Monday, September 14, 2009

Threeper Leaflet Passed Out in DC

Look Around You. This is NOT a Tea Party.

What you see is a Tea & Cakes Party.

THIS is a Tea Party.

The original Boston Tea Party was a calculated act of law-breaking designed to send the British Empire a message it could not fail to comprehend. Making long-winded speeches, thumping impassioned chests and denouncing a government made up of people who have already written you off as unimportant, impotent and no threat to their plans is a waste of time, energy and oxygen. As comfortable and deeply ingrained as these things are in all patriotic Americans, the conventional political tactics of speech-making, letter-writing and electioneering have brought us to this precipice of defeat. The guttering flame of the Founders' Republic is within one stiff breeze of going out forever. Both political parties have conspired through malice or incompetence to bring us to this state, yet still people look in vain to the system of party politics for salvation. The Founders were not so stupid as to place all their hopes on a corrupt system. When the accepted channels of politics and remonstrance failed, they burned the King's tax stamps, dumped his tea, broke the windows of his tax collectors with rocks and bricks, smuggled forbidden goods, defied "his royal majesty" in hundreds of other ways and dared him to do anything about it. Liberty is not free, nor is it without risk.

All these tactics are still available to us today. Any inventive mind could think of many more effective means of getting across the idea that we INSIST UPON OUR LIBERTY in this modern era. It is not necessary to collect a crowd to do them, either. Defiance in action can be expressed individually in many ingenious ways.

But let us not kid ourselves that standing around and listening to speeches that aren't worth the hot air they generate is an effective strategy for dealing with the hard-eyed, hard-nosed collectivist domestic enemies of the Founders' Republic in power today. Let us also not kid ourselves that the ill-named "Republican" Party, which has screwed up or sold out whatever "principles" they may have once had, deserves anything but our scorn. The Tea Party movement organized without them PRECISELY BECAUSE THE GOP FAILED, marched into the fray without their help, and now these same old tired political hacks are trying desperately to get back out in front of this genuine American popular movement and channel it into the same old discredited party politics where they claim to represent us before the election only to sell us out afterward. The Obamanoids, like the Clintonistas before them, are not scared of the GOP. They can handle them. What they ARE scared of is US -- We, the People.

If you want to send a message that you intend to defend your liberty and not talk about defending it, don't mail a tea bag. or get trapped in the same old ineffectual GOP scam. Think like the Founders, and ACT.

The Three Percent, P.O. Box 926, Pinson, AL 35126


Unknown said...

I was in Louisiana with the flu, so I spent the day cleaning and lubing firearms and repacking bandoleers.

Charlie said...

We passed out a LOT of these flyers... most folks were generally receptive to the III idea, especially when set in the historical context of the Revolutionary War.

III more than them said...

This Tea Party movement is the first large, public display of people coming to the realization that they do not stand alone in their beliefs. They are experiencing, many for the first time, something that is giving them the courage to come out against government pressure to conform. With this communal display, the Tea Partyers are solidifying their desires to do something, ANYthing. I wouldn't be so quick to put them down. A good deal of them will now feel empowered to do more. Some will desire to be leaders, and organizers. Still others will feel that their inner desire to make a difference is not just a pipe dream, but DOable.

Don't be surprised if, in a 3% trench on a really bad day, some guy or gal smiles and asks if you would like a cup of tea, just as they shoulder a rifle and blow some anti-constitionalist SOB off the field of battle, and into his long slide to hell.

Anonymous said...

The MSM is relentless in attacking the Tea Parties, plural since they are not a monolithic group. But I don't think that it will be as strong in attacking the attempted take over of the TPs by the Republican establishment. They will probably let Army and the rest try to take over since that would, with encouragement from the MSM, likely cause some if not most Democrats and Independents to drift away. Thus the Tea Parties could be neutralized and the political status quo maintained. Good for both parties and bad for us.