else brought it up...



Me and my friends are anxiously waiting to buy about 8 copies here...


AvgJoe said...

I'm willing to wait knowing that good things take time. I would hate to have a MV second best because people rushed him.
In fact I have refused to read per-released chapters of the book so that I can read it from cover to cover once its ready. I'm perfectly happy waiting for the best MV has to offer.
Bottom line: taking your time is the correct thing to do to make this book as outstanding as I believe its going to be. Best!